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Chapter 588 - Transcending the Heavenly Catastrophe

Chapter 588 Chapter 588 – Transcending the Heavenly Catastrophe

The essence of the Heaven-Devouring Scripture was never about flesh and blood but about the origin. What was devoured through the Heaven-Devouring scripture was actually the origin and not the pure bloodline.

It was precisely because of this that whether it was flesh and blood or not did have much of an effect on the use of the Heaven-Devouring Scripture. This was also the reason why it was successful.

However, this discovery was undoubted of great help to Chen Heng. At least in the future, he would no longer have to go through the same trouble.

Although extracting the divinity and essence of the material could also slowly improve his body, how could it be more efficient than directly absorbing the origin?

There was even another possibility. Since this method could directly absorb the origin, other than pure divinity materials, what about flesh and blood?

Could it be the same?

Chen Heng was very interested in this. So, he continued forward and began to explore everything. At this moment, he already had a premonition of what he would have to face next.

If nothing unexpected happened, he would face his Heavenly Catastrophe within two months at most.

Heavenly Catastrophe, this was the test and tempering of cultivation in this world. After seeing the situation of the Sword Spirit’s tribulation, Chen Heng had some confidence that he could pass it.

But even so, if he could make more preparations, it was better to make more preparations. With this thought in mind, Chen Heng continued to explore the surroundings, wanting to gather more materials to improve himself.

Soon, two months passed.

On this day, an aura of destruction appeared once again in a familiar area. Under the gaze of the many Sword Spirits’ trembling spirituality, waves of lightning were gathering in the air. A terrifying power was about to erupt and be released.


In the air, streaks of lightning streaked across, exceptionally clear. The lightning was densely covered and flickered in all directions. At a glance, it looked exceptionally unique.

In the center of the area, just like the previous time, all the Sword Spirits that could leave had already left and were heading in different directions. Only the Sword Spirits that could not move remained in the same spot, trembling in fear.

Of course, there was also Chen Heng. At this moment, he was in the center of the Heavenly Catastrophe and was firmly locked onto by the Heavenly Catastrophe in mid-air. “This is a strange feeling…”

Standing on the spot, Chen Heng felt this feeling with interest. At this moment, he couldn’t help but feel that it was a little unique.

After experiencing many worlds, it wasn’t like he hadn’t seen existence like the Heavenly Catastrophe before. It was just that this was the first time he was locked onto by the Heavenly Catastrophe and personally transcended it.

There was a strange feeling. He just didn’t know how the process of this Heavenly Catastrophe that belonged to him would be.

This thought flashed through Chen Heng’s mind. His gaze was fixed on the sky, paying attention to everything in that lightning area. Under his gaze, lightning bolts gradually descended and struck Chen Heng’s body.

As the lightning descended, an aura of destruction bloomed as if it wanted to destroy everything, directly destroying Chen Heng. However, when the lightning struck, Chen Heng could not help but feel relieved.

As expected, the power of the Heavenly Catastrophe did not change much. It was still the same as before. Each bolt of lightning was roughly equivalent to the attack of a First Ring professional.

To a certain extent, such an attack was already very strong. At least for ordinary professionals, it was enough to kill them directly. Even for the Sword Spirits in this sword tomb, it was also an attack that most Sword Spirits could not withstand.


But for Chen Heng, this was not enough. His current body was unique. After absorbing most of the origin of the previous Sword Spirits, he had completely transformed. Even the material of his body had changed, becoming more outstanding, turning into a completely unfamiliar divine material.

Although the lightning bolts in the sky were powerful, they were nothing special to Chen Heng at this moment. The terrifying Heavenly Catastrophe in others’ eyes was just ordinary to Chen Heng.

In this Heavenly Catastrophe, Chen Heng still had the energy to feel the changes. Under the lightning bolts, Chen Heng also had many changes.

In the sky, the Heavenly Catastrophe was wreaking havoc. What it brought wasn’t destruction but a pure life power of Upanishad. This life force was flowing in Chen Heng’s body, slowly improving his material, making his body stronger and more extraordinary.

This was equivalent to imprinting part of the laws of heaven and earth on his body, making his power even more terrifying.

It was destruction, but it was also good fortune. Feeling all of this, Chen Heng came to a realization. Then, he took the initiative to rush to the horizon to receive the baptism of more thunderbolts.

The initial thunderbolts did not cause too much damage to him, even if he was bathed in them. There was no damage at all. This was far beyond that of the Sword Spirit from before.

But very soon, even more violent thunderbolts descended, just like what Chen Heng had observed before.

The lightning brewed within the Heavenly Catastrophe also became stronger as time passed. It began to vibrate forward, repeatedly, tempering Chen Heng’s body.

At this moment, the Heavenly Catastrophe had already passed. The lightning that struck in all directions was close to the level of the Second Ring, and its power could be considered very powerful.

If the bolts of lightning at the Second Ring level struck down in all directions, they would be able to split open a huge mountain and destroy all life within it.

The bolts of lightning that were so powerful struck down continuously, causing deep scars on Chen Heng’s body. Within the bolts of lightning, cracks started to appear on the surface of Chen Heng’s body. Intense pain surged out from his heart.

However, Chen Heng did not have the slightest reaction. He did not even put up the slightest resistance. He just allowed the lightning bolts in midair to strike down at him.

The lightning in the sky struck down. In Chen Heng’s eyes, it was a great baptism and a tempering of his body. His body would crack under the lightning.

This proved that his body was not strong enough and needed to be further tempered. And the lightning was the best support.

Under the lightning, the impurities in his body were rapidly disappearing. The materials in his body continued to transform and improve. When the cracks in his body healed and recovered, his body would be even more perfect, taking a step forward.

Thus, he stood quietly, waiting for the lightning to strike, without the slightest resistance. It looked like he had lost his spirituality and did not move at all from the surface. But in reality, it was not like that.

As the lightning continued to strike, a nomological aura in the sky spontaneously emerged and left runic marks on Chen Heng’s body, forming a unique texture as if created by heaven and earth.

When the Heavenly Catastrophe finally passed, Chen Heng finally moved. At this moment, his body was already in pieces.

At a glance, it looked like it was badly damaged, as if it could break at any time.

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