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Chapter 589 - – The Opened Sword Tomb

Chapter 589 Chapter 589 – The Opened Sword Tomb

The surface of his body looked broken, as if it could break at any time, but this could not change his inner nature. At this moment, the world’s power was circulating in Chen Heng’s body and could not be dissipated for a long time. The Power of Destiny was emerging and affecting him at all times, which made Chen Heng somewhat happy.

‘It seems that my guess is indeed correct.’ This thought flashed through Chen Heng’s mind.

He had already guessed the nature of this Heavenly Catastrophe before this, and it seemed that it was indeed correct. Being in the Heavenly Catastrophe, one could also obtain great benefits other than being baptized by lightning, such as getting the Dao Principle from the Lightning Tribulation and inscribing it on one’s body, allowing one to advance further.

Theoretically speaking, if one suffered enough lightning tribulations, the Dao Principle imprinted on one’s body would be dense enough. One wouldn’t even need to do anything else to become powerful enough. Of course, this was only in theory.

After all, apart from natural creation, the Lightning Tribulation also carried a mighty destructive power. Even with Chen Heng’s current strength, his body almost shattered after being baptized by lightning, not to mention other existences. However, the help provided by the Heavenly Catastrophe to the weapon spirit’s metamorphosis was unquestionable.

Chen Heng thought as his body retreated, heading toward a place not far away. There were only a few weapon spirits in this Sword Tomb, so there shouldn’t be any disturbance. However, Chen Heng still left directly and found a secret place to hide out of instinct.

He had already explored this area previously and was very familiar with it. Therefore, he did not spend much effort finding an excellent location at a particular Ley Nodes. The surging Gen Qi would be more apparent in this area, and the Gen Qi from the outside world would also be denser, suitable for metamorphosis.

Chen Heng stayed here for a few months. On the one hand, he quietly absorbed the Gen Qi from the outside world to recover his body. On the other hand, he quietly digested the Dao Principle from before, turning it into something of itself. The Dao Principle from the lightning was engraved on his body, becoming something like instinct.

To Chen Heng, the most precious thing about these Dao principles was not how much they had strengthened him but that they could be directly referenced and comprehended. The so-called Dao Principle was, in fact, the Comprehension of Laws. These things were undoubtedly very precious, even for an existence at Chen Heng’s level. He also valued the Heavenly Catastrophe so much because there was a natural circulation of this world’s Power of Laws, which would be engraved on his body. Chen Heng silently comprehended his Dao Principle in the following period.

On the other hand, he also silently absorbed Gen Qi to recover his strength. Several months passed just like that. The broken parts of Chen Heng’s body gradually healed. Most of the cracks had disappeared other than a few areas. It was impossible to see them anymore at this moment. At this rate, Chen Heng would be able to recover his body and completely regain his full strength in another half a month at most.

However, an accident began to happen. Following a series of soft rumbling sounds, Gen Qi from the outside world surged into it continuously, which was not surprising. This Sword Tomb’s secret realm was undoubtedly closely related to the outside world.

According to Chen Heng’s perspective, this secret realm would probably connect with the outside world every month. A large amount of pure Gen Qi was brought into the secret realm from the outside world to provide for the many weapon spirits to grow. Therefore, this scene was seen every month, so it was not worth being surprised.

What was truly strange was the other auras that appeared along with the Gen Qi from the outside world. From Chen Heng’s perception, the reception this time was somewhat different. With the Sword Tomb’s door opening, many Gen Qi, which contained all sorts of unusual auras, surged over.

That was the life aura of a living being. It was completely different from the Sword Spirit, which only had instincts. In other words, this was an actual living being.

‘A person?’ In an instant, Chen Heng was jolted entirely awake, his gaze looking towards the outside world. The power of his true spirit spread out as if it wanted to penetrate through layers of isolation through the Sword Tomb to reach the outside world.

He had indeed found some clues through his full-strength senses. There were many figures in the outside world. Waves of fresh life aura emitted in all directions, heading towards the Sword Tomb. From its looks, it seemed to have come from the outside world.

“This day has finally arrived…’ Feeling the change in the Sword Tomb’s aura, Chen Heng’s heart relaxed, and this thought couldn’t help but flash through his mind.

From the moment he arrived at the Sword Tomb, Chen Heng understood the essence of the Sword Tomb. Since it was most likely a secret realm specially created to nurture weapons, someone would most likely enter this place to retrieve the weapons.

From its looks, this day should have arrived. For Chen Heng, the opportunity to leave had finally come. If those outsiders choose suitable weapons to leave, as Chen Heng had thought, Chen Heng only needed to lurk beside those people and mingle with other weapons to achieve his goal. As for now, it would depend on the specific situation.

Chen Heng pondered and then left this place in the distance. In an instant, sword light soared into the sky, then disappeared without a trace. And in the outside world, a change was happening.

“Fellow Brothers…” A golden door opened on the high jade platform.

A gentle-looking and handsome young man stood there, looking at the figures below, and said softly, “The Tengu Sword Tomb is the legendary Sword Tomb left behind by the Tengu Sword Sovereign eight thousand years ago. It once sealed the divine weapons that the Tengu Sword Sovereign had collected all his life. It is a good place to nurture weapons.”

“Three thousand years ago, the Five Sects of the Southern Mountain discovered this place together. Hence, they agreed to open the Sword Tomb every five years for the disciples to find weapons. And today, five years have passed, and it’s the time to open it again…”

The young man’s expression was gentle as he explained softly, “Everyone who can come here is one of the talents and elites of our Qiong Hua Sword Sect. Regardless of whether you can find a divine weapon you like, you must be careful. If there is a problem, you must withdraw in time and not force it.” The soft words continued to sound.

Even though it was not loud, it sounded in everyone’s ears. This level of skill was already enough to make people tremble in fear. Besides, the young man’s appearance was even more extraordinary. Every action of his had a demeanor that made people admire him.

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