Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 8: Overall Upgrade

Chapter 8: Overall Upgrade

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By comparison, becoming a Creation Master was as difficult as ascending to heaven. However, Lin Yuan could use his spirit qi channeling as a skill that was similar to Creation Masters’. In fact, it was even more effective than the standard methods Creation Masters used.

Creation Masters used many different medicinal ingredients to guide and induce a fey’s evolution. Nonetheless, during the evolution process, there was a possibility of failure.

Lin Yuan was merely channeling spirit qi into the fey’s body through his hands. His method could evolve the fey and increase its quality, and calling it god-like was not an exaggeration!

The evolution of feys was actually similar to a chronic patient consuming medicine. After consuming medicine for a long time, the chronic patient would form a resistance and wouldn’t be able to absorb the medicinal effects.

A Creation Master’s method to evolve a fey was the same as providing treatment to a chronic patient. If the fey was unable to absorb the medicinal effects, the Creation Master would use potent medicinal ingredients to form a new concoction for the fey to absorb the medicinal effects.

On the other hand, Lin Yuan simplified everything and used the most fundamental method by using his body as a medium. He would take the spirit qi that was stored in the world and use himself as the medium to transfer the spirit qi for the fey to absorb and evolve.

Lin Yuan’s method didn’t need to use up as many precious resources as Creation Masters needed. Also, according to the Usnea’s condition, it seemed like the increase of grade and quality didn’t require a long period.

“I am going to be rich!” Lin Yuan muttered to himself, while his excitement was displayed through his expressions. At the same time, Lin Yuan understood that his method would definitely be a terrifying piece of news.

Thus, in order to conceal this ability, Lin Yuan would need to pass the Creation Master’s test and obtain the qualification to become a Creation Master.

These were just Lin Yuan’s inferred thoughts, so he didn’t open the store in the morning. Instead, he experimented with the rest of the Usneas by repeating what he had done the previous night.

He spent five minutes on each pot. As a result, after a few hours, about 20 pots of Usneas had transformed into a dark green color, just like the first evolved Usnea. They were all normal-grade and their quality was Elite.

Lin Yuan chose one of the four pots of Jasmine Lilies and ground his teeth, while his body was rapidly circulating spirit qi for one hour.

The Jasmine Lily’s originally emerald green leaves had turned even more verdant. It seemed that half of the emerald green color on the leaves had gathered onto the petals’ tips, making this Jasmine Lily look extraordinary.

This meant that the Jasmine Lily had already reached elite-grade.

[Fey Name]: Jasmine Lily

[Fey Species]: Crassulaceae genus/Aeonium genus

[Fey Grade]: Elite (1/10)

[Fey Type]: Wood

[Fey Quality]: Normal


[Heal]: Recover open wounds.

[Fragrance]: The faint and fresh plant fragrance can alleviate anxious mood.

Fragrance, the new ability, was considered a very common ability for flower feys. The effects would be enhanced as the fey’s grade increased, and it wasn’t anything outstanding.

However, Lin Yuan realized that the Jasmine Lily’s initial ability, Heal, had changed. When it was at normal-grade, Heal could only slowly recover open wounds. Now that it had evolved to the elite-grade, Heal’s effect was enhanced.

Lin Yuan was staring blankly at the Elite Jasmine Lily. As a basic healing-type fey, a Jasmine Lily could already be sold for 500 Federation dollars a pot, and this was because Lin Yuan had lowered the price. Larger fey stores would normally set the price of a well-developed, Normal Jasmine Lily to be over 700 dollars. But once a Normal Jasmine Lily evolved into an Elite one, the price would instantly increase by ten times.

Although Lin Yuan’s Jasmine Lily had only obtained a mediocre ability at elite-grade, this convention also applied to it. If he placed it on the market for 5,000 dollars, it would probably be snatched instantly.

The feys’ prices had always been rather high. Take Lin Yuan’s little store as an example; it only had five pots of Normal Jasmine Lilies before he found this new ability.

After staring blankly for a moment, Lin Yuan took a glance at the 20+ pots of Normal Usnea and the Elite Jasmine Lily.

Now, he was certain about his ability. His body might not be able to preserve any spirit qi, but he wasn’t useless as he could evolve feys and increase their quality.

As such, Lin Yuan slapped his thigh in joy.

“In the end, I am still a transmigrator who hadn’t realized his cheat-like ability until now. Since I coincidentally found out about my cheat, it will allow me to rise to the top!”

At that moment, Lin Yuan heard a knocking sound at the door of the store. He immediately headed over to open and see who was looking for him.

After taking two steps forward, Lin Yuan felt that there seemed to be a trace of spirit qi remaining in his body. In the past, no matter how much spirit qi he absorbed, it would rapidly leak out. Could it be that when he helped feys to evolve, he could also improve his spiritual power?

If this was really the case, then he would also be able to cultivate and become a spirit qi professional.

After opening the store’s door, Lin Yuan noticed Auntie Zhang pushing a wheelchair and standing in front of his store. An aged uncle, who had a mix of black and white hair, was seated in the wheelchair.

Upon seeing Lin Yuan open the door, the aged uncle spoke with a hoarse voice. “Little Yuan, your Auntie Zhang is bringing me to the doctor. We will be away for three months, just like usual. If you have anything you are having trouble with, give a call to Auntie Zhang.”

Lin Yuan looked at Uncle Li, who was sitting in the wheelchair nonchalantly. Although his lower leg was wrapped with gauze, which was permeated with purplish-black blood, Uncle Li looked as if he wasn’t the one that was injured.

A few years back, Lin Yuan had visited Auntie Zhang and had witnessed how she had changed the bandages for Uncle Li. There had seemed to be something hidden within the flesh of Uncle Li’s leg, and it looked extremely sinister and frightening.

Auntie Zhang used her hand to knock on Uncle Li’s head and said, “Little Yuan is much more sensible than you. Do you even need to remind him?”

The wound was secreting rotting blood, but Uncle Li didn’t look like he could feel it. However, after Auntie Zhang knocked on his head, Uncle Li couldn’t help but rub his head. He looked just like an obedient punching bag.

After knocking on Uncle Li’s head, Auntie Zhang said to Lin Yuan, “Little Yuan, my mobile phone will be constantly switched on. If you encounter any problem, you have to give me a call immediately, no matter what time it is!”

Lin Yuan nodded to Auntie Zhang and Uncle Li. “Uncle, Auntie, don’t worry.”

Auntie Zhang gave Lin Yuan plenty of reminders and then started to push the wheelchair toward the road intersection while still feeling worried. The Terror Rabbit, which was used as a cushion for Uncle Li, then shook its ears at Lin Yuan as if bidding farewell.

Uncle Li is going for his treatment more than one month in advance. It looks like his leg injury is getting worse.

Lin Yuan had used True Data to check on Uncle Li’s leg injury. Uncle Li’s leg injury was actually caused by a type of bone-gangrene poison and not some physical wound.

This type of poison was biological, and it even carried spirit-curse effects. True Data’s displayed information stated that the poison originated from a poisonous worm called Bone-Rotting Filarial Worm.

The Bone-Rotting Filarial Worm was a type of very evil fey. Even the weakest Bone-Rotting Filarial Worm was Platinum, and they were extremely rare.

The Bone-Rotting Filarial Worm would normally attack with a poison named Bone-Rotting Poison, but it wasn’t the bone-gangrene’s cause. In order to form the bone-gangrene poison, the Bone-Rotting Filarial Worm would have to dig into the target’s flesh and sacrifice itself. It would then turn its lifeforce into a type of poison, forming the bone-gangrene.

Evidently, the bone-gangrene was a very horrifying poison.

Uncle Li has been enduring and sealing this poison inside his lower leg for so many years... Could it be that Uncle Li’s spirit qi occupation is king-class!?

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