Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 1602 - Envoy Group Trouble

Chapter 1602: Envoy Group Trouble

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The longer the elderly man thought about it, the more hurt he felt.

Lan Xun, you’re the one who asked me to stay by Lordess Yin Lin’s side. Am I not supposed to tell you about such a matter? You even brought up how Lordess Yin Lin will have my head, and the Azure Cloud Leopard family and Azure Federation will destroy me? What did I do? All I did was lay out the events that took place.

The elderly man shot a begrudged look at Lan Xun.

At the same time, he knew that Lan Xun had said that to remind him to filter his words.

The elderly man was not stupid.


He was a pinnacle Immortal expert who was only one step away from Eternal. As such, he knew his role well.

For the past decade, even before the next Azure Envoy had been confirmed, he had been Yin Lin’s Protector.

Nothing was more important for a girl than her virtue.

It would be fine if she fell in love with one of the elites in the Azure Federation. But the reality was that she was in love with the Moon Empress’ disciple!

Regardless of whether Lan Xun believed him, the elderly man was certain that Yin Lin was interested in the Moon Empress’ disciple. Otherwise, she would not have looked at him in such a way.

When he saw the way that the elderly man was looking at him bitterly, Lan Xun’s fist itched.

He waved his hand and said, “Elder Meng, you should return! Lordess Yin Lin is going to be locked away for a few days, and you should watch over her. I will take that group of brats with me to go on the tours.”

The elderly man pouted.

He had no choice but to do as Lan Xun said.

After he left, Lan Xun frowned.

He knew that although Elder Meng’s words were exaggerated, he would never stir trouble out of nothing and lie about Yin Lin.

It was very likely that he was speaking the truth.

Lan Xun was well aware of Yin Lin’s background.

He felt that there was no way that Yin Lin could have known Yin Lin for some time.

But why did she act so familiarly with Lin Yuan if this was the case? Could it be that Lin Yuan’s sacred source lifeform had the ability of allurement?


Yin Lin’s contraction of two sacred source lifeforms was a major secret of the Azure Federation.

With her second sacred source lifeform, no one in her generation would be able to control her.

The longer Lan Xun mulled over it, the more confused he became.

It was not like he could go and ask Yin Lin!

Yin Lin and the Moon Empress’ disciple had had a secret discussion.

Elder Meng had not sensed any spies from the Freedom Federation envoy group, so it was unlikely that they had gleaned any information.

What did the Moon Empress’ disciple invite Yin Lin into his fey carriage to talk about? There was no question that it was related to the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection.

When Lan Xun saw Yin Lin refuse to work with the Freedom Federation envoy group, he assumed that it was because Yin Lin did not want to get involved in the mess.

But now, it seemed that she had other intentions as well.

Was it possible that she had been leaning toward the Radiance Federation from the beginning?

The Azure Federation had always remained neutral and worked with both the Radiance Federation and Freedom Federation.

But once the Freedom Federation and Radiance Federation truly started crossing swords, it would be impossible for the Azure Federation to remain on the fence because the other two federations would force them to make a decision.

The 12 aristocratic families in the Azure Federation were split on which side they were going to take.

The goal of this trip to the Radiance Federation was to debut Yin Lin as the fourth Azure Envoy.

She was the leader of this envoy group.

Although Lan Xun was her teacher, he was only accompanying her on this trip.

Thus, no matter how Yin Lin felt or what decision she made, it would represent the will of the entire Azure Federation envoy group.

Lan Xun did not intend to think too much about it because all he needed to do was protect Yin Lin.

Lan Xun was very confident about being able to accomplish this.

After the Freedom Federation envoy group came to the Radiance Federation, they did not stay at the accommodation that the Radiance Federation had arranged for them.

Rather, they chose to stay at a villa at Flowing Rocks Mountain.

Evidently, the Freedom Federation never bothered to act like they trusted the Radiance Freedom Federation.

Although the Freedom Federation had come to the Radiance Federation with a special intention, they were also afraid that the Radiance Federation would tamper with the arranged accommodations.

A powerful shield had been set up in the villa at Flowing Rocks Mountain and locked in the entire mountain.

At present, the Freedom Federation envoy group was having a meeting.

Thanks to the shield, the contents of the meeting would not be leaked to outsiders.

As the official Freedom Envoy amongst the Freedom Federation envoy group, Qian Yu sat on the main seat.

Three elderly men were standing next to him.

You Changjian, Yan Ling, and Cai Huo sat around the table, and the rest of the Freedom Federation’s chosen members of the Freedom Hundred Sequence all held their breaths and lowered their heads.

The members of the Freedom Hundred Sequence did not have the right to participate in this meeting.

Yan Ling serenely said, “Big Brother Qian, I think you’re making a much bigger issue out of this than it actually is. How strong can the new members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence be? There’s no need for Chanjian and Ah Huo to join in. I will be able to handle it on my own.”

Qian Yu’s face fell, and he said to Yan Ling, “Yan Ling, if you continue to be so arrogant, I will report this to the members of royalty when we return. The three of you are aware of our purpose for coming here. Anyone out of the three of you will be enough if we’re just killing the ten new members of the Radiance Hundred Sequence.

“Besides the three of you, Yu Hairun might be a better choice. The three of you were sent out because your sacred source lifeforms can work together. Suppose your arrogance causes us to fail in our purpose and affects the members of royalty’s plan to attack the current Radiance Envoys. In that case, you will have to deal with the consequences when you return to the Freedom Federation.”

Yan Ling’s expression froze when she heard what Qian Yu said.

Although she still felt that she was strong enough on her own, she no longer dared to act in such a manner.

She was haughtier than You Changjian and Cai Huo because she was favored by three of the Freedom Federation’s royalty while Cai Huo and You Changjian were only favored by two.

However, she could not act in a truly superior way.

If she really flipped the table on their plan in the Radiance Federation, Qian Yu would report the chain of events to the royalty in the Freedom Mystic Temple.

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