Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 12: Irascible Teacher Bao

Chapter 12: Irascible Teacher Bao

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That night, Lin Yuan slept well with Genius and Chimey snuggling close to him. Even in their sleep, they continued to absorb the spirit qi that he was emitting.

Lin Yuan woke up to his morning routine and exercised for one hour before opening the store at 7 a.m. Soon enough, all the Elite Usneas were sold out.

The supply of nutritious food, such as Usneas, for herbivorous feys was always lower than the demand. In addition, Lin Yuan’s Usneas were in great condition, and their prices were affordable.

Lin Yuan had even successfully managed to sell a pot of Elite Jasmine Lily, earning a total of 5,500 Federation dollars, while selling the Usneas.

Lin Yuan earned an amount that was more than what he would make during an average month in just one morning!

Without including the Usneas, just that one pot of Jasmine Lily earned him more than what he had made last month. Thus, Lin Yuan was delighted.

When Lin Yuan was about to purchase more goods from the fey marketplace, his mobile phone rang. It was an unknown number.

The moment Lin Yuan answered the call, an anxious and furious voice resounded.

“Are you Chu Ci’s guardian!?”

Lin Yuan immediately replied after hearing the question, “I am. Did something happen to Chu Ci in school? And you are?”

That person was extremely impolite and started showering him with criticisms.

“Who am I? I am Chu Ci’s homeroom teacher, Teacher Bao! What kind of guardian are you? During the fey contract class, Chu Ci actually contracted a Gray Beetle and even suffered a backlash!

“As a guardian, don’t you know that you should provide a better fey for your kin!? What piece of trash is the Gray Beetle? Don’t you know that you are wasting Chu Ci’s exceptional talent!?”

Under normal circumstances, teachers would be very polite when communicating with parents. However, this Teacher Bao was outraged.

When Lin Yuan heard what Teacher Bao said, cold sweat instantly drenched his back and clothes.

How could Lin Yuan not be aware of Gray Beetles? They were Normal feys that could be bought for 200 Federation dollars. Due to Gray Beetle’s aggressive nature, it would be in an aggressive state during the contracting process, and the contractor would suffer a backlash.

At the same time, the Gray Beetle’s excavating ability was utterly useless as it was of no help to a combat occupation.

Gray Beetles preferred environments that were dark and moist, while their main diet was rotting flesh. Due to their habits and preferences, the Gray Beetle ranked number one as the fey that no one was willing to form a contract with.

Presently, Gray Beetles were mostly used as food for high-grade carnivorous feys.

Lin Yuan’s voice was unstable as he asked Teacher Bao, “Teacher Bao, is Chu Ci okay now?!” He was gripping the mobile phone so tightly that the veins in his hands were popping out.

The other end of the phone call transmitted a very dissatisfied voice. “Due to the timely rescue in class, she only suffered a minor mental backlash and is unconscious. It is fortunate that she didn’t manage to form a contract with the Gray Beetle.

“Chu Ci has the best talent among all the students that I have taught. Her compatibility range is toward all defensive-type feys. Her aptitude is very rare, even in the entire Redbud City.

“If she is properly nurtured, she might even have the chance to strive and enter the federation’s Hundred Sequence. This is the kind of talent that guardians like you should pay more attention to.”

Teacher Bao might be angry while speaking, but he didn’t forget about his job responsibility and preached about education ideals.

Upon hearing that Chu Ci was fine, Lin Yuan heaved a sigh of relief and quickly asked, “Teacher Bao, is Chu Ci still unconscious? I will come right now!”

Teacher Bao immediately instructed, “If you come, then you’d better have with you an outstanding Elite fey for Chu Ci. Otherwise, it will really be wasting her talents.”

A spirit qi professional’s talent was referring to the compatibility between the spirit qi professional and the feys. It was also known as the compatibility range.

There were spirit qi professionals who might be compatible with support-type feys, but when trying to connect with support-type feys, they might only be compatible with snake-species feys. Therefore, they could only form contracts with snake support-type feys.

As a result, the compatibility range would shrink significantly. A spirit qi professional could only form contracts with around three to five feys. However, due to compatibility, it would be difficult to find three feys that fit the criteria.

This referred to individuals with average talent. It was possible for people with poor talent—compatible with snake support-type feys—to have an additional compatibility condition, that being venomous snakes. This would definitely shrink the compatibility range down even more.

If the search for compatible feys was already so difficult, there wasn’t a need to even discuss contracting more feys to form one’s combat system.

For a combat-class spirit qi professional, the combination of feys was crucial.

Spirit qi professionals fought using the combinations and pairings with many types of feys to produce a complementing effect. Thus, the wider the compatibility range, the easier it was to form combinations.

In fact, some individuals would only nurture one of the feys with the majority of the resources, while the other feys were used to enhance this main fey.

This was one of the federation’s effective methods to save on resources, and it was a strategy to funnel resources to the main fey.

Given all these factors, it was evident how talented Chu Ci was.

Lin Yuan replied, “Teacher, don’t worry. I’ll visit the school tomorrow and bring a fey for Chu Chi.”

Although Lin Yuan was angry at Chu Ci in his heart, he could also understand her thoughts. Soon, his anger turned into heartache.

It was good that he would visit her this time. Lin Yuan would show her that he could now absorb spiritual power and prove that his body condition was much better than before. This would allow Chu Ci to feel more at ease.

Lin Yuan’s great attitude reduced Teacher Bao’s anger significantly. However, he still reminded, “It is best to bring an Elite fey.”

Subsequently, the phone call ended.

Teacher Bao let out a long sigh in the office after he hung up the phone.

He might have only taught Chu Ci for two weeks, but Chu Ci’s serious attitude in studies had moved him. A teacher would always prefer diligent students, and because of her potential, it led Teacher Bao to give more preference to Chu Ci.

As a teacher, he knew a little about his student’s family background. Teacher Bao had heard that Chu Ci’s family wasn’t well-off, so he wasn’t expecting Lin Yuan to bring over an Elite fey.

Teacher Bao touched his salary card in his pocket and gritted his teeth.

If Chu Ci’s guardian bring a Normal fey, I will fork out from my own pocket to purchase an Elite fey for her. I cannot allow Chu Ci’s incredible talent to be wasted like this.

Lin Yuan stayed silent for a very long time after ending the phone call. He only snapped back to his senses when Genius called out to him.

Upon looking at the three remaining pots of Elite Jasmine Lilies, one pot of Elite Usnea, and 20+ pots of Normal Usneas, Lin Yuan immediately dismissed the plan to visit the fey marketplace.

He immediately closed the store.

Lin Yuan intended to work overnight to evolve all these Normal Usneas to Elite ones. He was planning to sell all of them in the fey marketplace tomorrow, in exchange for a top-notch Elite defense-type fey for his younger sister.

Lin Yuan worked hard for an entire night to channel the spirit qi to 20+ pots of Normal Usneas. Although he felt fatigued and exhausted, he didn’t rest for a moment. In the end, he evolved all of them into elite-grade. Yet again, Lin Yuan felt the accumulated spiritual power in his body getting strengthened.


It was daylight outside the window—over 20 hours had passed, and it was already the next day!

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