Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 30 Outlander

Chen Heng had never thought that the class would end like this.

Looking at the corpse, he was unable to recover for some time.

Following this, he realized something.

This was a massive opportunity.

The Medod was quite famous in the Kutu Principality. Even though they were not the royal family, they were one of the top-tier families below only the royal family.

That young man was from the Medod family, and he was the youngest son of a Count. It was evident how high his status was, and he was definitely no small fry.

However, Corripo killed such a person at a whim, without hesitating at all.

Evidently, he was not brainless; rather, he had great confidence, which was why he did not take him seriously.

Chen Heng did not know where this confidence came from, whether it was from his immense strength or from something else.

However, he knew that no matter where it came from, as long as he could form a good relationship with Corripo, with his support, he would be able to reduce the time it took for him to rise up.

This was undoubtedly a great opportunity.

"Were you all scared witless?"

Corripo looked at the stunned students and said coldly, "Did you all understand what I just said?"


Beside Chen Heng, a young man nervously gulped. Looking at Corripo's cold expression, he hurriedly nodded.

It seemed that these students had been given a terrible scare, and this was understandable.

To enter this academy, all of the students were from noble backgrounds.

Despite being nobles, there were few of them who had higher status than that student from before.

If Corripo could kill even the descendant of the Medod family, he would not mind killing them either.

A lethal threat was right in front of them, so it was impossible for them to not be afraid.

"Be on time tomorrow."

Hearing this reply, Corripo nodded and maintained his cold expression, "Those who do not attend and those who are late will be seen as withdrawing from the class."

Everyone looked at each other before leaving.

Even Krudo was the same.

Only Chen Heng did not immediately leave. Instead, he walked forwards and said respectfully, "See you tomorrow, Mr. Corripo."

Looking at Chen Heng, Corripo was a bit surprised; he did not expect someone to dare to come up at a time like this.

However, he did not say anything and only nodded.

Chen Heng did not continue to say anything either.

Gaining favorability was something that had to be done tactfully; trying too hard would instead have the opposite effect.

It was best to do so bit by bit.

He did not say anything else before leaving and was soon dragged off by Krudo.

"So terrifying."

After bringing Chen Heng to one side, and confirming that there was no one else around, Krudo let out a breath, "That person gave me an extremely dangerous feeling…

"He's definitely a true Knight," he said with a serious expression.

Looking at his expression, Chen Heng felt quite surprised and asked testingly, "Krudo, have you seen a true Knight before?"

"Of course I have," Krudo nodded as he said seriously, "my grandfather is a true Knight."

Chen Heng's eyes immediately lit up.

Krudo's grandfather was actually a true Knight.

Then wasn't he…

He stood there, looking at the tanned Krudo who looked like a farmer, thinking to himself.

"But the feeling he gave me was much, much more terrifying than my grandfather," Krudo stood there, still feeling somewhat apprehensive, "He's like… one of those Great Knights…"

"Great Knight?"

Chen Heng remained calm and said, "Don't feel too nervous. Krudo, your grandfather is most likely quite old, while Mr. Corripo is still young, which is why they give you different feelings."

"No… it's not like that."

Krudo shook his head, but speaking to there, he seemed to be quite nervous and did not continue speaking.

"Speaking of which, why are you here?"

Looking at Krudo's reaction, Chen Heng smiled before changing the topic, "You don't seem like you'd be someone interested in this class."

Given that Krudo's grandfather was a true Knight, he should have received good Knight training since he was young. It was strange that he would be interested in the academy's Knight Training class.

"I originally didn't want to apply," Krudo felt quite embarrassed, "It was my father.

"Before I left, he said that no matter what, I had to join Mr. Corripo's class.

"As such, I joined."

Speaking to there, he lightly sighed, "In order for me to join this class, my father even went to borrow some money.

"All of my academy fees were borrowed by my father from others."

Hearing this, Chen Heng did not know what to say and just patted Krudo's shoulder.

However, hearing what Krudo had to say, Chen Heng learned a lot of information.

It was evident that compared to Baron Kaisen, Krudo's father had more information, which was why he was adamant for Krudo to join Corripo's class no matter what.

This was most likely insider information.

Looking at Krudo in front of him, Chen Heng formed many hypotheses.

It seemed that Krudo had great value, and he was much more useful than he had originally thought.

Not only did he have an extraordinary constitution and had most likely received Knight training before, but he could also act as a communication channel to the ruler in the north. His grandfather was even a true Knight. It seemed that his entire family was not simple at all.

The only thing that made Chen Heng curious was that since Krudo's family had a true Knight, why did they have such poor financial conditions?

Even if the northern side's territory was somewhat barren, they should not be in such a situation that they would have to borrow money for academy fees.

As such, Chen Heng casually continued to talk with Krudo, digging for more information.

Soon, he found out the answer.

It seemed that Krudo's family was not a very old family.

His family of nobility had only started from his grandfather's generation.

His grandfather had originally only been an ordinary farmer. He had received the legacy of a wandering Knight and also happened to have good Knight talent. He was able to rise up through decades of hard work and diligence, becoming one of the Kutu Principality's nobles.

Compared to the older noble families, they had not risen up for a long time, and their territory was in the northern side. Even though they had a Knight, they were quite poor.

This was especially so in the recent years; Krudo's grandfather's body was becoming weaker and weaker, and their days became more and more difficult.

"The southern side is better."

After talking about various things about the north side, Krudo could not help but lightly sigh, "Not only is the climate warmer, but because there also aren't all those Outlanders, you can peacefully build…

"It's not like the north, where we fight until night time every day…"

He deeply sighed, feeling much admiration for where Chen Heng came from.

Truthfully speaking, the northern side was indeed quite desolate.

Moreover, it was extremely cold, and it was difficult for crops to survive. Even if they did, they did not yield much.

This made it so that even if the soil was the same and they worked hard to raise the crops, they were still able to feed fewer people than in the southern side.

If it was just that, it would not be as big of a deal, but there were also the Outlanders.

The Kutu Principality's northern side bordered the barren desert.

It was said that there were all kinds of Outlanders in the barren desert, who viewed humans with hostility. As such, they would often attack human territories.

Thus, the north side rulers had an extremely difficult time.


Chen Heng asked out of curiosity, "Do Outlanders really exist?"

Before he entered the simulation, there was the choice to be born into an Outlander family.

It was the same as an ordinary family and did not require any Points.

However, because he was used to choosing an ordinary family, Chen Heng did not choose this option. He had never seen an Outlander in the simulation before either.

Hearing this, he could not help but feel quite curious.

"Of course," Krudo nodded as he said, "the so-called Outlanders have always existed, and there are quite a lot of them.

"Most of them are in the barren desert, and because they have always been blocked by the northern rulers, they are not commonly seen," he spoke quite certainly.

Following this, he described the Outlanders that he had seen with his own eyes.

They were called Guud Orcs and about 1.5 meters tall. They were about as strong as a strong male, and they were quite barbaric and liked to gather in tribes.

These were the enemies that the northern rulers had to deal with.

"Guud Orcs…"

Chen Heng repeated this name and felt that it was somewhat familiar.

In the identity selection option, he had seen this race's option but had not chosen it.

"Those Guud Orcs are incredibly ferocious. Even though they're quite uncivilized and don't have swords or steel, there are many of them and can cause a lot of destruction," Krudo said as he sighed.

They chatted for a bit longer before going their separate ways.

The next day, just as the sky began to brighten, Chen Heng got up and came to the square from yesterday.

It was quite empty and still quiet.

Chen Heng silently walked forwards; he thought that he was the first to arrive this time.

Unexpectedly, however, there was a familiar figure standing there.

Corripo stood there with his straight figure, looking like an upright pine tree.

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