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Chapter 586 - Heavenly Catastrophe

Chapter 586 Chapter 586 – Heavenly Catastrophe

Chen Heng’s body was naturally lacking. The material was not divine gold or divine iron, nor was it any other unique material. It was just an ordinary item. To be able to refine it to the level before his eyes were already Chen Heng’s impressive refining skills and experience.

If it were someone else, even if they knew how to control Gen Qi, they would probably leave many damage marks or even break the sword. The situation would be even worse. But the Heaven King’s Golden Saber in front of him was the exact opposite. From the situation in front of him, it could be seen that the Heaven King’s Golden Saber must have been very powerful in the past. It was most likely a divine weapon of this world.

Even if it was damaged, it still had a thick and imposing aura. It was terrifying. The material it used was definitely the top material in this world.

However, contrary to Chen Heng at this moment, although the material of this Heaven King’s Golden Saber was good and its foundation was strong, the spirituality within it had already been extinged.

From the looks of it, it seemed to have suffered very serious damage before. Hence, it had become its current appearance. If the two were combined, they would complement each other perfectly.

Chen Heng looked at the Heaven King’s Golden Saber from afar, and this thought flashed through his mind. However, this thought only flashed through his mind for a moment before it was quickly dispelled.

“Now is not the right time…”

Chen Heng looked into the distance and felt the aura on the Heaven King’s Golden Saber. This thought then flashed through his mind. Chen Heng could sense that the aura surrounding the Heaven King’s Golden Saber was too powerful, even though it was already damaged. With such a powerful aura, it would be difficult for him to do anything to it in Chen Heng’s current state.

‘Now was not the time.’

With this thought in mind, Chen Heng silently memorized the location of the Heaven King’s Golden Saber and left without hesitation. His body turned into a sharp sword light and disappeared in all directions.

Next, he continued to tour the Sword Tomb in front of him. There were many weapons in this Sword Tomb. There were also many unique weapons among the numerous weapons, other than the majority of ordinary weapons.

Those weapons might be like Heaven Kings’ Golden Saber, exuding a terrifying aura or having already bred extraordinary spirituality. However, some weapons did not have sufficient spirituality and strength, but their materials were not bad.

Chen Heng’s goal was these weapons. He destroyed these weapons and used his Gen Qi to refine them. He refined the Metal Qi into his body and forcefully swallowed them.

He slowly improved his qualities through this process and slowly filled up his shortcomings. However, very few weapons had extraordinary materials, and fewer did not have spirituality.

Therefore, Chen Heng’s improvement was also very slow. It took him three whole months to find three broken weapons. However, although he did not swallow many, the effect was still very obvious.



At this moment, Chen Heng could feel that his body was undergoing some changes, and he was getting closer and closer to a certain checkpoint. Before long, he would be able to cross the previous bottleneck and walk to the next stage. Before that, he had been quietly touring around, quietly accumulating his strength. During this process, he had also witnessed some situations.

On a certain day, the sky suddenly changed color. In the distance, rolling thunderbolts suddenly appeared. A destructive aura erupted as if it wanted to destroy everything in all directions.

This inexplicable aura immediately woke Chen Heng up from his metamorphosis.

“What is that?”

He raised his head to look at the sky and felt the scene that appeared in the sky. He couldn’t help but feel a little surprised. In his senses, the sky in the distance had already changed color. Rolling thunderbolts were erupting in all directions.

That kind of power was exceptionally powerful and terrifying. And the destructive aura contained within it made Chen Heng feel that it was somewhat familiar. “This is… A Heavenly Catastrophe?” Feeling the thunderbolts that appeared in the distance, Chen Heng could not help but be surprised. Then, another thought flashed through his mind. “This world also has Heavenly Catastrophe?”

Heavenly Catastrophe was an existence that had appeared in some worlds before. It was often a method formed from the laws of the world. In some worlds, every time a living creature broke or violated a taboo, it would trigger the Heavenly Catastrophe.

‘And in this world, what mechanism was it?’

This thought flashed through Chen Heng’s mind. After thinking for a bit, he directly left and rushed forward. This choice was contrary to the other weapons in the area.

In the area, sensing the aura of the Heavenly Catastrophe in the distance, all the spiritual weapons let out sorrowful cries and instinctively rushed in all directions, wanting to leave this area.

Of course, this was only limited to those powerful weapons. Only those weapons born with enough spirituality and powerful enough could move and leave on their own.

Most of the weapons could only tremble under the Heavenly Catastrophe, showing their instinctive fear. Chen Heng could feel the fear of the four directions along the way.

They were instinctively afraid of the Heavenly Catastrophe. Of course, this was also very normal. The Heavenly Catastrophe carried an aura of destruction, and its power was exceptionally fierce. It was a terrifying thing to all living beings.

This was even more so for these weapons that only possessed simple spirits and did not possess complete intelligence. Under the Heavenly Catastrophe, even their own spirits would be completely destroyed if something bad happened.

Chen Heng walked forward and finally discovered a strange scene. A black longsword stood there in the middle of a mountain in front of him. The longsword was completely black, as if it was made of a unique type of divine gold. It was filled with spiritual light, and it was exceptionally mystical. On the sword’s surface, there were faint patterns condensed, and it was exceptionally unique.

In the four directions, lightning brewed within the Heavenly Catastrophe, and its aura faintly locked onto the longsword.

‘The longsword had drawn over this Heavenly Catastrophe.’

As he sensed everything around him, this thought flashed through Chen Heng’s mind. At this point, after seeing everything clearly, he did not continue to advance. Instead, he just stood there and silently watched the scene before him.

Soon after, under his perception and observation, the lightning in the sky gradually descended. Streaks of lightning flashed as they charged forward. Their auras were exceptionally powerful and terrifying.

‘A casual strike is enough to kill a First Ring expert.’

Chen Heng felt the power around him as this thought silently flashed through his mind. The power of the Heavenly Catastrophe was not weak. Each streak of lightning was enough to kill a First Ring Extraordinary Being easily.


If that were all, it wouldn’t be a big deal. However, the power hidden within the Heavenly Catastrophe seemed to be endless. After each bolt of lightning fell, another would follow. It was extremely frequent and terrifying.

Even though a single bolt of lightning was only at the First Ring level, under such frequency, even a Second Ring Extraordinary Being wouldn’t be able to withstand it easily. If one weren’t careful, one would directly die within. And in Chen Heng’s perception, the longsword in front of him lightly hummed. An inexplicable sword intent surged out from the longsword, spreading in all directions, and rushed towards the horizon. In the face of this terrifying Heavenly Catastrophe, the spirituality in the longsword didn’t have any intention of retreating. It directly rushed up to the heavens, undergoing the baptism of lightning. Bolts of lightning continuously descended, striking the longsword’s body, emitting waves of muffled sounds. Occasionally, bolts of lightning would fall around and sweep across the ground, directly cutting open dozens of meters long gashes. “That is… the sword’s intent?”

Chen Heng, who was by the side, observed the power that appeared on the longsword and seemed to have gained some enlightenment.

Chen Heng had also contacted the sword’s intent in the past simulation. However, this was still considered an extremely mysterious thing in the past world.

He did not expect to see it so quickly in this world. The so-called sword’s intent was actually the Comprehension of Laws. Through one’s Comprehension of Laws, adding them to one’s offensive became various concepts that could greatly strengthen one’s strength.

The Comprehension of Laws was something that only existences above Legends could do in the World of Gods. However, in this world, because of the different environment, the Comprehension of Laws seemed to be much earlier in this world.

The power of the longsword in front of him was only ordinary in Chen Heng’s eyes. It was equivalent to a Second Ring Extraordinary Being, but it could still display a trace of the sword’s intent.

Without a doubt, if it was in the World of Gods, this would definitely be an incredible thing. However, Chen Heng had already experienced many of the differences between worlds. At this moment, he was not too surprised.

He stood at the side, silently observing the front, waiting for the final result. At this moment, the lightning in the sky had gradually stopped. It looked like it was about to end.

However, the condition of the longsword was also very bad. At this moment, the aura on the longsword was particularly weak. There were even weak cracks appearing on the sword’s body. It was like a series of unique veins that were exceptionally special.

It looked like the power in the longsword had been exhausted. It was its final moment. Looking at this scene, Chen Heng secretly shook his head.

The situation was a little terrible. Although the Heavenly Catastrophe was about to end, the closer it was to this moment, the more powerful the power contained in the Heavenly Catastrophe was.

The longsword was the exact opposite. At this moment, the power within was clearly about to be exhausted. From the looks of it, the outcome was about to be decided.


A lightning bolt descended, directly chopping down and finally landing on the longsword. Following that, waves of terrifying rumbling sounds were produced.

Under Chen Heng’s gaze, the cracks on the longsword grew larger and larger, becoming more and more obvious. Finally, the longsword split apart with a crisp sound and a faint wail, turning into fragments that shot into the sky.


In mid-air, the thunder continued, causing the Gen Qi in all directions to howl and the surrounding sword spirits to tremble. After a long while, the surroundings calmed down and ended everything.

This Heavenly Catastrophe had finally come to an end.

‘It still failed.’

Chen Heng shook his head as he sensed the remaining destructive aura in the surroundings. This thought flashed through his mind.

From its looks, the Sword Spirit had still failed in the end. This made Chen Heng feel a little regretful. There were very few living beings in this mystic realm. Although most Sword Spirits possessed simple spirituality, they did not form any intelligence. They only had shallow instincts.

The previous Sword Spirit was able to transcend the Heavenly Catastrophe, and its level was already about the same as Chen Heng’s. Perhaps it could still have the ability to communicate.

However, looking at the situation, it was obvious that it could not.

‘I still have some gains.’

Standing still, this thought flashed through Chen Heng’s mind. Although he did not successfully communicate with the Sword Spirit, this observation still had some gains.

From the Sword Spirit’s experience, Chen Heng knew what would happen. His current strength was almost the same as the previous Sword Spirit.

Apart from the true spirit’s strength, the two were on the same level. From this situation, Chen Heng’s Heavenly Catastrophe was about to arrive.

This was one aspect. The other aspect was the inheritance left behind by the previous Sword Spirit.

Chen Heng had carefully observed it before. The body of the sword spirit should have been made of a unique material, which was unique. In terms of pure essence, the material was far superior to Chen Heng’s body, which was something he could not compare to.

Since the Sword Spirit had fallen under the Heavenly Catastrophe, these things would naturally benefit him. This thought flashed through Chen Heng’s mind. Then, he rushed forward and began to search in the direction of his previous memories.

In the previous Heavenly Catastrophe, the body of the Sword Spirit had been struck by lightning and turned into pieces that scattered in all directions.

However, Chen Heng still remembered the locations of most of the pieces. At this moment, he searched one by one and explored the direction ahead.

Soon, a broken sword fragment entered Chen Heng’s eyes. Those fragments were unique. On the surface, they looked like pure black divine iron. At this moment, there were even bolts of lightning wrapped around them. One could vaguely see flickering runes as if they were remnants of the lightning from before.

‘Is this sublimation?’

Looking at this scene, Chen Heng was deep in thought. He had an additional understanding of this world’s Heavenly Catastrophe mechanism.

This world’s so-called Heavenly Catastrophe was both a test and a kind of good fortune. In the lightning, besides pure destructive power, there was also this world’s nomological brand. These nomological brands could be integrated into the body through repeated lightning strikes, allowing the body to be sublimated.

If Chen Heng guessed correctly, if the previous Sword Spirit could pass the Heavenly Catastrophe, it would probably be able to obtain considerable benefits. It could even allow the body to be baptized and further improved.

Although it wasn’t certain, it shouldn’t be too far off from the current situation.

This thought flashed through Chen Heng’s mind.

“I can give it a try…”

Chen Ming thought for a moment. Then this thought flashed through his mind. According to the current situation, he would most likely have to go through this process. Since that was the case, if he had any ideas in the future, he would try again.

Perhaps there would be some additional benefits. With this thought in mind, Chen Ming continued to move forward. He explored the surroundings once.

This process took about two months. It was so slow because this area was too vast, and there were too many mysterious places, which somewhat obstructed Chen Ming’s vision.

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