Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 7: Sudden Evolution

Chapter 7: Sudden Evolution

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Redbud City was a small city close to the southeast of the Xia Region. Because it was close to the sea, the weather was mostly rainy, and there were only a few rare days in a month when the sun could be seen. However, the sun that slowly rose up in the east would illuminate the entire city and dye half the sky in red at dawn.

It was rare for the Xia Region to have such great weather and clear skies. Soon enough, the sky’s color was no longer hazy as there was an entire horizon of blue, just like the sea. It was so blue that it was comforting.

When the rays of light rays passed through the windows and into the room, they happened to shine onto Lin Yuan’s closed eyes. After getting dazzled by the rays of light, Lin Yuan slowly woke up from his dreams.

After waking up, Lin Yuan felt that his body was very relaxed, unlike before, when his body would remain sore and fatigued even after a night’s rest. It seemed like the ability to sense spirit qi and the transference of Morbius’ spiritual energy had strengthened his spiritual energy. It allowed his body condition to be significantly better than yesterday.

When he picked up his phone to look at the time, it was already close to 6 a.m.

Lin Yuan felt it was rather strange as Chimey and Genius were just like his alarm clocks, especially Genius, which would naturally wake up at 5 a.m. every day. Unexpectedly, Genius was actually still in a deep sleep today.

Lin Yuan sat up, and just as he was preparing to wake up Genius and Chimey, he realized that they were surrounded by a pile of shed fur and feathers.

A bundle of ash-black and disordered fur was next to Genius, while a bundle of dull green feathers was around Chimey.

Lin Yuan got nervous, thinking that Chimey and Genius were sick!

Lin Yuan subconsciously used Morbius’ ability, True Data.

To Lin Yuan’s surprise, he realized that he could actually see Genius and Chimey’s data! He had used True Data on Genius and Chimey just yesterday before checking on the Clear Pond Carp’s information. However, True Data had not displayed any information on Genius and Chimey.

Be it the domestic Hundred Questions Beast, or the Sound Bird, which had failed to evolve into the Songstress Bird, they couldn’t be considered as feys. That was because they hadn’t even reached the standards of a Normal fey.

Presently, True Data’s displayed information indicated that both Genius and Chimey were Normal feys!

This had overturned all of the knowledge that Lin Yuan had learned over a dozen years after arriving in this world. The Hundred Questions Beast and Sound Bird were domestic beasts, and everyone had them. Nevertheless, there was never any case of a Hundred Questions Beast and Sound Bird evolving into feys!

In fact, even the Sound Bird’s evolution, the Songstress Bird, wasn’t qualified to be called a Normal fey. But now, both these little fellows had evolved.

Lin Yuan couldn’t understand, but he didn’t immediately wake up Genius and Chimey. Instead, he carefully cleaned up the shed fur and feathers before he went out for morning exercise.

In the past, Lin Yuan’s spiritual energy had been weak, and it already exhausted all of Lin Yuan’s energy just to live normally. Now that his body condition had improved, Lin Yuan decided to train his body as it was all of his capital.

After one hour of running and resting in the morning...

Lin Yuan wasn’t even able to breathe normally when he returned. After all, his body was still too weak.

“As expected, I am unable to adapt to the first day of training. But it is just a slow jog. As such, the distance ran must not be reduced. I have to persist.” Lin Yuan gestured with his fist to encourage himself.

After taking a shower, he noticed that Genius and Chimey were still in a deep sleep. Genius was even snoring softly.

Lin Yuan carefully closed the curtains that had been opened for a very long time. He closed the door on the second floor and went downstairs to prepare for the store opening.

At that moment, Lin Yuan noticed that one of the Usnea pots at the corner rack had actually transformed into something different from the other Usnea pots. Normally, Usneas had a tender green color, while the Usnea in that particular pot was dark green. Its vines were twice as thick as average Usnea vines, and its leaves looked firmer too.

This pot of Usnea actually evolved over the night!

Lin Yuan used True Data to check on the Usnea’s information, something that was previously unavailable.

[Fey Name]: Usnea

[Fey Species]: Arum genus/Philodendron genus

[Fey Grade]: Normal (3/10)

[Fey Type]: Grass

[Fey Quality]: Elite

“Its quality is actually Elite!” Lin Yuan couldn’t help but exclaim.

“This Usnea is indeed incredible...”

This pot of Usnea hadn’t just evolved—its quality had actually progressed too!

Lin Yuan felt that this world was truly too mystical.

The Usnea might just be a plant rich in nutritions for herbivorous feys, but there were also high-grade Usneas. However, most of the high-grade Usneas were produced using energy ores and other feys, along with huge effort.

However, Lin Yuan didn’t use energy ores to nurture the Usneas. He immediately related it to Genius and Chimey’s evolutions and then took another look at the evolved Usnea. He recalled that while he had been absorbing spirit qi the previous day, he had been holding its leaf. As for the other Usneas, they were still the same and didn’t have any changes.

The feys that had evolved had been in contact with him while he had been absorbing spirit qi.

Suddenly, Lin Yuan had such a bold thought that sounded unrealistic!

Could it be that when I absorb spirit qi, I am not just a funnel? Instead, I can guide the spirit qi through my body and help feys evolve and even increase their quality?

While thinking that, Lin Yuan couldn’t help and gulp down a mouthful of saliva.

Fey evolution was an extremely difficult feat. Plenty of contracted feys were stuck at a certain grade for an entire lifetime and wouldn’t be able to evolve. The difficulty of evolving feys was also why Creation Masters were the most respected spirit qi professionals. In fact, it wouldn’t be exaggerating to say it was the world’s most respected occupation.

Among the spirit qi occupations, there were combat-class and lifestyle-class spirit qi occupations. The combat-class spirit qi occupations were further categorized into power offense-type, agile offense-type, defense-type, support-type, and healing-type.

The contracted feys mainly determined the types of spirit qi occupations because each spirit qi professional would be compatible with a certain type of fey.

After sensing the fey, one would know which type they were more compatible with. As for the feys that weren’t as compatible, even if one had sufficient spiritual energy, it would be challenging to form a contract and might damage the spiritual energy.

Among the combat-class spirit qi professionals, the healing-type spirit qi professionals were the rarest. Out of every 100 spirit qi professionals, there might not even be a single healing-type spirit qi professional.

There were plenty of lifestyle-class spirit qi occupations too, but Creation Masters were the most respected among all of them.

For combat-class spirit qi professionals to evolve and increase the quality of their fey, apart from those rare natural evolutions, the only other method was to get help from Creation Masters.

However, the standard to become a Creation Master was also very high. In the entire federation, there might be fewer than 100 new Creation Masters every year.

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