Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: I Have a Son (1)

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The old butler politely bowed before Zhao Youlin and said, “Madam, you haven’t recovered from your injuries yet. So, it’s best to stay at home to recuperate for the time being. Meanwhile, the young master has been fully occupied with the company’s affairs lately. I’m afraid that he won’t be able to return home in the near future. During his absence, please manage the home affairs on his behalf while awaiting for his homecoming, Madam.”

As soon as the old butler spoke, Zhao Youlin’s hand froze. She stopped stirring the soup. An untraceable hint of coldness darted about in her eyes.

‘That sounds really nice. Fully occupied with company affairs, huh? I think it’s actually more like he’s indulging in the world of promiscuity, partying every night, and getting drunk until he’s not willing to return home, right?’ This was actually a reminder in disguise to warn her about how men were in charge of the affairs of the world outside, while women were in charge of the house. Since she was in the position of the Mu family’s lady, she should play her role and have a heart just as gracious as an empress in a harem. As long as the man returned home once in a while, she should simply turn a blind eye to him regardless of how promiscuous he was, even if he was having a mistress outside.


‘Await the young master’s homecoming… my foot!’ He had to be treating her just like any other resentful woman! How she wished that the man would never appear before her for the rest of his life. That would prevent the two of them from not seeing eye to eye and her shooting him to death in the end.


Zhao Youlin was highly disgruntled. However, she did not show her true feelings on the surface. Instead, she nonchalantly replied, “Oh, I understand. Is there anything else?”

It was apparent that the old butler had intended to indirectly warn her when he spoke about the issue right then. Little did he expect the woman who used to whine and resorted to petty tricks whenever she found out that Mu Tingfeng would not return home to actually act so calmly for the first time. ‘Could the suicide have caused her to lose interest in the young master?’


Although the old butler was doubtful, he did not show any of those thoughts on his face. “Please excuse me and rest well, Madam,” he replied politely.

Zhao Youlin nodded. She did not say much and lowered her head to concentrate on drinking her soup.

When the old butler reached the door, he recalled something and turned around abruptly. He called her out in a low voice, “Madam.”


A glimpse of hesitancy was caught in the old butler’s eyes, and he reluctantly said, “Madam, your son had been very worried when he heard that you haven’t been feeling well lately. Once you feel better, please visit him.”


‘My son?’ Zhao Youlin was stunned. She only reacted after some time. So, this son of hers was the child that resulted from the one-night stand with Mu Tingfeng. The young master of the third generation in the Mu family was her actual son!

One had to admit that it was indeed advantageous for Zhao Youlin to go through all the trouble just to send a message to the people so that in the future, nobody in the mansion would dare to show her even the slightest disrespect.

Night fell. The shadows cast by the trees could be seen swaying outside the window. Their leaves rustled while Zhao Youlin had fallen into a deep slumber on her bed. Her well-honed senses kicked in. Her eyes snapped open, a result of being in hostile environments for years.

Just then, she heard light footsteps approaching the corridor outside the bedroom. They finally stopped in front of the bedroom door. Immediately after, Zhao Youlin heard a rustling sound. Apparently, someone was trying to open the bedroom door from the outside… albeit with some difficulty.

After a while, Zhao Youlin heard a click. The door slowly opened from the outside.

With the limited illumination of the moonlight, Zhao Youlin saw a small head pop out from behind the door. A pair of wide, crystal-clear eyes that resembled blackcurrants studied the room cautiously. This person was clearly filled with curiosity and fear of the unknown.


Zhao Youlin frowned. Why was there a child running into her room in the middle of the night? ‘Wait, a child? Could he be…?’


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