Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 29 True Knight

Chen Heng ran among the crowd.

Right now, he did not seem very eye-catching. He did not run too quickly or slowly and remained at the center of the group. He was not at the lead or lagging behind.

In the past half a year, he had learned the Body Forging Technique to a certain level. Even though it was quite far from his strength in real life, it was still much better than ordinary people.

This kind of exercise was not much to him.

While running, he had enough strength and concentration to observe the people around him.

Around him, everyone was running quite quickly.

At first, the difference between them was not very evident, but as time passed, the difference in strength became more and more evident.

Without realizing it, Chen Heng became one of the people at the front.

The one running at the front currently was Krudo.

Compared to Chen Heng, his physical strength was completely different. From the start until now, he had been at the very front, as if he did not get tired at all.

Chen Heng tightly stuck behind him, sticking close to him and not falling behind.

Apart from the two of them, there were also a few others behind them.

As for everyone else, at least half of them had gradually fallen behind, and some people were already huffing and puffing as they sat on the ground.

Corripo stood by the side, silently watching.

He did not look at those who had fallen behind and only calmly looked at those at the front.

"You few can stay behind," he pointed at Chen Heng and the others at the front, before looking at everyone else who had given up, "As for all of you, you can leave."

Hearing this, the rejected students were sent into an uproar.

"What gives?"

Someone said, "We paid the fee for this class! How can you just kick us out?"

This was a young man dressed in a good-looking red robe, which had golden threads in it. It was evident that his family was quite well off.

Chen Heng knew this person.

This fellow seemed to be the youngest son of a Count. Because he was greatly loved by that Count, he was sent to this academy.

He stood there and furiously pointed at Corripo, "Do you know what you're doing? You are humiliating a descendant of the Medod family! You will earn the anger the Medod family!"

"Medod family?" Corripo coldly laughed. It was the first time his expression had changed.

His appearance when he had a different expression was far more chilling than his expressionless appearance. This was the case even when giving a slight smile.

As Chen Heng watched, he slowly stretched out a hand towards his waist.

"No way."

Watching Corripo's actions, Chen Heng's eyes widened.

In the next moment, a blood scene erupted.

A faint silver sword light flashed out from Corripo's body, and a silvery moonlight seemed to descend.

Drops of blood splattered everywhere.

A head flew out with an expression of shock still on it. He did not expect Corripo to dare to attack him.

Chen Heng had not expected it either.

In just a short moment, a young man from the Medod family had died and turned into a cold corpse. The rest of his body also fell to the ground.

He had just killed a Count's youngest son just like that?

Just who was he?

Looking at Corripo, who looked as if he had not killed an important person but a pig, Chen Heng looked completely shocked.

Also, that attack just then…

He thought back to how Corripo had attacked.

There had been many meters between him and that young man, but the instant that Corripo had attacked, the young man's head had flown off. Everything had happened so quickly that even Chen Heng had not seen it clearly.

This was not something that an ordinary person could do.

A Knight… a true Knight.

This was not just someone who had awakened Life Energy but a true Knight who possessed extraordinary strength and had awakened a Life Seed.

Back in his first simulation, Chen Heng had traveled all over as a mercenary.

During his travels, he had met many experts, and he had understood the massive difference between Knights.

There were many different types of Knights.

Knights who had only activated Life Energy, strictly speaking, could only be called a Knight Apprentice.

For example, Knight Edward in the first simulation was on such a level.

Only someone who had awakened their Life Seed, the core of their life, was a true Knight.

At such a level, Knights could truly control their Life Energy and could do many things that ordinary people could not.

Chen Heng had seen Knights of such a level as a mercenary, but he did not dare to fight them. Every time he saw one, he would immediately run far away.

It was said that above ordinary Knights, there were also so-called Great Knights…

However, even for Chen Heng, who had roamed about as a mercenary, he had only heard of such existences and had never seen them before.

The attack that Corripo had unleashed was undoubtedly something that only a first-rate Knight could do. He was definitely a Knight who had awakened a Life Seed.

A truly grand figure.

Chen Heng immediately thought of many things, and he dumbly stood there, looking as if he had been scared out of his wits.

However, right now, this didn't matter because everyone else reacted the same way.

At that moment, even Krudo was stunned. He also dumbly stood there, not knowing what to do.

"H-He killed someone…"

Looking at the corpse on the ground with pale faces, they felt a sense of terror in their hearts.

Even though this age was quite barbaric and cruel, with people often dying, seeing someone alive and talking in one second and dead the next was still a bit too shocking.

Everyone was completely stunned, and they many looked at Corripo with terror.

Corripo did not seem to care about those gazes, and he only disdainfully laughed before waving his hand.

Beside him, a few attendants quickly stepped out and took the corpse away.

"Didn't you hear what I said?"

Looking at the dumbfounded students, Corripo's expression was cold as he harrumphed, "Now, does anyone have anything to say?"

He spoke calmly, but a wave of killing intent spread out.

Everyone's faces became incredibly pale.

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