Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 3: Morbius

Chapter 3: Morbius

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It was a kind of intangible calling, yet it was also the most congenial type of calling.

It was just like how fate subtly had guided Newton to the apple tree, and with great coincidence, the apple had fallen off from the tree.

Just as Lin Yuan’s consciousness crossed into the simple copper-colored ring of light, the light ring suddenly lit up with mottled and complicated patterns.

These patterns couldn’t be described as anything else but strange. They were all intersected with each other but had this unimaginable swiftness.

Lin Yuan felt indescribably relaxed after passing through this simple and unadorned ring of light. In this relaxed state, Lin Yuan was actually able to sense the world’s spirit qi that was surrounding his body.

It was a kind of sensation that Lin Yuan hadn’t felt since he had been eight years old when the copper bracelet had been stained with his blood and vanished without a trace.

When the copper bracelet had vanished, it hadn’t just robbed his senses toward the world’s spirit qi, but it had also robbed his spiritual energy.

Presently, his spiritual energy might still be as dried up as before, but now, he could at least sense the spirit qi in the world.

His body had become so frail because he could no longer sense the world’s spirit qi.

After the Spirit Qi Awakening, spirit qi had become this world’s most fundamental energy. The planet’s native animals and plants had all been able to evolve toward two traits due to spirit qi’s influence.

One of the traits was to revert to their ancestors’ wild nature, enhancing the physical body’s capabilities. The other trait was to transform spiritually and focus on energy attacks.

As for humans, they had also developed spirit qi occupations under the influence of spirit qi. There were all sorts of spirit qi occupations, but they fundamentally used spirit qi to enhance the body.

Since Lin Yuan had stopped sensing spirit qi at the age of eight, he had no longer relied on spirit qi to improve his body’s capabilities. He had been relying on nature to grow and food to obtain energy.

Lin Yuan felt involuntarily excited. Although he didn’t know why his body was unable to store spirit qi, he could at least sense its existence now. He might be able to absorb spirit qi at an appalling speed that no one had witnessed before, but the spirit qi that gathered in his body would quickly leak out of his hands.

His body was just like a funnel, and this was why Lin Yuan knew that he was destined to fail as a spirit qi professional. Despite the case that all spirit qi coursing through the body wouldn’t remain, he would still be able to enhance his body’s capabilities through this process. This way, he would no longer have to consume medicine, which was meant to nurture his body.

Over the span of a year, he would be able to save up a huge sum of money. His young sister was already coming to the age that she could form a contract with her first fey.

With all the money that he saved up, he would be able to purchase a fey, which would be considered superior among Normal feys, for his young sister. In fact, he might be able to purchase a low-tier Elite fey.

“This body can finally sense spirit qi! However...” Lin Yuan didn’t finish the rest of the sentence.

Lin Yuan was always optimistic. However, even though he could sense spirit qi now, Lin Yuan felt it was a pity that his spiritual energy remained weak like before.

A century after the Spirit Qi Awakening, the spiritual energy was something that was as important as spirit qi.

Spirit qi professionals could form contracts with feys. Feys were sorted into healing-type, offense-type, defense-type, and support-type. Among them, offense-type and support-type feys were the most in numbers.

In order to form a contract with feys, one would require spiritual energy.

A regular person would be able to form contracts with two to three feys in a lifetime, and prodigies might be able to form up to five contracts.

One’s strength would undergo a significant increase with each additional fey. Nevertheless, the resources required to nurture an additional fey would also increase significantly.

In regard to feys, the most difficult aspect was to evolve them. The resources required for each evolution was far beyond what Lin Yuan, an owner of a small spirit store, could afford.

Lin Yuan’s spiritual energy was weak and frail, like a thread of hair. Back when Lin Yuan had formed contracts with domestic feys like the Hundred Questions Beast and the Sound Bird, he had fainted and had been unconscious for three full days.

After waking up, Lin Yuan had had a splitting headache for at least half a month. This had given Lin Yuan a direct cognition of how frail his spiritual energy was.

When he had been born, his spiritual energy hadn’t been superior, but it hadn’t been inferior either. His spiritual energy had become frail at the same time when he could no longer sense spirit qi. The reason that his spiritual energy had been weak was probably due to this copper bracelet.

This copper bracelet had transmigrated to this world along with him, but it was also the reason he had become weak and useless.

Lin Yuan couldn’t help but have a complicated opinion of the copper bracelet.

At that moment, Lin Yuan could only feel his feet stepping on the ground’s hard surface. When he looked up, Lin Yuan noticed he was in another spatial zone, which was around 40 square meters. The ground was copper in color within this spatial zone, and there was a five-meter or six-meter pool.

Apart from that, there was nothing else.

When Lin Yuan walked to the poolside, he noticed that the water was extremely clear, and it could reflect a youth’s face.

The pool wasn’t deep, as it was only around half a meter in depth. Lin Yuan crouched down and scooped up a handful of water. He could feel that the water was mild in temperature. When he smelled the water, he realized that it was just regular water as it didn’t contain spirit qi.

While pondering, Lin Yuan felt his wrist area becoming heavy. He noticed that his wrist was now wearing that simple and unadorned copper bracelet. At that moment, the copper bracelet emitted a trace of desire to communicate with him.

This desire to communicate contained feelings of fondness, timidness, and confusion. It felt just like a child’s wisdom that had just been developed.

As soon as Lin Yuan used his consciousness to make contact with the copper bracelet, everything that Lin Yuan didn’t understand ever since the age of eight had all been answered.

“It turns out that this copper bracelet, which transmigrated with me, is actually a fey. When I was eight years old, I stained the copper bracelet with my blood and actually formed a contract with it because of my mistake. I actually formed a contract with a fey at the age of eight by accident!”

Lin Yuan was in disbelief. He used his left hand to touch the copper bracelet that was on his right wrist, and immediately a wave of calmness washed over him, helping him recover from the state of instability. He now had a contracted fey too, and he might be able to earn much more money from now on.

Furthermore, his young sister’s fey wouldn’t need to be of the Normal or Elite grade anymore. If he worked hard, he might be able to give his younger sister a Bronze fey, right?

In fact, to a certain extent, only when a fey reached bronze-grade would it be considered as a true fey.

Previously, Lin Yuan had complicated thoughts toward this copper bracelet. However, after thinking it through, Lin Yuan understood why he only had a trace of spiritual energy, which had been just enough for him to lead a normal life for the past ten years.

He also understood why the copper bracelet had been silent and had not communicated with him for ten years.

The copper bracelet had been trying to protect the 8-year-old Lin Yuan, who hadn’t had powerful spiritual energy. Thus, it had chosen to hibernate.

The hibernation had slowed down the contract’s forming, so it had taken ten years to form the complete contract. Today was also the day when the copper bracelet awakened.

When it sensed Lin Yuan’s emotional reactions, the copper bracelet on his right wrist emitted a gentle feeling. It felt like it was trying to soothe or mentally hint for Lin Yuan to calm down.

Upon sensing that Lin Yuan was calming down, the copper bracelet tightened and secured itself firmly on Lin Yuan’s right wrist. It felt as though it was holding Lin Yuan’s hands tightly and saying, “Pleased to meet you, Lin Yuan.”

Lin Yuan revealed a smile, which was like the sunshine during dawn that broke through the darkness. It was just like the rising sun’s silhouette behind the mountain.

The youth then said with a gentle and mild voice, “Pleased to meet you, Morbius.”

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