Fantasy Simulator

Chapter 585 - A Sword

Chapter 585 Chapter 585 – A Sword

Of course, it was the same in reality. From what Chen Heng could sense, the time aura on this body was extremely dense. From its looks, it should have existed for many years. This long sword was the most inconspicuous one in the Sword Tomb surroundings. Such weapons were everywhere, so it was not worth being surprised at all.

Chen Heng frowned after feeling it, as he finally understood his situation. He had successfully reincarnated and arrived in another world. However, there seemed to be a mistake in his reincarnation this time. Chen Heng had already experienced different identities in the past simulation. However, no matter what, the identities he had experienced in the past simulation were mostly real people. Even if they weren’t human, they were at least intelligent beings that could move freely.

Yet, the simulation this time was good. It turned him into a sword. ‘A sword? How was he going to proceed with the next simulation step?’ Chen Heng thought and frowned in his heart.

If it were a life form that could move freely, it would still be fine. With Chen Heng’s ability, he would eventually find an opportunity to become stronger and gradually rise slowly, whether he was an ordinary person or another intelligent being. However, a sword could neither move nor communicate with others. How should he proceed with the simulation?

As he was thinking, a turbulent flow appeared in the distance. Chen Heng subconsciously raised his head and looked into the distance.

He could sense a terrifying turbulent flow in the distance, rushing in all directions. It seemed to be a highly concentrated Gen Qi, containing a tremendous power from the outside world, with massive Power of Law traces.

“Is this the Outer World?” Chen Heng saw the scene when Gen Qi appeared.

There seemed to be an even larger world outside this Sword Tomb. Or rather, that was the real world. The Sword Tomb that Chen Heng was currently in was more like an artificial secret realm rather than calling it a world. It was an incomplete world, not different from the secret realms that Chen Heng had previously encountered.

‘However, is the law aura in this world so obvious?’ Chen Heng was thinking.

From the aura that flashed past the outside world, he could feel the unmistakable traces of the laws. From his first impression, though he had not gone deep into it, the traces of the laws in this world seemed much more apparent than those in the World of Gods. The Power of Laws was even more hidden in the World of Gods. Besides legendary existences, ordinary people wouldn’t be able to capture and comprehend them.

‘However, the traces of laws seemed to be more apparent in this world, and the threshold of comprehension might be much lower.’ Chen Heng thought, and then he looked in front.

Everything not far away also began to unfold under his True Spirit Power’s sensing. The Sword Tomb also became active as the outside world and the Sword Tomb’s aura began to exchange. Large amounts of Gen Qi rushed in all directions and finally surged onto the long sword under the traction of a force.

Chen Heng was the same. His true spirit was more substantial and complete than the ordinary long sword around him. It possessed the characteristics of a true soul. As such, he seemed to have a stronger attraction toward the Gen Qi under the laws of the Sword Tomb. A lot of Gen Qi rushed towards his body and surged into the sword. A warm current gushed into his heart, and an inexplicable feeling appeared. Chen Heng immediately understood. He began to circulate his true spirit and inhaled and exhaled the Gen Qi around him. He could feel that his body was changing. Under the tempering of the Gen Qi energies, his long sword body was undergoing a qualitative change as it charged towards a higher level.

The surrounding long swords were doing the same. They breathed the Gen Qi in and out almost instinctively as they charged toward the surroundings. Of course, these swords were much weaker compared to Chen Heng.

This was very normal. Unlike a person who was the spirit of all living things, swords were acquired weapons that did not have their consciousness. Even though many swords here were extraordinary, they only possessed a portion of their spirituality and were not ordinary objects. A rough spirituality was incomparable to Chen Heng, who owned a complete, true spirit. Therefore, the momentum created by these long swords wasn’t too great compared to Chen Heng. They were pretty small, in fact. Chen Heng wasn’t surprised by this. He had already sensed some aura in the surroundings and could roughly guess what this area was for. If nothing unexpected happens, this area should be a secret realm created by a powerhouse to refine weapons. Leveraging this place’s unique environment, one could refine weapons that possessed extraordinary spirituality.

The environment here was naturally suitable for refining weapons. In addition to inhaling and exhaling Gen Qi regularly, weapons could gradually transform under the nourishment of Gen Qi and the environment. They would become progressively extraordinary, just like a practicing person. Of course, this process would be relatively long.

As Chen Heng sensed the situation, there were quite a few weapons in the surroundings, and all carried heavy amounts of time, which had existed for many years. Only after a long period could the best weapons be refined.

“The start was somewhat unfavorable, but the time flow is still pretty good other than the first time.” Chen Heng roughly felt the time ratio between this world and the World of Gods, and he finally felt some comfort in his heart.

The time ratio between this world and the World of Gods was very high. Only nearly a day had passed in the World of Gods, but two years had already passed in this world. This time ratio was shocking enough. The simulation points Chen Heng had expended previously did not go to waste. Even though the beginning was somewhat disadvantageous with this time flow, it was still acceptable. With this thought in mind, Chen Heng silently inhaled and exhaled the surrounding Gen Qi and began to strengthen himself slowly.

He could sense that his body was still weak, the weakest even among the surrounding weapons. Therefore, he needed to strengthen himself as soon as possible. As for leaving, he was not in a hurry. Since this secret realm was created to refine weapons, someone would enter and take out the refined weapons. Otherwise, wouldn’t it be a waste?

Since that was the case, from Chen Heng’s point of view, he did not need to be overly anxious and only needed to wait until his body became sufficiently powerful before getting out. With this thought in mind, Chen Heng began to inhale and exhale Gen Qi to strengthen his body silently.

The advantage of having a true spirit was fully displayed at this moment. Compared to the weapons around him that only had a rough spirituality, Chen Heng, who had a complete, true spirit, could take the initiative to inhale and exhale Gen Qi and did not have to wait for Gen Qi to enter his body passively.

This way, his inhale and exhale of Gen Qi were thousands of times more efficient than the other weapons around him. At the same time, Chen Heng began to temper himself using his surroundings consciously. There seemed to be a unique power in this secret realm that could suppress the existence of the power of true spirit.

Chen Heng took the initiative to temper his true spirit using this characteristic of this secret realm and constantly using it to resist the secret realm’s power and temper himself. His true spirit quickly became tenacious, and the range he could detect became wider and wider.

Soon, half a year passed. After half a year of hard work, Chen Heng’s current appearance was completely different from before. When Chen Heng had just descended, Chen Heng’s body looked no different from an ordinary mortal weapon. It was like an old sword, tattered and rusted, and looked like it could break any time.

However, the rust on Chen Heng’s body had disappeared entirely. The sword looked crystal clear, like glass. It did not look like a weapon. But instead, it looked like an artifact. As for the rust on it, it had already been washed clean by the Gen Qi in the past half a year. There was not a trace of it left.

Chen Heng was utterly different from the past at this point. However, he had also fallen into a bottleneck.

‘It seems to have reached its limit?’ Chen Heng could not help but frown as he felt the state of his body while he was inside the long sword.

Ever since he had descended into this body half a year ago, he had been inhaling and exhaling Gen Qi excitingly to strengthen his body, which was highly effective at the beginning.

The unique Gen Qi in this Sword Tomb, as a place specialized in refining weapons, seemed to be specially released to refine weapons. It was highly beneficial to the refinement of weapons.

Chen Heng had made significant progress in the beginning with the help of Gen Qi and quickly transformed utterly. However, Chen Heng could feel that if he continued inhaling and exhaling Yuan Qi, it would be of lesser help. His body seemed to have reached a bottleneck, and he needed some kind of power to help him improve. Chen Heng had been thinking about this for a long time, but he still could not find the key.

‘What exactly is missing?’ Chen Heng secretly frowned as various thoughts flashed through his mind.

He had tried many methods in the past half a year. He had the body of a long sword now. Whether it was the meditation technique of a Sorcerer or the life energy of a knight, they were not of much help to him in his current state.

The life energy was needless to say. At this moment, his body was made of steel. Where would he get the life energy? As for the meditation technique, it also needed the support of a body of flesh and blood.

Of course, this did not mean that Chen Heng was helpless. In reality, other than being a great sorcerer and great knight, he was also a master refiner who was good at refining magic weapons. Naturally, he would not be helpless in strengthening himself.


However, no matter how strong a master refiner was, it was impossible to refine a magic weapon out of thin air. There were no materials other than mountain rocks in the area before him. There was no way he could do it, even if he wanted to use foreign objects to refine himself and strengthen his body.

“It seems like I have to explore outside…” This thought flashed through Chen Heng’s mind as he sensed his current state.

He didn’t feel any unique materials in this area. However, this secret realm was massive, and it might not be so in other places. Therefore, recently, Chen Heng gradually thought of moving out to explore after feeling his condition. This way, there might be some gains. Hence, Chen Heng began to get up. The long sparkling sword slowly bloomed with light in the outside world and then rushed towards the sky. A faint sparkling light bloomed in the invisible, like the Light of Glass.

Then, Chen Heng began the exploration process, and his understanding of this Sword Tomb had also improved during the process. There were traces of people moving everywhere in this Sword Tomb, and there were quite a number of them.

‘Someone had entered this place not long ago.’ Chen Heng thought, and then he felt more at ease.

Some people had entered everywhere, which meant that this secret realm was still in use. Therefore he would have a chance to leave. This was good news. Soon, another piece of good news appeared. Chen Heng witnessed many other weapons during his journey. Although most of the weapons in this Sword Tomb were swords, there were also many other weapons.

Each of them was different. Some of these weapons were incomplete, some were ancient, and some looked as if they had just been refined. From the strength point of view, most were ordinary weapons, and very few could be compared to Chen Heng. However, some weapons had extremely powerful auras.

Chen Heng had once found a large saber in a pit on his journey. It was a large golden saber. One could vaguely see many complicated patterns and feel a terrifying majesty on them, making it impossible for anyone to get close. Chen Heng could see the appearance of the large saber through a vague sense. He could vaguely see the words ‘Heaven King’ from the patterns on the saber’s body.

If nothing unexpected happened, this large saber should have had an owner in the past. However, the saber was now damaged, and its spirituality seemed to have been destroyed by some kind of power, almost disappearing. Its aura was still powerful, making people feel terrified.

Chen Heng felt the aura and made a rough judgment. This long golden sword was called the Golden Saber, probably comparable to a Fourth Ring Extraordinary Beings at its peak. Though its spirituality had been destroyed, and most of its power had disappeared, it was still not something ordinary people could approach.

There were no other weapons within a few kilometers, with the Heaven King’s Golden Saber as the center.

Feeling the Heaven King’s Golden Saber, Chen Heng’s heart moved, ‘Not bad material, if only I can refine it…’ Chen Heng thought, and his heart skipped a beat.

As he said, even though his body had been refined quite well, the material of his body was still there. Initially, it was only refined from ordinary materials, but after many years of wear and tear, the spirituality within the materials had long disappeared. His original foundation was there. No matter how much he refined it, it would not be able to change much in a short period.

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