Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 28: Trade Completed

Chapter 28: Trade Completed

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At that moment, Lin Yuan suddenly heard an unfamiliar and cold, but very amiable voice.

“Yuan, I am finally able to communicate with you after I became Elite!”

The voice echoed in Lin Yuan’s mind, and he quickly reacted. This voice came from his first contracted fey, Morbius.

Lin Yuan was overjoyed now that Morbius could converse with him. Feys were always the spirit qi professionals’ closest partners. The previous time Lin Yuan could sense Morbius, the latter was so weak that it could only transmit fuzzy thoughts.

Lin Yuan had been thinking of a method to strengthen Morbius’ consciousness. He never expected that this problem would suddenly be resolved with Morbius’ grade advancement.

“Moby, you were still so weak last time. Have you completely recovered now?”

A cold voice replied, “I can only maintain this state for half an hour a day. Now that I have recovered, I wish to tell you about the function of the Spirit Lock’s spatial zone.”

When Lin Yuan heard that Morbius could only maintain this state for half an hour a day, he was even more determined to quickly evolve the Elite Jasmine Lily to Bronze.

By then, Morbius’ condition would certainly improve.

Humans could feel their fey’s thoughts, and it was the same for the feys. Morbius’ originally cold voice carried tinges of warmth now.

“Yuan, this Spirit Lock spatial zone is like a small-scale dimensional zone. You can modify this spatial zone as you wish and store feys. It is just like a secret base.”

Lin Yuan continued the conversation with Morbius. After Morbius explained the Spirit Lock spatial zone’s function, they started to have a casual conversation.

Morbius had transmigrated to this world along with Lin Yuan. When Lin Yuan had been born, Morbius already existed. They were just like twin brothers.

Lin Yuan and Morbius started to talk about anything they could, and just as they were enjoying the conversation, the time limit ran up. Morbius fell into a state where it could only transmit simple thoughts.

When I evolve over 150 pots of these Usneas into elite-grade, I will become a D-rank spirit qi professional and be able to channel spirit qi faster. By then, I will have the capability to evolve Elite feys into Bronze ones.

Lin Yuan didn’t exit from the Spirit Lock spatial zone, and instead, he placed the Jasmine Lily by the poolside in the spatial zone. Immediately after, he dug out a piece of inferior energy ore from the Jasmine Lily’s pot and threw it into the pool.

Lin Yuan realized that the inferior energy ore quickly vanished into the pool, and its spirit qi fused into the pool.

The limpid pool gradually emitted the spirit qi into the Spirit Lock spatial zone.

Originally, the Spirit Lock spatial zone didn’t have any spirit qi and wasn’t suitable to store fey within. However, if Lin Yuan was able to obtain a huge batch of energy ores and tossed them into the pool, it would only be a matter of time before the spirit qi within the spatial zone would be many times more concentrated as compared to the outside world.

Just by putting the feys into the Spirit Lock spatial zone, the feys would be able to evolve much faster than the outside world.

With concentrated spirit qi, I wonder how fast my spirit qi channeling speed would be as compared to the outside world.

Naturally, everything would need to be supported with a massive amount of Federation dollars because even the lowest grade of energy ores weren’t cheap.

Lin Yuan previously felt that he had already earned quite a lot of Federation dollars, but it seemed like he would need much more from the looks of it now. On the path of making money, Lin Yuan still had a long road ahead.

After exiting the Spirit Lock spatial zone, Lin Yuan started to evolve the Usneas.

For the next few days, apart from eating, sleeping, and conversing with Morbius for half an hour a day, Lin Yuan would be evolving the 150 pots of Usneas.

On the seventh day, which was the day agreed upon with Yang Mingkai, Lin Yuan was barely able to evolve 100 pots of Usneas to elite-grade.

At that moment, Lin Yuan felt that the spirit qi storage in his body was going to reach the next rank. After reaching the next rank, Lin Yuan’s spirit qi would be able to achieve a breakthrough. It would transform his thin and gaseous spirit qi, into concentrated and misty spirit qi.

By then, he would become a D-rank spirit qi professional.

During the seven days, Yang Mingkai had been handling the matters to set up the fey breeding base. Yang Mingkai had to rent the building for his fey breeding base. After all, he didn’t have enough money to build a fey breeding base.

When renting a fey breeding base, all of the facilities would be available for use. Presently, Yang Mingkai was just waiting for Lin Yuan to deliver the 70+ pots of Elite Usneas.

After obtaining the Elite Usneas, Yang Mingkai could start to split and breed them.

Yang Mingkai might have kept Lin Yuan’s phone number, but he didn’t dare to call and pester him. This was a huge order, so a Creation Master must certainly be behind the scenes.

He had already reached an agreement with Lin Yuan, so if he called him halfway, it would show that he didn’t trust Lin Yuan. If the task wasn’t completed yet, it would also give Lin Yuan pressure.

Therefore, on the seventh day, Yang Mingkai hesitantly visited Lin Yuan’s small store and knocked on the door.

Lin Yuan opened the door and instantly dazzled Yang Mingkai with the rows of Elite Usneas. All of the Elite Usneas were emitting an aura of Federation dollars, and it made Yang Mingkai gulp down his saliva.

“Big Brother Yang, the Elite Usneas are all here. Back then, you said you wanted 76 pots of Usneas. You can just pick 76 pots from the 100 pots here.”

When Yang Mingkai entered, he felt that the pots of Usneas were much more than what he had requested. Upon hearing that there were 100 pots, he couldn’t hold back and laughed.

“Young Brother, have you found any buyers for your remaining 24 pots?”

Yang Mingkai immediately felt that he had said something wrong. How could there be no buyers for Elite Usneas?

However, Yang Mingkai was really eager to purchase all 100 pots of Usneas. By then, with over 120 pots of Elite Usneas, he could simply nurture more Usneas during the early stages of his breeding base.

There was always a lack of supply for Usneas, and he simply had to accumulate them slowly, allowing the snowball to roll bigger.

Lin Yuan was planning to list the remaining Elite Usneas on the Star Web and set up a fey store after Yang Mingkai took the Usneas that he needed.

Lin Yuan had already applied to open a fey store, and it had been approved yesterday.

However, there were no goods on Lin Yuan’s Star Web store now.

Since Yang Mingkai wanted all 100 pots of Elite Usneas, it would save Lin Yuan the trouble of listing them on the Star Web.

“Big Brother Yang, if you want them, I will sell them to you at the price we agreed upon previously.”

Yang Mingkai was overjoyed and truly appreciated Lin Yuan.

Yang Mingkai already had a very good impression of Lin Yuan. If Lin Yuan showed some intention of becoming sworn brothers with him, he would immediately pull Lin Yuan and conduct the ceremony to become sworn brothers.

Looking at Yang Mingkai’s happy expression, Lin Yuan took another glance at the 100 pots of Elite Usneas and felt that the Creation Master occupation was truly great.

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