Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 31: Teaching

Chapter 31: Teaching

"Good morning, Mr. Corripo…"

Looking at Corripo standing ahead, Chen Heng walked up and respectfully greeted him.

Corripo looked at Chen Heng with surprise.

"Why are you here so early?"

He looked at Chen Heng as he asked, "Don't you want to get some extra sleep?"

"There's no need," Chen Heng said, "I'm used to it."

"Not bad."

Corripo nodded and did not say anything else.

Chen Heng did not say anything and silently waited by the side.

Of course, he did not stand there doing nothing.

Under Corripo's somewhat surprised gaze, he picked up his sword and found an empty around to practice.

What he practiced was his sword techniques that he had developed in his previous simulation.

After half a year, he had regained most of his techniques, and his sword strikes were like those of a grandmaster.

"Those sword techniques…"

After watching for a while by the side, Corripo could not help but ask, "Where did you learn those sword techniques from?"

He had taken the bait.

Hearing this voice, Chen Heng inwardly felt quite delighted, but he maintained a calm and slightly surprised expression, "It was taught to me by my father's captain of the guards."

"I began training with him from a young age," Chen Heng said with a respectful look, pushing everything to the non-existent captain of the guards.

"Very good sword techniques."

Corripo's expression slightly changed, a look of praise in his eyes, "They are much more useful than those purely ceremonial sword techniques that are just for show.

"Your father's captain of the guards must have been a very valiant warrior," he said as he looked at Chen Heng.

Speaking to there, looking at Chen Heng in front of him, he could not help but feel more favorably towards him.

A warrior like him knew clearly what kind of price one had to pay for such an exquisite sword technique.

Even though he had a teacher teaching him, for Chen Heng to reach such mastery, his talent and dedication were extraordinary.

Adding on their previous encounters, an image of a diligent and respectful young man appeared in Corripo's mind.

This was exactly what Chen Heng wanted.

In order to gain benefits from Corripo, he had to first establish a good relationship with him.

Only by establishing a good relationship could Chen Heng access Corripo's resources, allowing him to quickly become stronger.

Forming a good image in Corripo's mind was the first step to this.

Standing there, Chen Heng glanced at Corripo, and seeing that he was not going to say anything else, he turned and continued practicing.

During this period of time, Corripo did not say anything and just silently observed.

After a while, footsteps could be heard, and someone else arrived.

It was someone Chen Heng was familiar with.

Chen Heng turned and saw Krudo hurrying over.

As he saw Chen Heng, he looked somewhat surprised and walked to his side.

During this process, Corripo did not say anything and allowed Krudo to walk over.

Following this, time continued to pass.

As the sky became brighter, the others slowly gathered as well.

However, there seemed to be fewer people than those Corripo had chosen the last time.

Chen Heng looked around.

In the previous lesson, Corripo had chosen around eight people, but including him and Krudo, there were only five people here.

As for the remaining three people, they were nowhere to be seen. Perhaps they had been frightened by what had happened yesterday, or perhaps they were just late.

However, no matter what the reason was, from what Corripo had said, they were now kicked out from the class and lost the qualifications to continue coming to this class.

Chen Heng could not help but inwardly sigh.

That was how people were.

Even though they had an opportunity right in front of them, they did not treasure it.

"Looks like just about everyone is here," Corripo looked at the five people in front of him and said calmly after checking the time.

Following this, he drew his sword.

He continuously swung his silver sword, which gave off a light under the faint sunlight.

Looking at this sword, some people's faces became pale, thinking back to the bloody scene from yesterday.

Chen Heng silently stood there, looking at Krudo and waiting for him to move.

As he watched on, Krudo also stretched out his hand.

Corripo swung his sword in a unique manner, moving in various ways.

The sword continuously flashed through the air, sending out silver lights.

"Copy what I did just then," Corripo did not do anything else and said calmly after completing a set of actions.

Below, the five of them looked at each other, feeling somewhat at a loss.

Corripo had not moved too quickly or too slow, but his actions were quite complicated, and one would not be able to replicate them without a solid foundation.

Having them try to copy his actions after just seeing them once was a bit demanding.

However, no matter how difficult it was, they had to try it.

Under Corripo's cold gaze, the five of them could only try to copy his actions from before.

As expected, everyone moved quite awkwardly, and no one was able to copy the entire set of actions.

Even Chen Heng, who had tried his best to memorize everything, could only barely copy part of it.

Krudo was in a situation similar to him.

Out of the five people, the two of them did the best, but they were unable to remember everything.

Fortunately, Corripo did not say anything and only silently watched on.

Following this, he performed the actions again and had them copy him again, and they repeated this many times.

"Three days."

Looking at the five students, he stretched out three fingers and said coolly, "I will only teach the same content for three days.

"After three days, there will be new content."

After saying this, he turned and left.

Three days…

Looking at Corripo's leaving figure, Chen Heng frowned.

Only teaching the same content for three days?

That meant that if they could not learn within three days, they would fall behind.

When that time came, it would be difficult to continue.

Thinking to there, a sense of urgency welled up in Chen Heng.

Standing there, he looked at Krudo.

Krudo was also looking at Corripo's leaving figure, a resolute look on his face.

After Corripo left, this lesson concluded.

After returning to his residence, Chen Heng did not rest and immediately started to train.

He madly trained, trying to turn those actions into muscle memory so that he could not forget them.

At the start, he did not notice any abnormalities and only felt a bit tired.

However, gradually, Chen Heng started to feel something different.

"The Life Energy in my body is surging…"

On the empty plot of land, Chen Heng sensed the changes in his body and felt quite surprised.

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