Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1116 - Blue Clouds and Departure

Chapter 1116 Blue Clouds and Departure

“I can also occasionally eat the flesh of Class 5 dimensional lifeforms. Hehe, Yuan. Now that my digestive and consumption abilities are improved, I can even consume metal-type spiritual ingredients and gain their characteristics. These characteristics will present themselves in the Sea of Flowers.”

Lin Yuan’s eyes flashed, and he took out the ferromanganese the Source Sand had regurgitated.

He placed a portion of it in the Mouth of Relinquish. Soon, Lin Yuan noticed that the Mouth of Relinquish’s digestive fluids had completely dissolved the ferromanganese. Lin Yuan could not help but be amazed at the Mouth of Relinquish’s digestive ability.

He gave the Platinum fey storage box full of ferromanganese to Red Thorn and said, “Red Thorn, eat as much ferromanganese as you like. The metal properties in the ferromanganese will not only make the predatory vines stronger, but it’ll also increase their ability to strip flesh from a target.”

Red Thorn happily accepted the Platinum fey storage box.

It was a complete glutton, and it was happy as long as it was munching on something.

Red Thorn flew up and kissed Lin Yuan’s cheek as it said with innocent eyes, “Yuan, the improvement in digestive ability allows me to gain even more attributes from dimensional lifeform flesh. Consuming the flesh of different dimensional lifeforms will allow the digestive fluids produced by the Tongue of Relinquish to evolve quickly. I won’t be as picky as I was before. I want to eat everything.”

Red Thorn smacked its mouth and continued. “Of course, I’ll be even happier if I get to eat more abyss demons! Abyss demon flesh is the firmest amongst all the dimensional lifeforms, and their blood has decaying properties. After I consume them, I’ll be able to do more damage to plant-type feys. The decaying properties will make it easier for me to digest metal-type spiritual ingredients as well.”

Lin Yuan’s eyebrow twitched. How could it say it was not picky then move on to request abyss demons as its meal?

However, it would not be a difficult matter to obtain abyss demon flesh for Red Thorn.

A Class 6 abyss dimensional rift had opened in the Radiance Federation, and abyss demon flesh would soon be available in abundance.

After remaining in the Spirit Lock spatial zone for a while, Lin Yuan hugged Genius to sleep.

His sleep was dreamless, and he woke up before the sun rose.

He thought, If I sleep too early and too deeply, I end up waking too early too.

Since the sun had not risen, Lin Yuan flipped through Zheng Kaiyan’s profile that Wen Yu had prepared for him.

As he read the profile, Lin Yuan felt that it was not an impressive feat to be part of a veteran faction.

He had come from nothing and would face many obstacles if he tried to shoot for success.


However, he would also be free of the burdens of his family and any possible hidden enemies.

Zheng Kaiyan was always intelligent. However, he did not have a say and was sentenced by his family to become a useless person.

It was no wonder that he was even willing to sell out his family for the sake of making a comeback.

Lin Yuan was engrossed in reading Zheng Kaiyan’s profile when someone knocked on his door.

He looked up and saw that the sky was turning bright.

He stood up and tossed Zheng Kaiyan’s profile as he thought, Zheng Kaiyan is useful but he can’t be used too much. His character and experiences have shaped him into the cruel person he is today. If I use him too much, he might do something unsavory even if he swears his loyalty on a Willpower Rune. Thus, it will already be pushing it if I leave him to control the Zheng family’s territory.

Lin Yuan had many things to worry about and did not want to spend too much effort on Zheng Kaiyan.

After reading the profile, Lin Yuan knew what he would do with Zheng Kaiyan from now on.

However, it would be up to Zheng Kaiyan if he was worthy of such treatment.

Lin Yuan opened the door to his room and saw Wen Yu carrying two sets of spirit qi clothes for him.

She smiled and said, “Young Master, Pinru and I decided on the style of the Sky City uniform last night. We rushed it out alongside the Invisible Demon. Both of you can try it on together!”

Wen Yu handed the Sky City uniforms to Lin Yuan and closed the door.

Lin Yuan rubbed his head.

Nonetheless, it would be best for everyone to wear the Sky City uniform during the blood pact ultimate fight.

Wen Yu had consulted him about the design of the Sky City uniform, and he had casually mentioned the red clouds clothes that he had read about in a manga in his previous life.

The Sky City uniform that Wen Yu and Lu Pinru designed was completely white with blue clouds embroidered on it.

The design was flowy, and it easily reached the floor. The wide sleeves also completely covered the wearer’s arm. The collar was stiff and reached the wearer’s nose.

Sky City’s mask would leave the mouth and chin uncovered.

This uniform was just right to cover the exposed part of the face.

It was only when the collar moved that the wearer’s chin would peek out slightly.

Although the uniform looked large, Wen Yu and Lu Pinru had tailored it to each person’s body.

The cutting of the waist and shoulder curved elegantly.

This uniform accentuated Lin Yuan’s beauty well.

Lin Yuan realized that his uniform was very different from the Invisible Demon’s uniform.

There was also golden thread embroidered around the blue clouds.

Lin Yuan had not intended on being too persnickety with the uniform like he had been with the standard mask.

But the golden thread that Wen Yu had used made the clouds appear as though they were actually drifting when the sun shone down on it.

Lin Yuan called out to the Invisible Demon and gave it its uniform.

Both Lin Yuan and the Invisible Demon put on their uniforms and masks.

Lin Yuan took a good look at the Invisible Demon before he looked at himself in the mirror.

He felt that this uniform was much better than the clothes he had read about in the manga. The blue clouds did not clash with the subdued background color as the red clouds would have.

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