Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 28: Knight Training

Chapter 28: Knight Training

Time gradually passed, and in the blink of an eye, it had been many days since Chen Heng had come to the Kutu Royal City.

Over the past few days, he had become quite familiar with the area. On this day, he walked into the Kutu Royal Academy and reported in.

With the proof from Baron Kaisen, there were no problems in the process.

Chen Heng smoothly entered the Kutu Royal Academy and began to look into his studies.

"I need to choose all of my classes?"

Looking at his timetable, Chen Heng frowned.

Different from what Chen Heng had expected, apart from the core classes, most of the remaining classes were electives that one had to pay for themselves.

"An etiquette class costs one big silver coin…"

Looking at the price, Chen Heng's mouth twitched.

To be frank, this price really was quite ridiculous.

To Chen Heng, these so-called etiquette classes were flashy but had no substance, and they were not worth investing in.

This kind of price was simply daylight robbery.

However, for some classes, even though it was daylight robbery, they still needed to be taken.

Before leaving, Baron Kaisen had spoken to him about such circumstances.

The Kutu Royal Academy, rather than just nurturing students, gave the new nobles an opportunity to socialize.

For example, even though this etiquette class seemed useless, the students would often be major figures worth getting to know.

It was possible to create connections through these classes; this was the main purpose of such classes.

As such, the price of one big silver coin was actually a filter.

Those who could afford it would normally come from decent families.

This formed a basic threshold, so not anyone could join.

Before leaving, Baron Kaisen had told Chen Heng to choose a few of these classes, as they would be good for his future.

Thinking about Baron Kaisen's instructions, Chen Heng continued to look through the class list.


Soon, he stared at a certain class, unable to look away.

"Knight Training…" Looking at the name of this class, Chen Heng's eyes lit up.

Similar to the etiquette class, the fee was also one big silver coin.

However, compared to the etiquette class, Chen Heng was much more interested in this class; at the very least, he did not feel negatively towards it.

Moreover, it would achieve the same goal for him.

Chen Heng only had a basic plan for how to choose his classes; he would have to conduct a proper investigation before committing to any classes.

Through some of Baron Kaisen's connections, Chen Heng had gotten to know some local nobles over the past few days. Now, he could use these connections.

A thought appeared in his mind as he turned and left.

In the next few days, he became quite busy.

During the daytime, he would be like an ordinary student and study at the academy. Occasionally, he would go out and gather some information.

A few days later, after gaining some information, Chen Heng decided to enroll in the Knight Training class.

At midday, the sun hung high in the sky.

The sunlight was very bright, making it quite hot.

Under such weather, Chen Heng walked out from his room and came to a small square.

There was already someone there.

It was a middle-aged man who looked quite cold and merciless.

Even though it was hot, he wore leather armor and silently stood there; he did not look hot at all.

Looking at this person, Chen Heng felt quite surprised.

He was very diligent and usually the first to arrive at anything.

He had never thought that someone would be here before him.

"You are the first."

Ahead of him, a voice sounded out.

The man looked back at Chen Heng as a look of surprise appeared on his face.

He had never thought that anyone would come this early.

"Excuse me, are you Mr. Corripo?" Chen Heng had a look of respect on his face as he looked at the middle-aged man and spoke.

Standing there, the man's expression remained cold as he did not say anything and just nodded.

Seeing how taciturn the man seemed, Chen Heng tactfully did not say anything and silently stood by the side, being roasted by the merciless sun together with the middle-aged man.

The sun continuously shined on his body, causing his forehead to be covered with sweat. However, Chen Heng did not complain, nor did he make any sounds. He continued to stand there as straight as a pencil.

Seeing this, Corripo felt somewhat surprised and inwardly nodded.

While Corripo was observing Chen Heng, Chen Heng was also observing Corripo.

The sun was very hot, and the temperature was very high; it felt like the sun could roast someone to death.

However, under this high temperature, Corripo did not react and did not give off even a single bead of sweat.

This evidently was not normal at all.

It seemed that Corripo either had a special body or was not an ordinary person.

Following this, this place fell into silence.

The two of them silently stood there, neither of them talking.

As time passed, footsteps could be heard and more students arrived.

More and more people began to gather.

What surprised Chen Heng was that among the students, Krudo was also there.

When Krudo saw Chen Heng, he was also very shocked. He almost came over to say hello, but he endured it.

He obediently stood by the side just like Chen Heng, waiting for the rest of the students to arrive.

After a while, everyone was gathered.

"Looks like everyone is here…" Corripo looked at the time and nodded, "It's time to begin."

He looked at everyone and pointed at the nearby empty field.

"Now, run," he said calmly.

All of the students looked at each other, and soon, someone asked, "How long do we run for?"

"Until you reach your limit," Corripo said, "Let me see your limits."

Hearing this, everyone fell silent.

Some people wanted to say something, but looking at Corripo's cold face, they did not say anything.

Just like that, all of the students began to run.

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