Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 29: Breaking Through to Become a D-Rank Spirit Qi Professional

Chapter 29: Breaking Through to Become a D-Rank Spirit Qi Professional

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After carefully securing the 100 Usnea pots on his Crowned Fire Salamander, Yang Mingkai left immediately.

In this transaction, Lin Yuan obtained 3.3 Radiance dollars, which was equivalent to 3,300,000 Federation dollars.

The money that Lin Yuan had earned previously made him understand that his ability to evolve feys was a money-making method. The 3.3 Radiance dollars made Lin Yuan realize that money was no longer an obstacle for him.

What I need to do now isn’t to think of how to earn more money—it is how to turn this wealth into my strength.

It was fine to evolve low-grade feys, but a huge amount of resources would be required when evolving them to the higher grades.

Take the Spirit Lock spatial zone for example. If Lin Yuan wanted to modify it, he would need countless resources.

Lin Yuan found it necessary to become a hoarder mouse that would accumulate resources frenziedly. He would then be able to experience the joy of a hoarder mouse.

After another two days, when Lin Yuan had evolved 34 pots of Usneas into elite-grade, he suddenly felt the massive amount of gaseous spirit qi in his body being compressed. It was so intensively compressed that it turned into a streak of misty spirit qi.

My streak of mist-like spirit qi is extremely concentrated right now. It feels like it will turn into liquid if it is concentrated any further. If the misty spirit qi can turn into liquid spirit qi, then I will be reaching the entrance of a C-rank spirit qi professional.

Lin Yuan picked up another pot of Elite Usnea. Soon, he realized that after becoming a D-rank spirit qi professional, he didn’t even need ten minutes to evolve a Normal Usnea into an Elite one. It cut down the time by at least six times.

At that moment, Lin Yuan heard two gentle sounds from his body. He looked down and noticed the two sounds were actually coming from Genius and Chimey.

During the past few days that he had been evolving the Usneas, Genius and Chimey would always be leaning on him. The Normal Genius and Chimey had actually broken through the limits and became Elite!

Lin Yuan checked on Chimey and Genius’ data and was rather surprised after reading their elite-grade abilities.

[Fey Name]: Hundred Questions Beast

[Fey Species]: Cat species/Intelligent Cat species

[Fey Grade]: Elite (1/10)

[Fey Type]: Spiritual

[Fey Quality]: Elite


[Precise Memory]: When memorizing something, every single detail can be memorized with precision.

[Knowledge Analysis]: Can conduct a diverse initial analysis of the memory’s knowledge.

Knowledge Analysis allowed Genius’ memorized knowledge to go through a systematic integration. Genius could then integrate and analyze it with the existing knowledge. This was an ability that really surprised Lin Yuan.

Even a high-ranked Scholar wouldn’t be able to accurately memorize the information on 100 books, let alone conduct overall analysis of the details.

This elite-grade ability could allow Genius to become a Sage, a walking knowledge database, and a Data Analysis Master. Lin Yuan felt that Genius now truly lived up to the name that he had given to it back then.

At that moment, the evolved Genius suddenly said, “Yuan, I can memorize even more things now.”

While speaking, Genius was jumping around on Lin Yuan’s thighs, happily tilting its little head and asking to be praised.

Lin Yuan rubbed the fur on Genius’ head and asked, “Genius, how much can you memorize now?”

Genius’ size didn’t change after reaching elite-grade, but the silverish gray fur’s surface was now thicker and had luster.

Genius tilted its head and quickly replied, “Yuan, my memory was about one energy biscuit previously. Now, it is as many as five energy biscuits!”

After hearing Genius’ comparison, Lin Yuan felt a little heartache and rubbed Genius’ chin.

Genius immediately started purring with enjoyment.

The best food that this greedy little cat had eaten before was red braised meat. Thus, it would use red braised meat to make comparisons. Now that the energy biscuits had become the best food it had eaten, Genius changed the quantity comparison from red braised meat to energy biscuits.

The increase in Genius’ memory had truly shocked Lin Yuan.

In the beginning, Genius had the memory storage of three to five books. After reaching normal-grade, it had gained a memory storage of 100 books. Now that it reached elite-grade, its memory capacity had increased to 500 books.

It wasn’t even possible for an ordinary person to read 500 books, let alone memorize all 500 books.

Previously when Lin Yuan had asked Genius to study the books, he had needed to make a selection. Currently, he could simply ask Genius to memorize all the primary books on the Scholar, Fey Observer, and Spiritual Ingredient Analyst occupations.

In fact, he could even ask Genius to learn other knowledge in advance.

Lin Yuan had already been overjoyed with the Hundred Questions Beast’s evolution to normal-grade. Now that it broke through and became an Elite Hundred Questions Beast, it brought Lin Yuan a pleasant surprise again.

Lin Yuan had to admit that the evolved Hundred Questions Beast was more like a perfect housekeeping beast.

The dazzled Chimey, which had also evolved, woke up.

[Fey Name]: Sound Bird

[Fey Species]: Corvidae species/Kingfisher species

[Fey Grade]: Elite (2/10)

[Fey Type]: Sound/Qi

[Fey Quality]: Elite


[Sound Thrust]: Fire a sharp spike that is formed by sound at a designated target.

[Turbulence]: The flap of the wings emits a consistently fast and random flow of air current.

Just as Chimey was preparing to fly toward Lin Yuan’s ear, it extended and wings and noticed its feathers. Chimey immediately chirped with surprise.

Perhaps due to its failure to evolve into a Songstress Bird, Chimey always had a special preference toward the color of blue as all Songstress Birds had blue feathers.

Presently, Chimey’s feathers had already transformed from green to blue.

However, Chimey’s appearance was completely different from a Songstress Bird.

Firstly, Chimey was still the size of half a palm, and its size didn’t transform because of its progress in grade. Instead, it got even more delicate and refined. The blue feathers weren’t a deep blue color like the Songstress Birds—it was more like the azure sky blue in the skies of a sunny day.

It was an azure blue that would attract anyone’s eyes in a single glance.

The azure blue feathers on Chimey had faint patterns, and their color was slightly lighter. Lin Yuan wasn’t able to see anything at first and merely felt that they were like cloud patterns.

One had to look out for markings after a fey’s evolution. They wouldn’t develop a unique trait for no reason and disappear by the next evolution. Therefore, the specialty and function of the cloud pattern would only be clearer after reaching bronze-grade.

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