Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 4: Exclusive Skill

Chapter 4: Exclusive Skill

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After forming a contract with a human, no matter what kind of fey, even a Normal one, would possess an ability. The type of ability was most probably a species’ innate ability.

Take Jasmine Lily as an example. Even if a person were to form a contract with a Normal Jasmine Lily, they would get a healing ability.

The comprehended ability was also the most fundamental. For a fey to obtain a powerful ability, it would need to evolve to bronze-grade and awaken its exclusive skill. Subsequently, the exclusive skill could be used to complement the abilities to achieve overwhelmingly powerful changes.

This was also why people said that reaching bronze-grade was the true beginning of a fey. Therefore, for any spirit qi professional who had a little background, they would always pick a Bronze fey for their first contract.

When a fey reached bronze-grade, they would awaken different bronze-grade skills. That also applied to feys of the same species. This uniqueness allowed spirit qi professionals to pick a fey which had awakened a skill that was more compatible or helpful to themselves.

In order to form a contract with a fey, one needed spiritual energy, as it could fuse one’s soul with the fey’s soul. That’s why once someone formed a contract, the difficulty in dissolving it would be as hard as ascending to the heavens.

This was also why many experts who had formed contracts with low-grade feys due to insufficient resources didn’t replace them after the former got stronger. Instead, they would use resources to evolve their low-grade feys.

Lin Yuan was observing Morbius as he wanted to check its attribute. Presently, Morbius’ level of spirituality only allowed it to express subtle emotions. In order to have a regular conversation with Morbius, Lin Yuan would have to recover for some time.

When checking on Morbius’ attribute, Lin Yuan discovered that it was merely a Normal fey. However, Morbius’ attribute wasn’t like a Normal fey... Because Morbius didn’t just have an ability, it had an exclusive skill!

Everyone knew that exclusive skills were something that only Bronze feys would possess.

“Heavens, my contracted fey, Morbius, seems rather powerful!” Lin Yuan’s irises expanded as he was rather surprised.

Morbius, which had come to this world at the same time as him, had an exclusive skill when it was at normal-grade. If Morbius reached bronze-grade and awakened another exclusive skill, it would possess dual exclusive skills!

However, in legends, only when someone nurtured a fey into a Fantasy Breed would it possess dual exclusive skills.

Fantasy Breeds had always been a legend, and Lin Yuan could not get any access to such privy information right now. Nevertheless, when compared with ordinary feys, Fantasy Breeds were in another league.

Soon, joy replaced Lin Yuan’s amazement. Suddenly, he felt Morbius sending an emotional signal asking him to use its first ability on it.

Lin Yuan immediately used Morbius’ first ability after receiving the request. Once Lin Yuan executed the first ability, he looked at Morbius and realized that all information had been presented in a data format.

[Fey Name]: Morbius

[Fey-Lifeform Species]: ???

[Fey Grade]: Normal (1/10)

[Fey Type]: Spatial/Mystery

[Fey Quality]: Normal


[True Data]: All complicated information that is invisible to the eye is turned into data. Information that is turned into data might contain truth that cannot be distinguished on the surface.

[Calm Mind]: Passive ability. Effects of Calm Mind can be improved according to the fey’s grade. Calm Mind can stabilize the mind and has a certain probability of resisting negative conditions.

Exclusive Skill:

[Spirit Lock]: Morbius’ spatial zone can be used to nurture feys. The initial grade of the fey that Morbius’ spatial zone can nurture must not be higher than Morbius’ grade. Morbius isn’t able to increase its grade by itself, so its grade will be increased along with the fey’s grade that it nurtures. At the same time, Morbius can obtain the initial ability of the fey that it nurtures. However, Morbius will not obtain abilities when its grade increases. Whenever Morbius increases a grade, it will be able to nurture one more fey. Morbius’ method of growth will remain unchanged.

When Lin Yuan read the information presented by Morbius’ True Data, his smile froze on his face...

A short moment after the frozen smile, Lin Yuan trembled as he sent a message to Morbius. After obtaining Morbius’ confirmation, Lin Yuan nearly collapsed.

“This is a goddamn fraud! Morbius is a Normal I1 fey right now! That means that I can only use the Spirit Lock ability to form a contract with a Normal I fey. Moreover, the amount of resources to nurture a fey is already overwhelming, and my current spiritual energy doesn’t allow me to contract with any fey, even if it is a Normal one!”

The fey might be living inside Morbius’ spatial zone, but Lin Yuan should still be the one that formed the contract. Lin Yuan was still traumatized by the horrible incident when he had formed a contract with the domestic beasts, Chimey and Genius.

The terrifying thing was that Morbius’ Spirit Lock spatial zone could only allow one more contracted fey after an increase in grade. Morbius could only increase its grade by nurturing the fey. With so much investment, the return would only be the contracted fey’s initial and fundamental ability.

The ratio of investment and return wasn’t proportionate. In addition, it was challenging to evolve a fey, especially low-grade ones. When did Lin Yuan have the capability to evolve constantly low-grade feys?

The Spirit Lock skill would probably deplete a rich person’s wealth in an instant. Therefore, there was no need to mention a person like Lin Yuan, who was almost penniless.

A sense of loss quickly replaced Lin Yuan’s joy in obtaining a contracted fey. However, Lin Yuan’s optimistic attitude adjusted soon.

He was in a much better situation than before. The future might still be filled with difficulties, but his journey in this life had always been filled with thorns. At least, he could see a direction to the future right now, so there wasn’t a need to be at a loss.

The trouble-filled past should be forgotten as the future path was bright and dazzling.

Just as Lin Yuan was adjusting his mentality, Morbius transferred a rather faint strand of spiritual energy to his mind. The strand-like spiritual energy in his mind suddenly increased by over five times. Unfortunately, it was just slightly thicker than a strand of hair and wasn’t even 1/10 of a regular person.

Nonetheless, this spiritual energy amount was enough to form a contract with a Normal I fey plant. It was probably insufficient to form contracts with animals.

According to general knowledge, contracting animals would require more spiritual energy than to contract a fey plant.

The only exception would be if one could obtain the egg of the animal. When the animal hatched from the egg, it would be the moment its spiritual energy was the most inexperienced. Thus, one might form a contract with it.

After receiving the spiritual energy, Lin Yuan felt Morbius becoming weak. Morbius had forced out some of its spiritual energy and transferred it to Lin Yuan.

Everyone said that feys had spirituality, and once they formed a contract with a human, the fey would stay with the human for an entire lifetime.

Lin Yuan didn’t have a chance to experience it before, but after witnessing Morbius’ actions, Lin Yuan immediately understood the statement’s significance.

From now on, they would be interdependent until death!

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