Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 4 Breathing Technique

As Knight Cecily's son, Sorondo was a noble.

It was just that he was not the eldest son, nor did he have exceptional talent as a Knight.

According to the rules of this age, after Knight Cecly died, his eldest son, Charlie, would inherit his title, as well as everything else.

As for Sorondo, apart from some assets, he would not receive anything else.

What was key was that according to what Chen Heng knew, Sorondo and his big brother Charlie had a poor relationship.

If Charlie took Knight Cecily's title, he would most likely kick Sorondo out. It was even possible that Charlie would secretly have Sorondo killed.

As such, Sorondo was most likely quite sad and worried about this.

"Suolo, my dear brother, what should I do?" Sorondo sighed as he looked at Chen Heng and asked.

What should you do?

Do you really need to ask me?

Chen Heng fell silent for a moment before looking up and asking, "Sir, what do you think about Sir Charlie's character?"

"He's a shameless and despicable person!"

When talking about Charlie, Sorondo's expression darkened as he said, "I've always suspected whether or not he is my father's son!"

"Then what do you think Sir Charlie would do to you if he inherited your father's title?"

Chen Heng took a step forward and continued to ask, "Will he give you enough money to survive and chase you out of the territory…

"Or will he let you stay here and give you some menial tasks so that you can barely survive?

"Or…" he paused before saying, "will he send someone to…"

Sorondo's expression became even darker.

He knew that with his big brother's personality, what Chen Heng said was likely to occur.

"Sir, do you really want to accept such an outcome?"

At that moment, Chen Heng suddenly half-knelt and said earnestly, "Will you accept such a pitiful end?"

"But…" Sorondo hesitated before saying, "in the end, he's my older brother and the successor to the Cecily Territory. What can I do…"

"Before he inherits the territory, anything can happen," Chen Heng said firmly.

He suddenly looked at Sorondo and said, "As long as Sir Charlie dies of illness, everything can change…

"After all, Knight Cecily only has you and Sir Charlie…"

"Die of illness…" Sorondo paused.

At that moment, he no longer looked hesitant and instead looked at Chen Heng firmly as he said, "It's just that… Charlie is always followed around by Sir Edward. How can I be a match for him?"

Hearing this and sensing Sorondo's attitude, Chen Heng inwardly let out a sigh of relief.

He had been worried that Sorondo would not dare to do this.

However, it seemed that Sorondo had also been thinking about this for a long time.

Chen Heng said without hesitation, "Leave it to me. Even if Sir Edward is a Knight, he's getting old. His strength cannot compare to what it was in the past. If it's in a one on one scenario, I have the confidence to defeat him."


Sorondo shot to his feet and stared at Chen Heng, his voice filled with excitement.

"Of course."

Chen Heng nodded with confidence before saying, "However, in order to guarantee success, I need a bit of help."

Sorondo did not hesitate to ask, "What do you need? Sharp weapons? Firm armor? Or lethal poison, a bow, and arrows?"

"No…" Chen Heng shook his head as he lowered his head and asked respectfully, "I hope I can have a portion of the Knights Breathing Technique…"

"You want the Knights Breathing Technique?"

Sorondo paused and hesitated before saying, "You require Knight talent to be able to use it; it might not be useful to you."

"It's fine."

Chen Heng kept his head lowered and his stance did not change, "It's enough if it can make me even a bit stronger.

"In the battle to come, every bit of power will be incredibly important."

His tone was incredibly sincere.

The Knights Breathing Technique was his true goal.

In this world, the Knights Breathing Technique was something that exclusively belonged to nobles. Only noble families with long lineages had such a legacy.

The reason why Chen Heng had become Sorondo's follower and worked hard to serve his father was for the Knights Breathing Technique.

Now, his opportunity had finally come.


Hearing Chen Heng's words, Sorondo's face flickered, and he became incredibly hesitant.

Standing there, he fell silent for a while. In the end, he thought about the situation that he was in and gritted his teeth as he said, "Alright, I'll give you the Knights Breathing Technique."

He deeply breathed in and looked at Chen Heng as he said, "Furthermore, I hereby promise that if I become the ruler of the Cecily Territory, I will give you our family's complete Knights Breathing Technique."

Hearing this, Chen Heng looked incredibly grateful as he said, "This… Sir…"

"No need to thank me."

Sorondo walked over to him and helped him up as he said sincerely, "After all, you are my closest brother, just like what Sir Edward is to my father. I hope that we will be able to maintain this friendship until the end of our lives."

After a moment, Chen Heng's expression became calm as he walked out of Sorondo's room.

He looked around and after confirming that there was no one, he walked back to his own room.

After coming back to his own room, he took a piece of parchment out of his clothes.

The parchment looked somewhat old and tattered, and there were many things written with this world's language.

Chen Heng looked down, and a look of delight appeared on his face.

"It should be real… it's just that it's not complete…"

Over the past years, he had not been doing nothing. While working, he had been using his martial arts knowledge to analyse this world's Knights Breathing Technique.

With the knowledge and experience he had gained, this Knights Breathing Technique was most likely the real thing, and there should not be any problem in using it.

When he thought about it, it made sense. After all, in the current situation, no mater how stupid Sorondo was, he would not try to fool him with a fake Breathing Technique.

Even though only the basic portions were included, it was quite easy to understand.

Sorondo did not have much talent as a Knight, so he had only learned the basic portions.

As such, it was natural that he only knew the basic portions of the Knights Breathing Technique.

Chen Heng read over the Knights Breathing Technique, and after memorizing it, he began to practice it.

Within the room, he moved his hands and feet, using a unique stance to move about, continuously stimulating his body.

After warming up, he took something out from a nearby drawer.

It was a black ointment that looked like stone and seemed quite special.

It gave off a unique smell that would make people frown.

This was the supporting medicine that all Knights needed to cultivate. Chen Heng had also obtained it from Sorondo.

In this world, training as a Knight was not easy. From the early stages, unless there were other Knights using their Life Energy to support you, as well as various unique medicines, it was very difficult to get started.

Chen Heng covered his body with the ointment and an intense burning feeling appeared over his body.

It was not very strong at the start, but as time passed, it became intense to the point that he could not help but cry out in pain.

"Is this feeling similar to one's qi blood burning?" Chen Heng frowned and thought to himself.

In the Body Forging Technique of the real world, there was the concept of 'qi blood'.

Under special circumstances, martial artists could ignite their qi blood, receiving greater battle power. This was the goal of cultivation.

Now, Chen Heng felt a similar feeling.

He endured the pain and frowned as he began to train.

He followed the Knights Breathing Technique and began to do his best to do various actions.

As time passed, the burning feeling became weaker and weaker until it turned into a feeling of coolness.

As time continued to pass, Chen Heng felt his body becoming weaker and weaker, and his body became filled with weariness.

"As expected, I don't have the talent to become a Knight…" sensing the feeling in his body, Chen Heng sighed.

According to what Sorondo had told him, if he had talent, then during training, he would become more and more excited and feel a refreshed feeling that made him not want to stop.

However, Chen Heng did not feel that. Instead, he only felt weariness.

From this, he could tell that this body of his did not have the talent to become a Knight.

However, this made sense.

He did not spend any Points on this identity in the simulation, so it was already good that he wasn't missing an arm or a leg. He wanted the talent required to become a Knight?

Dream on!

Before, Chen Heng had just wanted to try things out and did not have much hope.

Now that his hope had been destroyed, he was not disappointed and only sighed.

"Luckily it's still somewhat useful."

He sensed his current status and a thought appeared in his mind.

He could feel that the Knights Breathing Technique's training effects on his body was not any inferior to the Body Forging Technique.

"If I use the Knights Breathing Technique with the Body Forging Technique, it seems that the effects will be even better…" Chen Heng thought to himself.

Perhaps he would be able to complete his Body Forging sooner with this Breathing Technique.

"I wonder if there will be much of a difference in strength between completion of Body Forging and Knights in this world."

Time gradually passed.

After that secret discussion between Chen Heng and Sorondo, everything went on as usual as if nothing had happened.

On the surface, the Cecily Territory seemed quite calm.

Just like that, another two years passed.


It was thundering outside, while rain fell heavily.

"Has Sir Cecily's illness still not gotten better?" Chen Heng softly asked the tall Knight in front of him.


The tall Knight turned around and looked at Chen Heng.

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