Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 5 Kill

"Mr Suolo, even though we've known each other for a long time, I should give you this reminder."

The tall Knight turned and looked at Chen Heng.

Under the dim lighting, his figure was revealed to Chen Heng.

He was incredibly tall, and his body was also quite muscular. It was just that he looked quite old—he seemed around 50 years old, and his strength seemed to be deteriorating.

If he was an ordinary person, such a person would be preparing for his death already.

Even for a Knight, he was getting quite old.

However, even though he was getting on in years, he still looked incredibly big and well-built.

He stood there and his large eyes stared at Chen Heng as he said with a serious expression, "As an outsider, it is best for you to not get involved in Sir Cecily's family affairs. Otherwise, you will not have a good outcome."

His tone was incredibly cold.

It seemed that they had reached a critical moment, so he had to give this warning.

After all, even though Chen Heng had been quite obedient and loyal in recent years, in the end, he was one of Sorondo's followers.

To Edward, who stood on Charlie's side, he had to be on his guard.

"I understand."

Looking at Edward, Chen Heng deeply breathed in and looked quite sad as he said, "I've already served Sir Cecily for almost ten years now…

"Even now, is sir not willing to trust me?"

He looked quite sorrowful, as if he was hurt by Edward's words.

"No, I didn't mean that."

Looking at Chen Heng, Edward's tone became softer as he said, "I'm just worried that you'll make the wrong decision.

"Young people are often tempted by various things, causing them to make poor decisions."

His expression became gentler as he said, "Mr Suolo, you are still young and in your strongest years. There's no need to do rash things that might destroy the rest of your life."

Hearing this, Chen Heng fell silent.

He stood there silently for a while before smiling and saying, "I naturally understand this."

Hearing this, Edward smiled, walked to his side, and patted his shoulder before leaving.

He turned and prepared to walk away.

From how it seemed, it looked like he was going to go and prepare some things.


A light breeze blew past and rippled out.

The sound of a sword tearing through the air suddenly sounded out.

Edward was startled and instinctively dodged to the side.


A clear sound rang out, following which blood sprayed out.

In just a moment, his arm had been cut off by the long sword.

Within a short period of time, he would not be able to fight.


Looking at Chen Heng, Edward's heart shook as a look of fury appeared on his face.


Chen Heng's expression was calm as he held the sword.

The sword was something that Sorondo had given him, and he had pasted a special poison on it. Even if it was a bear, anyone would quickly lose the ability to fight if touched by the poison.

Chen Heng had prepared a lot for this day.

"For lord Sorondo, please die!"

His expression was calm as he rushed forwards and slashed down.


A massive wave of energy came from his body.

Edward did not hesitate and looked at Chen Heng as he drew his sword and slashed out.

As their swords clashed, the two of them simultaneously retreated before leaping forwards again.

The sound of metal clashing continuously sounded out.

"Your strength!"

Sensing the energy coming from Chen Heng's body, Edward became even angrier, and he had a bad feeling.

He was not an ordinary person; he was a Knight who had both talent and good training.

For him, even though he was getting on in years and was injured, he was not someone who an ordinary person should be able to fight.

"Such monstrous power!"

Feeling the terrifying power behind Edward's sword, Chen Heng was also somewhat surprised.

After two years, he had completed the Body Forging Technique. With this kind of strength, even in those martial arts schools, he would be one of the strongest, and there would be few who could compare to him.

However, in this situation, he was still somewhat at a disadvantage.

Edward was simply too terrifying; with that incredible power, a casual attack would be able to cut down a large tree, and this was while he was injured.

Chen Heng could not imagine just how monstrous Edward had been when he had been in his prime and uninjured.

However, there were no 'ifs' in reality.

Within the large hall, intense clashing sounds rang out, accompanied by roars.

Sword and sword continuously slammed together before gradually slowing down.

Edward's strength was finally declining.

No matter how reluctant he was to give in, he was someone in his fifties and was far from his peak. In terms of physical prowess, he could not compare to Chen Heng.

Moreover, he had been injured, and the poison was gradually taking effect.

After a long deadlock, the only thing waiting for Edward was defeat and death.

A sword light flashed out, following which a person's head fell to the ground.

In the hall, Chen Heng half-knelt on the ground. His body was covered with sweat and wounds.

Facing a Knight like Edward, even though Chen Heng was quite strong, he was unable to come out unscathed.

His clothes were bloodied, and blood flowed down his clothes.

However, he had survived.

"Mister Suolo," a voice sounded out from outside.

Chen Heng turned and saw a lightly-armored guard standing there, looking at him in terror.

"Sir Sorondo invites you over," he said as he continued to stare at Chen Heng with fear.

"Lead the way," Chen Heng raised his head, his expression cold as he spoke lightly.

This night was destined to be a night of slaughter.

After Knight Cecily had died, the entire Cecily Territory had around 50 elite guards.

Of them, Knight Edward was the strongest. Just Chen Heng alone could compare to the rest.

After Edward had been killed by Chen Heng, no remaining problems existed.

In just a single night, Chen Heng personally led Sorondo's people and killed dozens of people, quelling all resistance.


Sorondo's older brother, Sir Charlie, had been forced into desperate straits, and in the end, he was personally hung by Sorondo.

Following this, the events of the night concluded.


"Suolo, my brother."

Early the next morning, the sun shined on the ground.

Sorondo looked at Chen Heng and looked extremely excited.

"The people who I sent to Salo have replied. The Marquis of Salo has agreed for me to become the new ruler of the Cecily Territory."

He patted Chen Heng's shoulder and seemed incredibly happy.

Of course, he had reason to be so happy.

Knight Cecily only had two children, and after Charlie had died, Sorondo was the only successor to the territory.

Now, his succession had been acknowledged. After some time, he would officially be the new ruler of the Cecily Territory.

"I am very happy for you, my liege."

Chen Heng half-knelt, looking incredibly sincere.

Sorondo also gave a slight smile.

"Suolo, my brother."

He poured a cup of wine and gave it to Chen Heng.

"A toast to our eternal friendship!" he said as he looked at Chen Heng and laughed.

After hearing these words, Chen Heng did not move for a while before silently getting up.

He stared at Sorondo and lightly sighed as he asked, "But why?"


Sorondo was stunned, as if he did not understand.

However, Chen Heng did not want to waste any words.

Looking at Sorondo, he casually tossed his cup, spilling the wine on the ground.

After the wine landed on the ground, it seemed normal but soon gave off a strange fragrance.

"You didn't even think to change the poison…"

Chen Heng lightly sighed and said, "Lord Sorondo, you're a bit too careless."

"You! You!"

Sorondo stumbled backwards, and his expression became incredibly gloomy as if he had seen a ghost.

Seeing him like this, Chen Heng shook his head.

As expected, hoping that others would follow his script was too extravagant.

Chen Heng had thought that after Knight Cecily had died and he killed Edward, Sorondo would not be so stupid as to try anything against him.

After all, right now, within the entire Cecily Territory, the only one who could rival a Knight was him.

Without Chen Heng, how could he keep order in his territory and protect his territory?

It was a pity that Sorondo did not seem to think of this, and in the end, he was unwilling to give out his family's legacy.

"If you had just given the complete Knights Breathing Technique to me, I would have been like Edward and obediently served your family. Wouldn't that have been good?"

Chen Heng lightly sighed and silently drew the sword at his waist, "Why did you have to force me to this?"

He spoke lightly, but his voice echoed in the hall.

Sorondo's expression immediately became one of terror.


A clear sound rang out.

There was not much of a struggle, and Chen Heng did not use much effort to take down Sorondo as a head flew away.

After killing Sorondo, Chen Heng did not hesitate to charge out with his sword.

With his abilities, no one in the Cecily Territory was a match for him.

Moreover, these soldiers had lost their ruler and would not risk their lives to fight with Chen Heng.

Soon, Chen Heng charged out from this region and left.

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