Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1600 - Auntie Sacred Tears, it Will be Up to You!

Chapter 1600: Auntie Sacred Tears, it Will be Up to You!

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The Moon Empress did not make this decision just because she was afraid that something out of the ordinary would take place in the Freedom Federation.

She had not used Forage Moon’s ability in a long time. Or rather, no one who saw her use it had lived to tell the tale.

Hence, even if the Freedom Federation truly realized that the moon in the marsh world had disappeared, they would not link the incident to the Moon Empress.

As the Radiance Federation explored the Class 6 abyss dimensional rift, the Moon Empress discovered that there were also clear ranks in the dimensional world.

However, these ranks were special and dependent on worship.


Apostles were above dimensional lifeforms, and Dictators were above Apostles.

This distinct ranking made everything that took place in the dimensional worlds seem organized.

Apostles and Dictators were no different in terms of power from Eternal feys.

Moreover, the Moon Empress believed that there had to be an even more powerful rank than Dictator in the dimensional worlds.

Thus, it would be possible for these powerful lifeforms to trigger the power of celestial phenomena.

The Moon Empress had said what she said and decided to leave the Sacred Cry Moon Beast in the marsh world because she wanted to give Lin Yuan a safety net.

There were many experts in the dimensional worlds, and she had to look out for her disciple.

With the Sacred Cry Moon Beast around, it would be able to protect Lin Yuan even from lifeforms that were more powerful than it.

The world was currently in the midst of messy change. It was very likely that members of Tower Canon would appear at the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection.

In the past, the Moon Empress would not have left such a powerful combat power like the Sacred Cry Moon Beast in the dimensional world because she had to look out for the Radiance Federation.

But now, she and Zixi had taken that step.

The Sacred Cry Moon Beast used to be extremely useful to her, but it was no longer as necessary.

While the Moon Empress was talking, a large white wolf appeared next to her.

The giant wolf recalled its aura and was less than three meters long.

From every angle, it had a sacred and majestic aura about it.

There was a long tearstain below its eye that extended to the corner of its mouth.

The tearstain shimmered blue.

Lin Yuan knew that this white wolf had to be the Sacred Cry Moon Beast that had chosen to follow his master.

Lin Yuan instinctively used True Data to check on it and realized that everything was question marks besides its name.

Morbius’ voice appeared in Lin Yuan’s head, “Partner, this Heavenly Family Fey only just broke through to Eternal. It’s still unable to condense its birth horoscope. If you want to check its data, I can use some of the energy of my roots to exceed grades.”

Lin Yuan hurriedly said to Morbius, “You don’t have to use the energy in your roots.”

Morbius would go to sleep if it used too much energy from its roots.

It had already used some of the energy of its roots when it helped Genius to evolve its bloodline.

Unless the situation absolutely called for it, Lin Yuan did not want Morbius to use any more of the energy in its roots.

Although Lin Yuan had a very curious nature, he would not sacrifice his friend to satisfy his curiosity.

The Sacred Cry Moon Beast turned and changed into a tall young girl wearing a white fur cloak.

The fur on the cloak was as thick and voluminous as that of a wolf’s hide. This made the Sacred Cry Moon Beast’s face appear even smaller.

It bowed to the Moon Empress and said, “I shall do as you say!”

Sacred Cry looked at Lin Yuan and smiled gratefully.

It saw Lin Yuan as its savior.

Sacred Cry’s increase in power was completely owed to the pure spirit qi that Lin Yuan gave the Moon Empress. If not for the pure spirit qi, Sacred Cry would not have been able to make it this far. It could be said that its transformation was thanks to both Lin Yuan and the Moon Empress.

Additionally, Lin Yuan had saved the Mother of Bloodbath and helped it to unlock its Heavenly Family Fey bloodline.

When the Moon Empress saved the Mother of Bloodbath, she had not accepted Lin Yuan as her disciple, nor had she even had the idea of accepting a disciple yet.

Hence, she would not have thought about paving the way for her disciple.

Sacred Cry had been the one who begged the Moon Empress to save the Mother of Bloodbath.

Although Sacred Cry had left the Heavenly Fey Cottage because of its talent and how it wanted to seek out more opportunities for itself by following the Moon Empress, the Heavenly Family Cottage was still very important to it.

It did not have a softer spot for anyone than Jade Sundial, who had carried it back to the Heavenly Family Cottage and brought it up.

These few days, Blood New Moon, Blue Lotus, and White Phoenix had been meeting with Sacred Cry every day.

Sacred Cry found out from Blue Lotus that Lin Yuan had the ability to revive Jade Sundial’s soul.

When Sacred Cry learned about this, it became so excited that it asked White Phoenix to gather up a jug of tears.

Once Sacred Cry could no longer shed any more tears, White Phoenix told Sacred Cry about how there was a possibility that Lin Yuan would be able to bring Jade Sundial’s body back to life as well.

However, White Phoenix ended up collecting another two jugs of tears.

When Sacred Cry saw White Phoenix’s wry smile, it grabbed his clothes made out of fishnets in annoyance and poured its tears out of the three jugs and into White Phoenix’s mouth.

It was very aware that its tears contained light-type energy and vitality.

White Phoenix’s body contained night power and was incompatible with Sacred Cry’s energy.

The vitality in its tears would be significantly beneficial to White Phoenix, but the light-type energy would give him stomach discomfort.

By pouring the three jugs of tears down White Phoenix’s throat, White Phoenix ended up spending the next few days in the Return from Faraway Mansion’s bathroom. His digestive system was taking so much out of him that it left him as pale as a ghost.

Jade Sundial’s death had caused the cold and aloof Sacred Cry to lose the only pillar of support in its life.

It had been in the pits of despair then.

Now, it was infinitely grateful to Lin Yuan.

Sacred Cry said to Lin Yuan, “I will stay in the marsh world and become a temporary light green moon. If you need me, you can look to the moon and summon me.”

Lin Yuan nodded and replied, “Auntie Sacred Cry, it will be up to you!”

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