Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1114 - Peaked at Six Wings

Chapter 1114 Peaked at Six Wings

For some reason, the six-winged Silver Corona could also sense pressure coming from Red Thorn’s bloodline. Silver Corona understood that Red Thorn’s bloodline had reached the peak of Class 3 fairies.

The moment the opportunity arose, it was even possible that Red Thorn would grow a fourth set of wings. The Acid Corrosion Queen Bee had already returned to the Mouth of Relinquish to start building its hive.

Red Thorn reached out its left hand to Lin Yuan and said softly, “Lin Yuan, I want you to tie a red ribbon on me.”

Lin Yuan took out the red ribbons that he always had on hand for Red Thorn.

However, the red ribbons that Lin Yuan had prepared for Red Thorn were too wide for the fairy source-type lifeform Red Thorn.

Lin Yuan used a Day and Night Spirit Silver feather and cut the red ribbon into four pieces before he tied one of it around Red Thorn’s wrist.

Red Thorn grinned and flapped its wings happily.

Lin Yuan waved at Silver Corona and Brocade Zither.

The five fingers on his hand had more than enough seats for the three small fairies.

Silver Corona did not hesitate to fly over to Lin Yuan, but Brocade Zither’s face flushed like a tomato, and it did not move from its spot.

Red Thorn looked between Lin Yuan and Brocade Zither before flying over to Brocade Zither. It took Brocade Zither’s hand and led it over to the hand that Silver Corona was seated on.

Red Thorn gently pinched Brocade Zither’s face and said, “Your face is so soft. It’s really cute!” Brocade Zither’s face turned an even darker shade of red.

At that moment, two Hundred Questions Beasts walked over to Lin Yuan. Both of them had a bottle of spirit fluid in their mouth and presented it to Lin Yuan.

“Lord, this is a new spirit fluid that we concocted. When used together, they can increase the rate of growth of the Soldier Ration Radish’s main root. The results are extremely obvious.”

Lin Yuan looked elated.

Genius had been tirelessly researching the Soldier Ration Radish.

Lin Yuan could not believe that these two Hundred Questions Beasts had solved the issue of the Soldier Ration Radish’s nurturing under Genius’ tutelage.

He could now produce even more Soldier Ration Radishes.

Genius padded over and said, “Yuan, I want to plant Soldier Ration Radishes in the marsh world. The leaves don’t need the pure spirit qi in the Spirit Lock spatial zone to grow. They’ll be able to grow quicker in the fertilized soil of the marsh world. The marsh world also has enough space for the Soldier Ration Radishes to grow. You have to prune the vines as often as you do now. The Soldier Ration Radish’s old vines are much stronger than its new vines.”

Lin Yuan nodded and rubbed Genius’ head as he said, “Genius, you’ve been tiring yourself out. Make sure not to overwork. You’re always telling me to work in moderation and have sufficient rest. Why don’t you take your own advice?”

Lin Yuan looked at the other Hundred Questions Beasts and said, “All of you too. Make sure to get 12 hours of rest every day. I’ll bring more toys for you to add more excitement to your rest time.”

The previous batch of 50 Hundred Questions Beasts and the new batch of 50 Hundred Questions Beasts meowed to express their thanks to Lin Yuan.

To the 100 Hundred Questions Beasts, Lin Yuan was their savior. He had nurtured them and helped them escape their previous pathetic life.

All the Hundred Questions Beasts were eager to work 24 hours a day non-stop to repay Lin Yuan.

Genius hurriedly replied, “Okay, Yuan! I will sleep with you every night. There’s no rush to nurture the Hundred Questions Beasts. Leave their rest time to me. I’ll definitely take good care of them!”

Lin Yuan set his worries to rest.

It was true that he was nurturing these Hundred Questions Beasts into Creation Masters so that they could work for him.

However, that did not mean that he wanted them to work endlessly without rest.

Red Thorn and Genius happily played together for a while.

Genius and Chimey came to Lin Yuan first, shortly followed by Red Thorn.

As such, Genius and Chimey had watched Red Thorn grow from a seed to its current state.

Red Thorn was closer to Genius, and it could be said that they had the best relationship out of all of Lin Yuan’s feys.

Genius was also the one who had taught Red Thorn how to speak using its gill-shaped petals.

Lin Yuan observed that Red Thorn was close to all the feys he had formed contracts with.

This was why Red Thorn took the initiative to connect with Brocade Zither despite being of a more elite bloodline.

By contrast, Red Thorn was standoffish toward the Hundred Questions Beasts that it had not formed contracts with.

Although Red Thorn would not treat them the same way it treated the Acid Corrosion Queen Bee, it would still not behave in a friendly manner toward them.

After all, Red Thorn was carnivorous, and any lifeform that it did not have ties with were all the same in its eyes.

After Genius brought the Hundred Questions Beasts back to work, Silver Corona said, “Sister Red Thorn, your bloodline has reached the peak of six wings. You’re one step away from gaining eight wings.” Silver Corona’s tone was cordial and absent of any envy. Silver Corona was purely happy for Red Thorn.

“Under normal circumstances, I should only have four wings right after birth. It was because of that seed that Yuan fed me that mutated my bloodline and coincidentally allowed me to gain six wings. It even enabled me to reach the peak of the six wings bloodline. After I swallowed that seed, my quality evolved significantly as well. The only area of disappointment is that my grade didn’t budge at all,” replied Red Thorn.

Lin Yuan used True Data to check on Red Thorn’s attributes.

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