Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: My Son Is the Cutest Kid (1)

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Zhao Youlin held the pleasant-smelling boy while they slept soundly. On the other side, the scene was totally different in a spacious and bright condominium.

There was a vast swimming pool, and its clear blue water shone beautifully during that quiet midnight hour. Suddenly, someone emerged from the bottom of the pool, elegantly piercing through the water’s surface. His actions were reminiscent of a fish that had abruptly jumped out of the water and caused it to splash around.


A woman in a long white dress was sitting right by the pool. She was holding a parenting magazine in her hand while taking sips from a glass. From time to time, she would just glance at the man in the swimming pool, appearing very relaxed.

A while later, the man had completed a lap in the swimming pool. When he got out of the pool, he looked very imposing like a beast that had just woken up.

The clean pool water slowly flowed down the man’s body and splashed against his firm but unexaggerated muscles. His body gave people endless fantasies. He reached up to take off his goggles, and at that moment, his extremely handsome face was revealed. His profound features gave off an overbearing aura that only belonged to certain individuals, especially the kind who were leaders. That made it hard for people to forget this man once they glanced at him.


Su Qing was used to seeing his face, but even she could not help but become stunned for a while. She sighed emotionally. “Whew, my mother’s right. Young Feng, your face really is the best weapon to attract women. Every woman who sees your face subconsciously wants to climb into your bed…”

Before she finished speaking, Mu Tingfeng glanced at her coldly. However, she did not feel anything because she was already immune to his deadly gaze. She just grabbed the glass of plain water by her side directly and took a sip.

Mu Tingfeng stared at her for a while with a sullen face. He walked toward Su Qing and sat down before he said, “If all women want to sleep with me, does that include you?”

“Nope, I don’t want to be beaten by my mother and auntie. Plus, I’m very loyal to my darling, so I don’t plan on having an affair for the time being.”

Mu Tingfeng cast a glance at Su Qing. When he saw the parenting magazine on her lap and the glass of plain water on the table, his eyes sparkled slightly. “You’re…”

When Su Qing noticed Mu Tingfeng looking at the magazine in her hand, she subconsciously blushed.

Seeing this, Mu Tingfeng instantly understood. “How far along are you?”

“About two months.”

“Does Brother Yi know about it?”

“Yeah, I just called and told him.” At the mention of this, Su Qing’s face automatically turned red. She subconsciously caressed her belly with her right hand, and there was an aura of happiness about her.

When Mu Tingfeng saw how she looked, his eyes sparkled. He had his own son much earlier than them, but he had never been able to experience the happiness of being parents with his partner like that. All he felt was hatred and humiliation for being threatened.


“Oh, when will Brother Yi come and pick you up?”

Su Qing’s smile suddenly froze. She turned around and rolled her eyes at Mu Tingfeng. She really could not understand how quickly his thoughts jumped. Should he not congratulate and ask about her well-being at this time? Why was he suddenly chasing her away?


“Within these two days. Don’t worry, I won’t stay at your place for too long.”

Mu Tingfeng did not have too much of a reaction. He just gave her a perfunctory answer, “Okay.”

Su Qing was incredibly annoyed, but in her heart, she thought that since she was a pregnant lady, she could not get too mad.

She took the glass and drank some water again. It was not until she calmed down for a while that she said, “Let’s not talk about me. What about you? Did the woman agree to the divorce?”

Su Qing’s words instantly triggered his anger, and the atmosphere suddenly became cold.

Su Qing felt satisfied. He was too easy to deal with. It was still far too early for him to fight her!

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