Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: I Have a Son (2)

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Before Zhao Youlin gathered her thoughts and recovered from her shock, the kid gently entered the room. He closed the door and tiptoed toward the bed.

Under the dim ray of moonlight that shone into the room through the window, the kid’s face was slowly revealed to Zhao Youlin.

The child seemed to be around four years old. He was dressed in thin pajamas, and his chubby face appeared very clean and cute. His big, black eyes looked very lively and beautiful. Perhaps he was afraid of making a sound, because he did not wear shoes. He had come in with bare feet, which allowed Zhao Youlin to see his chubby toes.

While Zhao Youlin had merely been guessing in the beginning, she was certain now. Once she saw his face clearly, she knew this child was the grandson of the Mu family and her nominal son. There was no other reason. Although the boy looked very small, his face was essentially the child version of Mu Tingfeng’s face. She could not possibly mistake his identity.

When she first had discovered that she had a son, she had undergone a slew of extremely complicated feelings. She was just a young woman who never had a boyfriend. However, after she was reborn in this woman’s body, she realized that she not only had a husband but also had a son. It had shaken her to the core.

However, the moment she laid eyes on the kid, Zhao Youlin suddenly felt her heart flutter. Blood pulsed through her veins. It made her sigh emotionally without her realizing it. Could this be the so-called legendary sensation of being part of a family?

It was clearly their first time meeting, yet Zhao Youlin could not help but love the child.

The boy staggered toward Zhao Youlin. He gasped as he walked up to the bed. As soon as he raised his head, he unexpectedly stared into Zhao Youlin’s eyes.

The boy’s big eyes flew wide open. Clearly, he had not been expecting her to still be awake at this time. He let out a gasp and prepared to retreat, but she grabbed his hand first.

The boy became flustered, like a little beast that had gotten caught after mistakenly breaking into someone else’s territory. Soon after, his big eyes became teary. He was close to tears, and he looked pitiful as he muttered, “Mom… Mommy…”

Zhao Youlin saw the endearment in his eyes. Even so, he was feeling anxious and afraid. She was taken aback. At that moment, she recalled that this woman had initially planned to use this kid to officiate her position as Mrs. Mu and own Mu Tingfeng.

However, things had not developed according to her expectations. Mu Tingfeng did marry her, but he treated her like she was transparent after they got married. He did not even like this son who had been used as leverage over him. She could not increase her importance through her son to grab hold of his heart. Sadly, she could not understand the situation. Other than involving her innocent son in the bad things she did, she even blamed her son for not being able to help her gain Mu Tingfeng’s favor. She always alienated herself from her son. She had even vented her anger by beating her son at times. So, it caused the child to love and fear her over time.


No wonder the old butler looked so unhappy when he mentioned the child to her. He might have been the only person in the family who truly loved the child.

As Zhao Youlin thought about it, she began to despise the woman who previously owned this body. The woman was so pathetic that she had relied on a child to own a man, so she could not complain about how things had ended up.


While Zhao Youlin was unsatisfied with the woman, she felt her heart ache for this child. The pitiful boy was crying from shock. Zhao Youlin could not help but reach out to wipe the child’s tears that streamed down his face. She gently said, “Do you know that boys don’t simply cry?”


The boy was stunned. He instantly forgot how to cry. He stared at the woman who had gently wiped away his tears in a daze and whispered to him. ‘Mommy is so… gentle today!’

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