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Chapter 1601 - A Snake?

Chapter 1601: A Snake?

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Sacred Cry was stunned by the way Lin Yuan addressed it.

Although it had been alive for more than 1,000 years, it had the mentality of a child. Otherwise, it would not have done something like pouring its tears down White Phoenix’s throat.

When Sacred Cry saw the Mother of Bloodbath, the Mother of Bloodbath addressed it as ‘Senior Sacred Cry’.

However, Sacred Cry had not thought much of it at the time.

I’ve lived for so long while the Mother of Bloodbath only just started its life. I am indeed its senior.


Since Sacred Cry was a wolf, it had a faithful yet indifferent nature.

Although Jade Sundial had died, Sacred Cry did not transfer how it felt toward Jade Sundial to the Mother of Bloodbath.

Hence, Sacred Cry still had not fully acknowledged the Mother of Bloodbath.

But since Lin Yuan was able to revive Jade Sundial, Sacred Cry did acknowledge him.

In such a circumstance, Lin Yuan addressed it as ‘Auntie Sacred Cry’.

This made Sacred Cry feel very grown up!

It was well aware that the Moon Empress was leaving it in the marsh world because she wanted it to protect Lin Yuan.

Sacred Cry would not shirk this duty from a logical standpoint and because it was grateful toward him.

Sacred Cry decided that as long as Lin Yuan was in the marsh world, it would keep its gaze fully trained on him and do whatever it took to safeguard him.

The Moon Empress looked up and surveyed the light green moon in the sky before she said, “Little Yuan, I am going to swallow the moon! Feel free to do whatever you want. I will need about two hours.”

The moment she was done speaking, she lifted her hand, and a staff made of moonbeams appeared in her grip.

There were two gems, one white and one red on top of the staff.

Upon closer inspection, Lin Yuan realized that the two gems were two miniature moons.

It was likely that they were puppets of the moon from the main world and the moon from the abyssal world.

Clearly, the staff was not Forage Moon’s original appearance.

However, Forage Moon’s moon power was too concentrated that it covered the staff with a layer of moonbeams.

Given Lin Yuan’s current power, he could not break through the moonbeams layer to check for Forage Moon’s original appearance.

However, he could faintly sense that Forage Moon’s original body was not in the staff. Something else had curved himself into a staff.

This was because Lin Yuan noticed that the staff’s shape was changing slightly with every passing moment.

Soon, Lin Yuan watched as the Moon Empress raised the staff into the sky, and it immediately turned into a shroud of moonbeams that covered the light green moon in the sky.

This made the light green moon appear more blurry yet clear at the same time.

As Lin Yuan stared at the light green moon, he made out a twisting figure within.

A snake?

Lin Yuan felt that the figure seemed more and more like a snake.

He had learned about the formation of sacred source lifeforms from White Speak.

In order for a sacred source lifeform to consume celestial phenomena as sustenance, it had to be on a higher level than all the sacred source lifeforms that Lin Yuan was familiar with.

Since the Sacred Sword Wielding Queen was formed from two sacred source lifeforms, it was impossible to give it a ranking.

However, Lin Yuan felt that it had to be at a lower level than Forage Moon.

Lin Yuan had assumed that the Grace Queen had been formed from a dead Dictator’s totem.

This meant that Forage Moon was a Dictator that had entered the Turning Wheel Realm. Or rather, a sacred source lifeform transformed from a dimensional lifeform that was of a higher level than Dictator!

The Moon Empress had been lucky to catch a sacred source lifeform of this level from a Class 5 dimensional rift.

At that moment, the Moon Empress’ eyes were closed, and moon energy, spirit qi, and spiritual power were overflowing from her.

It was as though she had become one with the light green moon in the sky.

However, because of the screen that Sacred Cry put up, not even Lin Yuan nor the Medusa Snake Demons, who were not far off, could sense anything.

When he saw that the light green moon and the Moon Empress had fully fused together, Lin Yuan smiled brightly.

Lin Yuan did not think of the pure spirit qi that he gave the Moon Empress as a gift.

But this light green moon was definitely considered one.

The Class 6 dimensional rift that had opened in the Spirit Mother Federation was an alien insect dimensional rift.

Once Bu Po became the Spirit Mother’s disciple, it would be possible for him to enter the alien insect world with Lin Yuan’s help.

There was also a high chance of Lin Yuan gaining access to the water world through Yin Lin.

The subterranean world also had a black moon.

However, Lin Yuan still did not have access to that backward world.

Regardless, Lin Yuan now had a new goal of helping the Moon Empress’ staff gain the complete set of six moonstones.

He knew how much the Moon Empress spoiled him.

Previously, he had been powerless.

But now that he was capable, he was going to properly repay his master.

Night had fallen in the Radiance Federation’s Royal Capital.

The fiery clouds on the horizon were breathtaking but were such a common sight in the Royal Capital that its citizens were already used to it.

However, although the sun had not fully set, the sky had already darkened.

Black clouds gathered in an angry swirl as torrents of rain fell in a crashing waterfall onto the Royal Capital.

At that moment, toward the west of the imperial court inside the visitor’s lobby, a middle-aged man dressed in blue robes was listening to a report from an elderly man as he massaged his temples with his fingers.

A moment later, the elegant man wearing a blue robe raised his head and asked the elderly man suspiciously, “Are you saying that the fourth Azure Envoy Yin Lin already secretly met with the Moon Empress’ disciple Lin Yuan long ago and that they’ve developed feelings for each other?”

The elderly man nodded seriously.

But at the same time, a voice bellowed into his ears, “He Chuan! Do you think that I’m incapable of reprimanding others? You are not only making a mountain out of a molehill but might even be stirring trouble out of nothing and besmirching Lordess Yin Lin’s name! If news of this gets out, not only will Lordess Yin Lin have your head, but the Azure Cloud Leopard aristocratic family and the entire Azure Federation will destroy you!”

The elderly man’s eyes widened.

Making a mountain out of a molehill? Stirring trouble out of nothing? I saw it with my own eyes! You didn’t see how Lordess Yin Lin acted and the way she gazed at the Moon Empress’ disciple! Moreover, I only got to see what took place outside of the carriage. Who knows what happened inside the carriage?

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