Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 24: Change

Chapter 24: Change

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When Lin Yuan heard Teacher Bao’s voice on the phone, he was rather doubtful at first, but he immediately understood and felt very grateful.

Teacher Bao might not have a good temper, but he was a great teacher and contributed to his students.

When Teacher Bao learned that Chu Ci was talking with Lin Yuan, he immediately snatched her phone and yelled out, “Didn’t I tell you the situation yesterday? Why are you only here now? Are you not concerned about Chu Ci’s academics?!”

Teacher Bao suddenly recalled something, causing his words to get stuck in his throat. He had read her file and knew about her family situation. How could he blame a boy for doing his best to support his young sister to school? How could he blame the boy for not being capable enough to bring a good fey for his younger sister?

When Lin Yuan heard the irascible Teacher Bao’s voice, he quickly said, “Teacher Bao, thank you for your kindness toward Chu Ci. I have prepared a fey for Chu Ci. I am at the academy’s entrance now. But I am not a student and cannot enter the premises. Could you ask Chu Ci to meet me at the entrance?”

After Lin Yuan finished talking, Teacher Bao immediately responded, “Wait at the entrance for a moment. I will bring Chu Ci to pick you up. By then, you need to help me persuade Chu Ci.”

Before handing the mobile phone back to Chu Ci, Teacher Bao had already ended the phone call. He was truly a resolute and straightforward teacher.

However, Lin Yuan felt it was rather strange.

Why did Teacher Bao’s attitude toward me suddenly turn better?

Lin Yuan didn’t know that Teacher Bao’s change in attitude was due to his understanding of their family situation. If Lin Yuan knew of this, he would probably let out an awkward smile.

When other children had been enjoying their innocent childhood in the embrace of their parents, he had had no choice but to be independent and care for his younger sister.

They had suffered in the cold, they had been starved, they had been seriously ill, but they had still survived stubbornly until now. They had never taken advantage of others, nor had they ever accepted charity from others. They might be poor, but they had self-respect, self-love, and never stopped improving themselves.

Lin Yuan had never been self-abased about his situation, nor he ever felt that Chu Ci had to be self-abased either. They had always been righteous and honest. They had never done anything that they should be ashamed of, even though their path had been difficult.

Lin Yuan waited by the entrance. When the female students noticed that he wasn’t going to leave for the moment, they gathered their courage, approached Lin Yuan quietly, and asked for Lin Yuan’s Star Web account.

Lin Yuan felt rather exhausted when dealing with them. Fortunately, after rejecting a few of them, no one else asked for his Star Web account. Well, some of them kept looking at him constantly.

Lin Yuan heaved a sigh of relief because of this.

After a short moment, a beautiful figure rushed toward the Redbud Spirit Qi Intermediate Academy entrance. The beautiful figure originally wanted to jump into Lin Yuan’s embrace, but she seemingly recalled something and timidly stood in front of him when she got closer.

She then spoke in a pitiful tone. “Big Brother, I was wrong! I shouldn’t have attempted to form a contract with the Gray Beetle.”

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but ridicule inside his heart. If this lass didn’t make a mistake, how could she possibly call me Big Brother? Normally, she would definitely be calling Lin Yuan every time.

“Do you think I am just angry about this!? This decision impacts your future! Not only did you not discuss with me about your first fey, but you weren’t even planning to tell me about forming a contract!?”

Lin Yuan was very stern when speaking. However, he noticed that Chu Ci’s eyes were turning red, so he softened his tone.

At that moment, Teacher Bao’s voice echoed. “Chu Ci, why were you running so fast? Why didn’t you wait for your teacher! Your teacher isn’t some combat-class professional.”

Teacher Bao was a Spiritual Ingredient Analyst and was the one that taught the Spiritual Ingredient class. He had been chasing after Chu Ci, so he was rather exhausted.

Lin Yuan quickly took a step forward and greeted Teacher Bao.

Teacher Bao took a glance at Lin Yuan and immediately regretted how severe his tone was when talking on the phone. Upon looking at Lin Yuan’s clean and tidy clothes, which had already faded due to overwashing, he could tell that this youth had been very thrifty in his lifestyle.

“You are Chu Ci’s elder brother, right? How are you? I’ve been a homeroom teacher for many years, but Chu Ci is the most talented student I’ve ever taught. She is very diligent and takes her studies seriously.

“As such, the matter of picking her first fey must not be neglected. It is best if her first fey is an Elite one. If it is a Normal fey, the time required for it to become Elite will certainly waste Chu Ci’s potential.”

Teacher Bao’s tone was not as domineering after meeting Lin Yuan. He was carefully explaining Chu Ci’s situation and also emphasizing on the importance of the first fey.

Evidently, Teacher Bao had a plan. If Lin Yuan had brought a Normal fey for Chu Ci, Teacher Bao would give Chu Ci the Yellow-Spotted Hound he had purchased with his own money.

The Yellow-Spotted Hound might not be considered outstanding among the Elite defense-type feys, but it wouldn’t waste too much of Chu Ci’s talent.

Lin Yuan seldom visited Chu Ci’s school, and this was the first time he heard a teacher praising his sister before him. Lin Yuan felt involuntarily proud of his younger sister.

Chu Ci was secretly tugging at the corner of Lin Yuan’s clothes and blinking her eyes at him.

She was well-aware of their financial situation. Although Lin Yuan might have brought a Normal fey, she didn’t wish to accept Teacher Bao’s Elite fey.

Given Lin Yuan’s temperament, Chu Ci knew that if she accepted Teacher Bao’s Yellow-Spotted, her brother would surely use the shortest period of time to gather the money required to buy an Elite Yellow-Spotted Hound and repay Teacher Bao.

Chu Ci hadn’t informed Lin Yuan about her decision to contract a Gray Beetle because she hadn’t wanted Lin Yuan to suffer. It was the same right now.

Lin Yuan lifted the spirit storage box and placed it in front of Teacher Bao.

“Teacher Bao, I am grateful for your help. I have brought a rather good fey to Chu Ci. I wonder if there is a suitable place for Chu Ci to form the contract with this fey?”

After listening to Lin Yuan’s response, Teacher Bao immediately wanted to ask what that fey’s grade was.

However, when he recalled they were still before the academy’s entrance, he said, “It just so happens that the deadline for students to report their first fey ends tonight. Go to my office then! Once Chu Ci is done with the contract, I will report it for her.”

Lin Yuan looked at Chu Ci and placed the spirit storage box in her hands. “The fey you will form a contract with is in here. Hold the box first and get close to it.”

Soon, the massive spirit storage box was gently hovering over Chu Ci’s hand. The spirit storage box might not have any weight, but Chu Ci felt that it was heavy and crucial when holding it.

At the same time, Teacher Bao’s eyes were also looking closely at the spirit storage box.

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