Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1117 - Totem Stone Columns

Chapter 1117 Totem Stone Columns

The Invisible Demon looked into the mirror at its uniform-clad self.

Its pale purple lips were tightly pressed together.

This was the first time that it was wearing clothes from the main world.

Last night, the Invisible Demon had felt an incredible amount of warmth from Wen Yu as she was taking its measurements.

The Invisible Demon felt that it was worthwhile to swear its loyalty to Lin Yuan even if it did not become an Apostle.

The warmth it had felt made the Invisible Demon truly willing to stay here.

Soon, everyone put on their Sky City uniform and gathered downstairs.

Listen had returned to the mansion earlier.

Although Listen had not explicitly said that he wanted to get his revenge on the Zheng family, no one in the Return from Faraway Mansion wanted the Zheng family decimated more than him.

The blood of Listen’s elders was on the hands of the Zheng family’s third lineage.

Listen had to avenge them no matter what it took.

However, he did not want to encumber Lin Yuan with his revenge or influence Lin Yuan’s decision.

Now that he was about to get his revenge, Listen was so excited that he got goosebumps.

Lin Yuan nodded at everyone. The sight of all of them in the Sky City uniform made for an impressive and charismatic scene.

Today’s breakfast was crepes with crispy maple syrup banana pie.

After breakfast, everyone prepared to head to the ultimate fighting ground that was at the north side of the Radiance Palace.

But this was when they realized that they were facing a problem. They did not have a suitable avian-type fey to take them there.


Lin Yuan massaged his forehead as he had been troubled by this issue in the past.

However, he stopped worrying ever since Blackie gained the ability to fly and obtained the 12 Sky Fragrance Beauty Butterflies.

Nonetheless, neither Blackie nor the unfinished fey carriage would be suitable to represent Sky City.

It was necessary for them to prepare a special fey carriage that would be able to represent Sky City. Regardless, there was not enough time to nurture feys that would be suitable now, and this would have to be a problem they tackled in the future.

It seemed that the best option now would be for them to reserve avian-type feys to take them to the ultimate fighting ground.

Lin Yuan used his phone and booked a Diamond Snow-Necked White Egret.

The Diamond Snow-Necked White Egret was not the fastest Diamond fey, but it was the most comfortable one to ride.

The group headed to the ultimate fighting ground atop the Snow-Necked White Egret.

Zhou Luo asked Lin Yuan softly, “Young Master, an issue suddenly came to mind. There are sure to be other factions spectating the blood pact ultimate fight. As I’m only a king-class expert, will I embarrass Sky City by participating in the blood pact ultimate fight?”

A ruthless glare streaked across Lin Yuan’s gaze, and he smiled while shaking his head.

“As long as everyone from the Zheng family who participates in the blood pact ultimate fight dies today, who would dare to mock Sky City?”

Lin Yuan’s smile seemed bloodthirsty at that moment, and the feeling only surged.

Ever since he found out from Zheng Kaiyuan that the Zheng family was going to issue a blood pact ultimate fight challenge to Sky City, Lin Yuan had come up with a plan.

At first, he had felt that Endless Summer and the Kill Food Sky Butterfly would be sufficient to deal with this matter.

However, the Zheng family had managed to borrow thearch-class experts that possessed Sovereign IV/Creation V feys from the Miao family.

Experts of this level would be able to annihilate Endless Summer and the Kill Food Sky Butterfly in the blink of an eye.

Luckily, the Moon Empress had given him the Invisible Demon, and Sky City had managed to find out who were the participants that the Zheng family was going to send out through Liu Jie.

Otherwise, Endless Summer and the Kill Food Sky Butterfly would have met their doom on the ultimate fighting ground.

Nonetheless, even without the Invisible Demon, Lin Yuan would not have given up just because he found out that the Zheng family was going to send out Han Tianhe and Liu Yanshan.

He would have immediately turned to the Moon Empress for help.

Although he did not want to rely on external help when it came to his faction, he was not stubborn enough to insist on his way when it was a life-or-death situation. There was also no way that he would have taken Endless Summer, the Kill Food Sky Butterfly, or the rest of Sky City’s members’ lives as a joke.

Although his dagger was obviously aimed at the Zheng family, he wanted to take down the Miao family even more.

Liu Jie, Wen Yu, Listen, Zhou Luo, Endless Summer, Ji Feng, and the Mother of Bloodbath were influenced by Lin Yuan’s overwhelming viciousness, and their expressions reflected as so.

It was fine for the humans to have menacing auras, but the Mother of Bloodbath was a Myth Breed fey while Endless Summer was a Creation Breed fey.

Since the Mother of Bloodbath was a bird-catching spider and birds were its fundamental source of sustenance, the small and timid Snow-Necked White Egret almost lost all its strength and would have tumbled down from the air.

Ji Feng noticed that the Snow-Necked White Egret would soon be unable to take the Mother of Bloodbath and Endless Summer’s auras, so he released the Karma Sword Lily and Prior Decree Sleeping Lotus’ auras to shelter the Snow-Necked White Egret.

In the distance, Lin Yuan spotted the Radiance Palace, where the Allstar Match had been held.

A giant pagoda stood to the north of the Radiance Palace.

An ocean of blood had been spilled on the grounds of the pagoda.


The tower jutted up into the sky like a sword, brimming with the bravery of battle. The tower was also damaged in places, proof of the sacrifice and blood that had been laid down during battles.

Red gems of various sizes were embedded all over the top of the pagoda. They represented the glory behind the bloodshed.

When they moved nearer, Lin Yuan saw totem stone columns lining the bottom of the pagoda. There had to be more than 100 stone columns.

These stone columns surrounded the pagoda and formed a grand dueling ground.

Lin Yuan realized that the pagoda was about as high as the height that the Snow-Necked White Egret was flying at, and its tip almost pierced the clouds.

Upon closer inspection, the stone columns that seemed small from up in the air were actually about 180 meters tall.

The stone columns were also thick enough that not even 100 people would be able to wrap their arms around one collectively.

Lin Yuan was stunned when he studied the totems on the stone columns.

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