Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1589 - Talk to You as a Disciple of a Member of Royalty

Chapter 1589: Talk to You as a Disciple of a Member of Royalty

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Lin Yuan took out a large brocade box and gave it to Yin Lin. He did not tell her what was inside the brocade box.

He reached out and received the spatial skein from Yin Lin.

The spatial skein and fey storage box had the same functions, but the spatial skein could not preserve its contents as well as the fey storage box.

If something dead was placed inside the spatial skein, it would decompose quickly.

However, there was an advantage to the spatial skein, which was that top-grade spatial skeins were larger than Diamond fey storage boxes. Moreover, they could connect with the exterior environment.


It could be said that the spatial skein could perfectly replace the Seven States of Darkness’ disk-shaped spatial equipment.

Lin Yuan planned on asking for a few spatial skeins from Yin Lin.

As the Spirit Lock spatial zone evolved, the spirit pool’s ability to break down energy ores had also improved.

If the golden discs were used to contain high-grade energy ores, Lin Yuan would have to refill them in a month’s time.

The spatial skein did not take up as much space as the golden disc.

Lin Yuan could fill up a few spatial skeins with energy ores, so he would not have to worry about there being insufficient energy ores for a few months.

This would save Lin Yuan a lot of effort.

When Lin Yuan received the spatial skein, Yin Lin’s face immediately broke into a smile.

Yin Lin did not stand on ceremony and opened the brocade box in front of Lin Yuan.

She was stunned by the light that came from the contents of the brocade box.

Watery-blue light poured out from inside the box.

In an instant, the interior of the fey carriage was illuminated blue.

Small light blue pearls shone with a light as though one was gazing at an ending from afar.

This feeling reminded Yin Lin of how she felt when she first laid eyes on him.

Blood New Moon had been keeping himself hidden.

After Lin Yuan returned to the fey carriage, Blood New Moon climbed into Lin Yuan’s hair.

Blood New Moon was shocked by the thousands of water-type Over the Rail Coral elemental pearls inside the brocade box.

He was surprised by the Moon Empress’ Creation Master level and Lin Yuan’s haughtiness.

He was giving away such a treasure so casually.

Although six top-grade strange water was rare, any powerful force would be able to obtain them from Class 5 water world dimensional rifts.

However, even the Moon Empress would take some time and effort to produce thousands of Over the Rail Coral elemental pearls.

Yin Lin knew how precious this box of heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls was.

The higher the purity of the heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls, the more valuable they would become.

With the outer layers, the heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls would double in value.

The different classes of outer layers were Cloud Dream Lake, Defined Life, Over the Rail Coral, and Heavenly Maiden Sleet.

Heavenly Maiden Sleet elemental pearls were the stuff of legend.

Over the Rail Coral elemental pearls were considered the elemental pearls with the highest purity.

Yin Lin dared not accept this box.

Although she was an Azure Envoy, she still felt that the contents of the brocade box were too precious.

Normally, it would take one-third of the contents in the brocade box to trade for six types of top-grade strange water.

When Lin Yuan saw that Yin Lin was about to turn him down, he said, “Accept these heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls. Truthfully, the Firefly Demon Fetus is very useful for one of my friends. The 12 Firefly Demon Fetuses will be able to change his life. Let me thank you on his behalf.”

Yin Lin hastily waved her hands dismissively and said, “Leo, I should be the one thanking you! I brought up the Firefly Demon Fetus to warn you that the envoy group from the Freedom Federation is definitely planning something big for this trip to the Radiance Federation. Since it will be useful to your friend, I will give all of them to you. However, nothing can be said for certain about it. You have to proceed with care and caution!”

Yin Lin’s hand shook, and 12 mustard-colored fireflies appeared in her hand.

The 12 mustard-colored fireflies looked extremely plain.

If one of them fell to the ground, it would not catch anyone’s eye.

Lin Yuan received the Firefly Demon Fetuses and carefully stored them inside a wooden box that he placed inside the amber-button-shaped Diamond fey storage box.

Blood New Moon had not left the fey carriage. As such, he did not know that Yin Lin and Lin Yuan were well-acquainted.

But now, seeing the way Yin Lin looked at Lin Yuan and the way they interacted, Blood New Moon became anxious.

Lin Yuan, how can you look so appealing? You invited an Azure Envoy into your fey carriage the moment you met. You’re so extravagant too! You just gave out 1,000 Over the Rail elemental pearls so easily.

Blue Lotus will probably start drooling on the spot if she’s here. Yin Lin is not alone. Even my silly daughter can’t resist Lin Yuan’s appearance, aura, and generosity. Blood Love is already loving unrequitedly. Now that she has a rival, it looks like she won’t stand a chance if she doesn’t step up.

Blood New Moon became more and more worried, but there was nothing he could do about such a situation.

He could not drag Lin Yuan away and tell him that the Mother of Bloodbath was in love with him and that he should try and accept her feelings.

Now that Lin Yuan had the Firefly Demon Fetuses, he readied himself to give Liu Jie a call when he returned to the Return from Faraway Mansion.

The Radiance Hundred Sequence selection was only five days away, and this was enough time for the Firefly Demon Fetuses to become useful.

After the trade, Lin Yuan decided to have a talk with Yin Lin.

He had invited her into his fey carriage not just to trade resources because he could have done that at the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce.

“Yin Lin, I want to discuss a collaboration with you. But you have to be aware that I’m not doing it as Leo but as the disciple of one of the Radiance Federation’s members of royalty.”

Although Yin Lin saw Lin Yuan as her savior, she was an Azure Envoy and carried all the responsibilities that came with the role.

Since Lin Yuan had said that so formally, Yin Lin no longer took the stance of a member of the Astronomical Parliament but an Azure Envoy.

Yin Lin said seriously, “Lin Yuan, go ahead. If you’re speaking as Leo, I will help you unconditionally. But if you’re trying to collaborate on behalf of the Radiance Federation, I need to make sure that the Azure Federation’s benefits will be protected.”

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