Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1115 - Scar-Covered Scars

Chapter 1115 Scar-Covered Scars

[Fey Name]: Red Thorn (Six-Winged Fairy) (Thousand Eyes Relinquish)

(Fey Species]: Rafflesia genus/fairy species

(Fey Grade): Silver (1/10)

[Fey Type]: Source/Wood

(Fey Quality]: Fantasy V


(Mouth of Relinquish]: Secretes vigorous digestive fluids with powerful corrosive properties, allowing a faster speed to absorb the energy in the food. The Tongue of Relinquish inside the mouth is able to increase the digestion speed by several times. It can also secrete a special corrosive fluid from the flesh and blood that it consumed. When the Tongues of Relinquish pierce a target, the tip of the tongue can be cut off and left in the target’s body. While the target remains alive, the tip of the tongue will control the target’s spirit and soul. After the target dies, the tip of the tongue can control and manipulate the target to make it appear as though it was still alive.

(Brutal Carnivore Vine]: The vines contained digestive fluids that grew in midair, and the sharp teeth on the inner side of the vine could grind off and collect flesh and blood energy.

(Eye of Relinquish]: Eyes formed by using blood and flesh energy. Each eye contains a huge amount of blood and flesh energy. When the number of Eyes of Relinquish on every Mouth of Relinquish are maintained below 60, they are merely able to store energy. When the number of Eyes of Relinquish is above 60, those Eyes of Relinquish that are above 60 can be turned into an energy ray at any time.

Exclusive Skill:

(Spore Growth]: Spits a huge amount of spores, which can absorb the energy or flesh energy supplied by Red Thorn, out of its spore cavity to quickly grow ramets and child ramets that are controlled by the ortet. [Wither Glory): Red Thorn can rapidly absorb the energy from the soil and pour the energy into the sea of flowers. As long as the soil has the roots of the child ramets and ramets, the withered sea of flower would reach its prime state.

Lin Yuan could not help but be shocked that Red Thorn’s quality had reached Fantasy V.

This was an unexpected happy surprise for him.

Lin Yuan had always been troubled over evolving Red Thorn’s quality. But now, that problem had been solved without any effort.

As long as Red Thorn continued to consume flesh, it would be able to evolve to Myth Breed.

There would be no more obstacles.

Red Thorn now had the highest quality amongst all of Lin Yuan’s feys.

Lin Yuan also finally knew what the purple and green scar-covered front part of the Tongues of Relinquish were used for.

Red Thorn had adopted the strange plant seed’s ability to manipulate lifeforms.

The tip of the Tongue of Relinquish could not only control living targets but dead ones as well.

Suddenly, Lin Yuan thought of the blood pact ultimate fight tomorrow with the Zheng family and how Han Tianhe and Liu Yanshan would be dying at the hands of the Invisible Demon.

Both of them were thearch-class experts. If Red Thorn could use the Tongues of Relinquish to control them after their deaths, these two powerful experts would become Lin Yuan’s puppets.

This thought made Lin Yuan’s eyes light up as this would add two sets of thearch-class power to his arsenal.


If he had any trouble in the future or ran into any dangers, they would be good to have around.

After the blood pact ultimate fight ended, the losing side would have to give up everything to the winner.

Hence, it was easy for him to obtain Han Tianhe and Liu Yanshan one way or another.

Once the Zheng family lost, Han Tianhe and Liu Yanshan would be counted as Sky City’s property. Not even the Miao family would be able to take them back.

Lin Yuan asked, “Red Thorn, are there any limits to the target that the Tongues of Relinquish can control? Do three tongues mean only three targets can be controlled?”

“The Tongues of Relinquish control targets by leaving the tongue tip inside the targets’ bodies. This means that the tongue tip acts as a parasite that controls the target’s mind and spirit. The stronger the mind and spirit of the target, the harder it will be for the Tongue of Relinquish to control them. There’s also a chance that the process will fail. If the target is dead, the mind and spirit will lose their agility. No matter how strong the target was, the tongue tip will definitely be able to control them. The controlled target’s contracted feys will also be under the Tongue of Relinquish’s control. However, there is a condition that the target’s fey’s core cannot be extracted. This will ensure that all the target’s original powers are retained. If the core is taken out, the target will only keep their original physical power,” replied Red Thorn.

Lin Yuan now knew more details about the Mouth of Relinquish that was not mentioned in True Data.

In order to use the full power of the Tongue of Relinquish, Lin Yuan could not take the World Crystals out of Han Tianhe and Liu Yanshan’s main feys.

It would be pointless to control only the bodies of the two Creation Breed feys.

Lin Yuan was more interested in the two thearch-class experts than he was in the two World Crystals.

Sky City would gain three more top experts by absorbing the strange plant seed and gaining its abilities.

It would also ensure that the marsh world, the Divine Wood Federation, and the Return from Faraway Mansion all had an expert to watch over them.

At this moment, Red Thorn went on to say, “Yuan, although the Tongue of Relinquish can control experts, the death of the expert will result in the tongue tip inside them being destroyed. The tongue tip needs a large amount of blood energy and a long time to recover. Of course, there’s also a way for the tongue tip to grow back quickly. I can drop down a grade to regrow the Tongue of Relinquish.”

Lin Yuan quickly waved his hand.

Red Thorn’s grade evolution had always been his biggest problem. How could he allow Red Thorn to drop its grade just to regrow the Tongue of Relinquish?

Moreover, it was not easy to kill thearch-class experts.

“Red Thorn, your consumption and digestive abilities evolved when you transformed. How does your consumption of dimensional lifeforms differ from before?” asked Lin Yuan.

“I can now consume Class 4 dimensional lifeforms in droves,” replied Red Thorn.

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