Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 23: Willpower Runes

Chapter 23: Willpower Runes

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The Black-Winged Windfalcon wasn’t considered fast among the Bronze avian feys. However, it had a very flat back, and the feathers on its back were very thick.

Therefore, the Black-Winged Windfalcon was rather popular among the Bronze avian feys.

This trip’s travel fee was nearly half of the store’s normal revenue, 2,000 Federation dollars. If Lin Yuan weren’t in a hurry, he wouldn’t be willing to spend like this.

“Young lad, if you are used to the feeling of flying in the sky, I will let the Black-Winged Windfalcon fly a little higher. When at the altitude of the clouds, the air current is relatively calm, and the speed can be faster.”

The Black-Winged Windfalcon’s pilot knew that Lin Yuan was riding an avian fey for the first time and was nice enough not to let the Black-Winged Windfalcon travel in the high altitudes immediately.

The air in the high altitudes was thinner. Thus, those who had never ridden on avian feys before might suffer a temporary lack of oxygen due to the sudden change of altitude and faint.

Lin Yuan nodded and said, “Alright then! I am ready!”

Lin Yuan’s expression turned pale as he spoke. When looking at the ground, which was dozens of meters away, and the blurry figures of people in the street at night, Lin Yuan felt a little acrophobic. Fortunately, the acrophobic feeling wasn’t too intense, and he was able to endure it.

The pilot gave the command for the Black-Winged Windfalcon to ascend toward the clouds. When ascending, the Black-Winged Windfalcon erected the feathers on its back to help Lin Yuan block off the oncoming air currents.

Soon enough, the Black-Winged Windfalcon reached the level of the clouds and stabilized its flight.

The air above the clouds was indeed thinner, but it wasn’t scorching hot. When Lin Yuan inhaled the refreshing cold wind, he felt a sense of urgency due to the lack of oxygen that made his lungs tingle.

Lin Yuan circulated his spirit qi, and the sense of urgency quickly vanished. He looked around the surroundings and noticed bundles of clouds nearby that felt like they could be touched.

Lin Yuan reached out. It was unknown whether it was due to grabbing the clouds or feeling unsatisfied in the clouds, but Lin Yuan actually looked down and was surprised.

When riding in the clouds, the acrophobic feeling vanished and was replaced by extreme spaciousness and clarity.

The rivers looked like jade belts, while the mountains were vast and towering. At the places where the mountains intersected, they looked just like the land’s spine. They had been like this since the beginning of time and were like the land’s eternal veins and arteries.

At that moment, Lin Yuan could see a damaged mountain range from afar. A few months back, two Gold beasts had caused this scale of destruction.

The flames from the Gold fire-type fey had incinerated the plants on the mountain. After being scorched by the flames, this should be a barren mountain. However, after months of rain, there was now a thin layer of greenery.

Lin Yuan suddenly felt a surge of enlightenment in his heart.

Below the green mountain is Mother Earth...

Mother Earth bestowed vitality to the green mountain, while the green mountain returned the favor by providing lustrous greenery...

The green mountain is the manifestation of Mother Earth’s vitality, and it’s a type of vitality that even surging flames couldn’t eliminate...

Lin Yuan looked down at the green mountain and felt it was particularly clear in his eyes. It felt as though the green mountain’s willpower was like the chilling cold air in the high altitudes and was easily absorbed into Lin Yuan’s lungs.

In the depths of Lin Yuan’s mind, there was a sudden surge in spiritual energy, and a verdant mountain was erected in the spiritual world.

When Lin Yuan’s weak spiritual energy was fused into the mountain, the mountain instantly transformed into a green rune. The rune was filled with the veins of mountains and immense vitality.

As the rune danced around Lin Yuan’s spiritual energy, it felt as though it was nourishing Lin Yuan’s spiritual energy. Lin Yuan felt his mind in a state of clarity.

When looking back at the green mountain range, it was another scenery. Due to this clear and sudden understanding of the mountains, Lin Yuan nearly bit off his tongue.

This, this, this... I just comprehended a kind of mountain willpower. Furthermore, the mountain willpower already formed a rune!

If some of the experts learned of Lin Yuan’s situation, they would probably be seething with anger. In order to produce a Fantasy Breed, a Bronze fey’s quality would need to have reached Legend.

Afterward, the contractor would need to comprehend a Willpower Rune and fuse it with the Bronze/Legend fey. From there, the fey would comprehend the spiritual willpower, and a transformation would happen, turning the fey into a Fantasy Breed.

Although a legend-quality fey was extremely hard to find, with the aid of a Creation Master and dedication in nurturing, there was a possibility.

However, a Willpower Rune from the mountains, rivers, oceans, and skies could only be observed and comprehended by the spirit qi professionals.

Plenty of spirit qi professionals were stuck without the Willpower Runes. Even if they possessed legend-quality feys, they wouldn’t be able to evolve them into the Fantasy Breed.

This was the first time Lin Yuan was riding an avian fey and looking down at the mountains and vast land. Yet he actually comprehended a type of Willpower Rune from the mountains. Lin Yuan was truly amazed.

When a person was unlucky, they might have stuffed teeth when drinking cool water. Or when they poured a glass of water, the pot might break off from the handle and smash on their feet.

But when a person was lucky, they would be able to get the grand prize by opening a single bottle.

Ever since I started feeling the spirit qi’s presence, my great luck has been constantly around.

Evolving feys’ quality to Legend is just a matter of time for me. Now that I comprehended a Willpower Rune, I will be able to obtain a Fantasy Breed.

However, the Willpower Rune’s attribute must be complementing the fey in order for it to be effective.

If one comprehended a Willpower Rune from the land, they could still use it on an aquatic fey to evolve it into a Fantasy Breed.

When evolving into the Fantasy Breed, the second exclusive skill would be related to the land due to the Willpower Rune’s attribute. It would be useless for the fey. It wouldn’t just be wasting a Willpower Rune, but it would also be wasting the legend-quality fey’s talent.

Therefore, Lin Yuan would need to consider the first fey that he was going to use Morbius’ Spirit Lock skill on, as he would need to complement it with the Willpower Rune comprehended from the mountain.

Time passed quickly, and just as Lin Yuan returned to his senses from his spiritual world, the Black-Winged Windfalcon was already preparing to land in the light-illuminated city.

The city that they were landing at was none other than Redbud City’s main city.

The Black-Winged Windfalcon was going to land directly at the entrance of the Redbud Intermediate Spirit Qi Academy.

Lin Yuan carried the spirit storage box containing the Sharp Iron Horn Bull and alighted the Black-Winged Windfalcon. He then immediately made a call to Chu Ci.

Lin Yuan had a very special aura, just like the grass after the rain, which was particularly clean.

Now that Lin Yuan’s body had recovered, his originally good looks were no longer as pale. He was rosy and filled with energy. As such, many of the female students that were returning to the academy after their meals and walks were looking at Lin Yuan.

At that moment, Lin Yuan’s phone call connected.

When Lin Yuan made the call, he was rather angry when thinking of how Chu Ci had wanted to contract a Gray Beetle without telling him.

However, when he heard Chu Ci immediately apologizing and talking hesitantly, Lin Yuan’s anger was immediately dismissed.

His mouth revealed a happy, helpless, and also pampering smile. “Where are you now? I am at your academy’s entrance.”

While he was speaking, Lin Yuan heard a familiar voice from the other end of the phone. The voice belonged to the irascible Teacher Bao.

“Chu Ci, your teacher is only so capable. Just take this Elite Yellow-Spotted Hound. Otherwise, if you don’t have a fey when you register tomorrow, you will immediately fail in your live combat class.”

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