Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 6: Fantasy Breed That Is Severely Injured

Chapter 6: Fantasy Breed That Is Severely Injured

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Lin Yuan was naturally curious and consciously looked at Auntie Zhang’s Terror Rabbit, which he had frequently interacted with because of the new ability.

After reading through the information his True Data had compiled, it seemed that this rabbit wasn’t a Terror Rabbit. Its current appearance was merely a powerful fey’s camouflaging ability.

Unexpectedly, True Data also revealed that this powerful fey was in a severely injured state. This powerful fey’s abilities and skills were in a locked condition.

It seems like the injuries don’t allow this fey to release any ability...

Although the new pieces of information were surprising enough, Lin Yuan was awestruck because of something else he had noticed—two skills were actually locked!

Could this be a legendary Fantasy Breed?

Lin Yuan suddenly recalled True Data’s second part—”...Information that is turned into data might contain truth that cannot be distinguished on the surface.”

It seems that the pieces of information turned into data are indeed more reliable than seeing with the eyes...

This discovery left Lin Yuan rather shaken as it looked like Auntie Zhang was also a person with a story.

But who didn’t have a story?

Anyway, these things were of little importance as Auntie Zhang would always be Auntie Zhang to Lin Yuan. If he became capable enough in the future, he would definitely heal Auntie Zhang’s Terror Rabbit... No, the powerful fey.

When Auntie Zhang noticed that Lin Yuan’s complexion was no longer pale and his cheeks were even rosier than this morning, she felt at ease. Then, she removed the blue-cloth-wrapped package from her Terror Rabbit’s ear and placed it on Lin Yuan’s reception counter.

“Little Yuan, this is a nutritional meal that your Uncle Li specially prepared for you after finding out that you fainted. Your Uncle Li’s legs aren’t good, and it isn’t convenient for him to deliver it personally. Thus, he sent this troublemaker to deliver it to you.”

After speaking, Auntie Zhang rubbed the Terror Rabbit’s ear and looked at its warm-filled eyes. Then, she passed the meal box to Lin Yuan, and before he could speak, Aunty Zhang waved her hand without turning back and left with the withered Jasmine Lily.

Lin Yuan didn’t say anything and watched quietly as Auntie Zhang left. He clenched his fist tightly as though he was encouraging himself and as though he had set his mind on something.

A person must have some goals! Without a burden, how would one be able to progress unyieldingly?

The sky gradually turned dark...

Presently, Lin Yuan, Chimey, and Genius were the only ones in the store. It might not have visitors, but it wasn’t cheerless and cold. On the contrary, it was very lively and warm.

Evidently, Genius and Chimey still had lingering fears. They were chattering around Lin Yuan and afraid that something else might happen to him.

Lin Yuan knew that Chimey and Genius were worried sick, so he reached out his hand to rub Genius’ chin. Soon enough, Genius let out a purring sound as it enjoyed the treatment.

Chimey’s little talons were holding onto Lin Yuan’s ear while its tiny head plunged into his hair as though it was playing hide-and-seek.

Lin Yuan unwrapped the package, and a bamboo meal box appeared. He opened up the meal box, and the fragrance of the food immediately wafted in the air. On the top-most box, there was a full layer of rice. When he removed the top-most box, Lin Yuan discovered that the bottom box was filled with red braised meat, stir-fried long beans, and pan-fried fish.

Lin Yuan had been unconscious for an entire day, and he had yet to eat or drink anything. Naturally, his stomach uncontrollably started to rumble.

This wasn’t the first time Lin Yuan had tasted Uncle Li’s cooking. Every other day, Uncle Li would find all sorts of excuses for the Terror Rabbit or Auntie Zhang to deliver food for him.

Lin Yuan had visited Uncle Li last year, and his leg injuries were already getting worse. Presently, he was no longer able to walk outside.

Lin Yuan pondered over the Terror Rabbit’s existence and speculated that Uncle Li and Auntie Zhang were both formidable individuals. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to possess a Fantasy Breed, a fey with dual exclusive skills.

Lin Yuan was unaware of Auntie Zhang and Uncle Li’s past and could not get involved. He merely hoped that he would be formidable enough to heal the Terror Rabbit and Uncle Li’s legs one day.

As Lin Yuan opened the meal box, Genius and Chimey leaned over. Chimey took a whiff of the fragrance and flapped its wings, flying to a small pot of Usnea. Lin Yuan was especially nurturing this small pot of Usnea for Chimey.

Chimey was a Sound Bird and was considered an omnivore, but as compared to cooked food, Chimey preferred to eat the Usnea’s leaves.

Chimey delightfully pecked on the Usnea leaves, while Genius was looking intently at the food in the meal box. It was sitting there, obediently.

Upon noticing how Genius was staring at the red braised meat, Lin Yuan smiled and picked out the largest piece of red braised meat for Genius.

“Go ahead and eat, you little greedy cat.”

Genius looked at the large piece of red braised meat and couldn’t stop swallowing its saliva. However, it used its small paw to push the meat back to Lin Yuan. It then picked the smallest piece of red braised meat in the meal box before letting out a meow. It was asking for Lin Yuan to eat the large piece of meat, while it would eat the small piece of meat.

The Hundred Questions Beast’s actions made Lin Yuan’s eyes warm up a little. He brought a small bowl before picking a few large pieces of red braised meat and fried fish. He then mixed them with a scoop of rice and placed it in front of the Hundred Questions Beast.

“Genius, Chimey, in the future, we will be eating better.”

During the past two days, the Hundred Questions Beast and Sound Bird had suffered along with him. Such words were something that Lin Yuan wasn’t able to normally say as he didn’t have the confidence.

However, he now had his own contracted fey, and his body wasn’t as frail as before because he could sense spirit qi. He firmly believed that their lives would definitely improve now.

The world was a difficult place, but plenty of people were able to survive and prosper. Young people should have aspirations and strive for greatness. Lin Yuan had to plan for his future, or else he would remain an ordinary person no matter how many years passed.

After eating dinner, Lin Yuan conducted a routine check on the four pots of Jasmine Lilies that were left in his store. All four pots of Jasmine Lilies were growing rather well.

Since he had inspected the Jasmine Lilies’ growth, Lin Yuan turned to speak with Genius, which was standing on his shoulder. “Genius, what is the temperature now?”

Genius quickly replied, “Lin Yuan, the temperature is 31°C now. However, it is too humid. It is not advisable to expose the Jasmine Lilies in the night.”

Lin Yuan responded by taking down the fluorescent light and black cloth. He then turned to trim the Usneas.

He hadn’t managed to sell any Usneas, so the vines were already over three meters long. Vines that were two days old would have a tough texture, and the majority of the herbivorous feys didn’t like eating tough vines.

Lin Yuan insisted on the quality of the feys that he sold, and for vines that were tough like this, he would throw them out and wouldn’t sell them.

After trimming the last pot of Usnea, Lin Yuan involuntarily let out a sigh. He remembered that he was still unable to store spirit qi in his body, even though he could sense it. His body was rapidly absorbing spirit qi, but Lin Yuan’s hand was still holding onto the Usnea’s leaves.

He circulated the spirit qi for a moment but stopped absorbing when he felt exhausted.

Unfortunately, Lin Yuan noticed that his body still didn’t contain any spirit qi.

Genius felt Lin Yuan’s disappointment and started to rub on Lin Yuan’s cheek. It meowed but didn’t say anything and just accompanied quietly by the side.

Lin Yuan carried Genius before he carefully carried Chimey, which had dozed off on the small pot of Usnea. He switched off the lights and went upstairs in the dark. He immediately collapsed on the bed and fell asleep.

This night was serene and peaceful. A youth, a Hundred Questions Beast, and a Sound Bird were all sleeping soundly on a small bed.

The youth was in a very deep sleep, but the Hundred Questions Beast and the Sound Bird could vaguely sense something. They snuggled closer toward the youth and found comfort before falling into a deep slumber with pleasant dreams.

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