Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1590 - Double-Win Collaboration

Chapter 1590: Double-Win Collaboration

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Lin Yuan raised an eyebrow.

He really liked Yin Lin’s current attitude. She was very capable of separating personal from business, and this made it easier for Lin Yuan to discuss their collaboration.

This collaboration was too important. As long as she could maintain this attitude and not bring in any other emotions, he would be able to go through with the discussions without any worries.

“Of course! Since we’re discussing a collaboration, the final result has to benefit both sides!”

Lin Yuan’s words made Yin Lin smile even wider.


But at the same time, she started looking at him in a different light again.

Yin Lin had been afraid that Lin Yuan would use his identity as Leo to discuss collaborations between the Radiance Federation and Azure Federation.

She was personally willing to help him unconditionally to repay him.

However, she was still an Azure Envoy and had all the responsibilities of the Azure Federation’s glory on her back.

If this matter went beyond her individual and family’s ability and would require the strength of the Azure Federation, it would put her in a difficult position.

If she used the Azure Federation’s power to help Lin Yuan, she would be failing her responsibility as an Azure Envoy and contaminating the Azure Federation’s glory.

It might even result in her family becoming humiliated and shunned in the Azure Federation.

From what Lin Yuan said, Yin Lin could sense his graciousness and attitude toward how he handled his affairs.

She already felt affectionate and reliant on him.

But now, she was suddenly struggling to tear her eyes away from him.

She forcibly composed herself to avoid Lin Yuan’s gaze and said, “If we can achieve a mutually beneficial collaboration, I can make a decision on behalf of the Azure Federation’s envoy group to agree to your offer.”

Lin Yuan’s eyebrow twitched.

Yin Lin knew what Lin Yuan was about to ask. Thus, he did not bother to waste any more time and immediately brought up the main topic.

Yin Lin was also indicating to him that she called the shots in the envoy group and that her wishes represented theirs.

However, she was only able to represent them and not the entire Azure Federation.

Nonetheless, Azure Envoys held absolute power in the Azure Federation.

However, the Azure Federation was controlled by the 12 aristocratic families. Each head of a family could be seen as a member of royalty.

Hence, Yin Lin, who had only just become an Azure Envoy, had not yet participated in the Major Federation Meeting.

She had not made any accomplishments yet.

As such, she could only give suggestions regarding important decisions involving the Radiance Federation and Freedom Federation.

Lin Yuan did not immediately mention his goal. Instead, he said, “Although you rejected the offer of an alliance from the Freedom Federation’s envoy group without even going into a detailed discussion with them, I’m sure you know what their goal is.”

Yin Lin nodded without hesitation.

The Freedom Federation could not make any big waves yet.

They would not dare to release the Firefly Demon Fetuses into the Radiance Federation because if they did, the Radiance Federation would immediately investigate the situation and link it to the Firefly Fantasy Earthworm disaster that took place in the Freedom Federation.

This would only cause the royalty from the Radiance Federation to seek revenge on the Freedom Federation.

Suppose the Radiance Federation’s royalty was angered. In that case, they might not be able to put a stop to the disaster, but they would be able to use their 10 Stars sacred source lifeforms to activate celestial phenomena to attack the Freedom Federation.

Every member of royalty of the Freedom Federation was solely concerned with their own benefits.

The Radiance Federation’s retaliation would cut into these benefits, and none of them would want this to happen.

But even if they could not make big waves, they could still unleash deadly attacks during the friendly spars at the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection.

Yin Lin had received secret information that besides there being one Freedom Envoy amongst the members of the Freedom Federation’s envoy group, there were also three new members of the Freedom Hundred Sequence who were also favored by the Freedom Federation’s members of royalty.

The Freedom Federation had not chosen their newest batch of Freedom Envoys. They did not add new members at any time like the Azure Federation did.

The three of them would definitely become part of the new batch of Freedom Envoys.

After contemplating for a moment, Yin Lin decided to tell this secret information to Lin Yuan.

When she found out how old Lin Yuan was, she felt that he was either participating in the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection or was going to spectate as a disciple of a member of royalty.

Given that three top young experts from the Freedom Federation had come, the Freedom Federation was definitely up to more than just attacking the ten new members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence.

Their real goal had to be to lure the members of royalty’s disciples into battle.

Only the deaths of the disciples of the members of royalty who were the true cream of the crop of the Radiance Federation would be worth sending out three of the Freedom Federation’s potential Freedom Envoys.

Suppose they killed one of the disciples in such a public setting. In that case, the Radiance Federation’s members of royalty could not jump into action immediately to protect the pride and reputation of the Freedom Federation.

They also had to protect the safety of the Freedom Federation’s envoy groups while they were in the Radiance Federation because if they were hurt due to an accidental kill, no envoy groups would be willing to visit the Radiance Federation in the future.

If Yin Lin could find out about Lin Yuan becoming champion of the Martial Arts Stage, so could the Freedom Federation’s envoy group.

Thus, as the top member of the Radiance Federation’s younger generation, it was natural that he would become the one that the Freedom Federation’s envoy group would aim to kill.

The Freedom Federation and Radiance Federation had a two-year agreement, and the stakes were much too high.

The Freedom Federation could not afford to lose one of their pathways to becoming a Class 5 Creation Master, and the Radiance Federation was unwilling to help set up Star Web within the Freedom Federation.

In such a circumstance, deteriorating the power and quantity of their top young experts would undoubtedly be the best way to deliver a serious blow.

Hence, they needed to do this.

Lin Yuan was definitely going to become the Freedom Federation envoy group’s target.

Yin Lin had a personal motive for telling Lin Yuan this piece of information.

She wanted him to be prepared. This was the only reason she would tell him such a secretive piece of information.

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