Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 13: Master, You Are Incredible

Chapter 13: Master, You Are Incredible

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After not sleeping for an entire night, Lin Yuan felt he had returned to the time when he couldn’t sense the spirit qi and when his spiritual energy was still in a frail state.

Lin Yuan shook his head, feeling that this frail state was very familiar, but he didn’t have the time to rest now.

Lin Yuan ran upstairs and opened a wooden box that was rather old. It contained plenty of plain and simple youth clothes. The denim clothes on the top of the clothing pile had a blue color that had already faded.

Lin Yuan took out all the clothes, and a card appeared at the bottom of the box. It was a Star Web Card.

The Radiance Federation would only issue one Star Web Card for each citizen. It was a genuine smart card, and it included the function of a bank card.

This little card contained all of Lin Yuan’s wealth, and when adding yesterday’s profit, he had close to 20,000 Federation dollars.

Genius was crouching obediently at the side of the bed and meowed to Lin Yuan before saying, “Yuan, it will probably rain later. Let me accompany you!”

Lin Yuan rubbed Genius’ head and pointed at the bed where Chimey was still snoring away. “Genius, you and Chimey have accompanied me for an entire night. You should also have a rest. A Genius that rests obediently is a good Genius.”

Genius immediately let out a purr, lay beside Chimey, and said to Lin Yuan, “Genius is a good Genius.”

Lin Yuan took the umbrella and locked the store properly before heading toward the fey marketplace.

The weather was already stiflingly hot, so the sparkling drizzle’s addition made the atmosphere abnormally humid. Redbud City’s residents were already familiar with such weather.

The fey marketplace wasn’t close to Lin Yuan’s home and was around a seven-kilometer journey away.

During normal times, Lin Yuan would walk there to purchase new goods. Given Lin Yuan’s previous body condition, he would need to walk at least for two hours to travel seven kilometers. However, Lin Yuan didn’t have that much time.

He had already promised the teacher that he would deliver a fey to the school for Chu Ci to form a contract. Furthermore, Lin Yuan was worried about Chu Ci’s safety. If he didn’t have to prepare the fey, he would have already visited Chu Ci.

After walking to a transportation station that wasn’t far away, Lin Yuan used the Star Web Card to register and arranged for a Thick-Hoofed Donkey Car.

The Thick-Hoofed Donkey was a Normal fey. Due to its fast walking speed, it was available as the cheapest form of public transportation that was commonly used and found in every corner of the Radiance Federation. A century after the Spirit Qi Awakening, various feys had already evolved to replace the majority of the steel machines.

However, it didn’t stop the Radiance Federation from advancing their technology. On the contrary, after the Spirit Qi Awakening, humanity’s technology had advanced greatly, and the Star Web was the best proof.

Lin Yuan was seated in the Thick-Hoofed Donkey Car. The breeze that accompanied the galloping Thick-Hoofed Donkey invigorated Lin Yuan, making him comfortable from time to time.

Ever since Lin Yuan had boarded the vehicle, the driver had constantly been looking at Lin Yuan. Upon seeing that Lin Yuan had already noticed him, the driver gave a friendly greeting. “Young Brother, are you going to purchase a fey at the marketplace? I have already taken plenty of trips to the marketplace today.”

Lin Yuan let out a smile when the driver started conversing with him.

“That’s right, Master1. I am going to the marketplace to take a look. Why have you taken so many trips to the marketplace?”

Lin Yuan was only casually asking to carry on the topic with the driver.

It felt as though the driver was waiting for Lin Yuan to ask this question and started to speak nonstop.

“This is definitely not a coincidence. It is because there is an additional shipment to the marketplace today.”

Upon seeing how the driver was acting mysteriously, Lin Yuan felt curious too. Drivers who were fetching plenty of customers on a daily basis would always have first-hand information.

The driver was also a forthright person and didn’t try to be suspenseful. He immediately started talking. “Young Brother, have you read the news during these two days? Do you know that a dimensional rift opened around 15 kilometers away from our Xia Region’s outskirts?”

Lin Yuan didn’t expect the topic on the marketplace to be related to the dimensional rift in the outskirts.

However, whenever there was a dimensional rift, it was a major event for the Radiance Federation. Dimensional rifts would be connected with another dimension plane. Take this dimensional rift, for example. It was actually connected to a plane that was filled with alien insects.

Redbud City had immediately mobilized the Redbud Guards and sent them to the outskirts.

The Redbud Guards had spent two entire days to wipe out the alien insects that rushed out from the dimensional rift and controlled the situation.

The news outlets had constantly been reporting on this incident. It was said that the Redbud Guards had left three platoons at the vicinity of the dimensional rift to stand guard.

After looking at Lin Yuan’s expression, the driver understood that Lin Yuan knew of this matter, and it instantly sparked his desire to continue speaking.

“The dimensional rift this time didn’t show any prior indications, and it just happened to open nearby a small-scaled fey breeding base. As a result, when the alien insects invaded, the breeding base was devastated. I heard that only a few of the staff members managed to escape. When the rescue team arrived, there were only a few feys that were still intact. However, some feys were severely injured and not dead yet. As such, the staff members that escaped set up a stall in the marketplace to sell off the injured and crippled feys.”

Lin Yuan’s eyes lit up after hearing that. Severely injured and crippled feys would definitely not be too expensive, and there might be a chance to pick up a great fey.

“Master, then can you bring me to the nearest crossing to that stall? I will alight from there and take a look too.”

The driver chuckled and said, “Alright, Young Brother! However, I heard from others that those feys’ injuries are so severe that they damaged their roots. Healers do not have the ability to heal the roots. In order to heal those severely injured feys, you will have to go look for Creation Masters.”

After speaking, the driver let out a sigh.

“The fees required to look for a Creation Master for treatment is probably enough to purchase a brand new fey.” Lin Yuan cracked a rare joke as he had already recovered and was in a much better mood.

“Beast is sliced, the pot is spiced, the entire village waits in delight. If it truly can’t be treated, let it become marinated.”

Lin Yuan was only joking and didn’t expect the driver to actually follow up.

“Dish is served, the stomachs are starved, all the villagers are no longer reserved.

“Yesterday, I picked up a cheap Elite Blunt Armor Pig from that stall, and it is now hung up by my wife to become preserved meat.”

When seeing the proud expression on the driver’s face, Lin Yuan couldn’t help but give a thumbs up and reveal his white teeth. “Master, you are incredible!”

After alighting at the marketplace, Lin Yuan could feel that it was significantly more crowded than normal.

Each of the stalls was filled with all sorts of feys, but they had a variety of feys that wouldn’t exceed five species. Furthermore, the species would be entirely different from the stall at the side. This was obviously an agreement between the stalls to prevent any malicious contest.

The feys’ prices would fluctuate, but not too much. Presently, the Normal Jasmine Lilies on the stall were being sold for 450 Federation dollars, and they were 50 Federation dollars more expensive than when Lin Yuan had bought them previously.

A single pot of Usnea cost 200 Federation dollars, and a Normal Usnea would be sold for 1,600 Federation dollars. Elite Usneas were much more expensive than Elite Jasmine Lilies and had a price of 14,000 Federation dollars.

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