Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 14

Chapter 14: My Son Is the Cutest Kid (2)

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Su Qing’s heart exploded with satisfaction. She continued to gossip as if she still had not gotten enough of it. “She’s still unwilling? That wench is very stubborn. You’ve humiliated her by being all intimate with another woman in front of her face, yet she’s still not willing to divorce you? I heard that she even slit her wrist a few days ago because of this, right? Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! That’s so headstrong of her. Aren’t you going to take a look at her? Although that wench doesn’t have any status in the Zhao family, she’s still one of them. You’ll have a hard time explaining things if she dies in the Mu family’s care.”

“She won’t die.”

Su Qing had been talking for a long time, but she was rendered speechless by Mu Tingfeng’s cold and brief reply. She felt unusually defeated. Rolling her eyes at him once again, she said, “All right, she’s not dead. I know that I’m nagging you at this point, but I must say that both of you have been married for four years, and all this while, your marriage has been somewhat fine, right? Despite that wench holding the title of the Mu family’s mistress, as long as both of you don’t interfere with each other’s affairs, you two actually seldom cross paths. Why do you want to file for a divorce all of a sudden? After all, both of you already have a child. Even if you don’t want to give her any respect, you should at least care about that child, unless…”

Su Qing paused abruptly and turned her head to look at Mu Tingfeng. “You already have your eyes on another woman?”

Mu Tingfeng glared at Su Qing, who had the look of a gossipmonger on her face now. Then, he nonchalantly replied, “Four years was the maximum amount I agreed to give her. I must put a stop to this marriage.”

Su Qing got even more frustrated and said, “All right, just divorce her then. Do whatever you like. I can’t control you anymore, anyway.”

Su Qing rose from the chair and stretched. “Oh, dear! It’s late. I have to go to bed now. Take your time figuring out how to settle it.” After that, Su Qing made her way to her bedroom, leaving a frowning Mu Tingfeng alone in his seat.

Mu Tingfeng’s dark gaze was reflected in the crystal-clear water. He subconsciously recalled the recent news that came from the old butler about things in his home.

‘She slit her wrist once and changed? Does she really want to make peace? Or is she just trying to play hard to get?’ No matter what, he would not change his mind. That woman was certainly not allowed to stay in the Mu family!


The next morning, Zhao Youlin woke up from the rhythmic sound of knocking on the door. She stretched her hand out to pat the unsettled child in her arms so that he could continue his sleep. Then, she lowered her voice and said, “Come in.”

After he was granted permission, the old butler opened the room door and rushed in. There was a hint of worry in his eyes that he could not hide, and he was obviously terrified as he said, “Madam, the young master…”

When the scene of the mother and son snuggling in bed came into sight, the old butler’s words became stuck in his throat.

“What’s wrong with Joy? Isn’t he here?” Zhao Youlin was also a bit stunned at the rare sight of the old butler’s loss of composure. She immediately understood the moment she noticed the hint of fear and worry on the old butler’s face before he schooled his expression in time.

‘The old man must have discovered Joy’s absence in his room when he wanted to wake him up in the morning. He then guessed that the child had come to my room and was afraid that I might hurt Joy like last time. Hence, he became anxious and ran over here to bring the child back.’

The ruckus and mention of Joy’s name caused Joy to stir even though Zhao Youlin had painstakingly coaxed him back to sleep. He fidgeted, rubbed his bleary eyes, and fell into Zhao Youlin’s warm embrace.

Looking at the child in her arms moving around like a groundhog, she softened her gaze and lowered her head to smooch the child’s bare forehead.

Although he could hardly open his eyes, Joy felt that someone had kissed him. His surroundings were filled with his mother’s scent, and he thought that he had not woken up from his dream state. So, he reached out to touch Zhao Youlin while in a daze. He wrapped his hands around Zhao Youlin’s neck and gave her the same drool-covered peck as last night on the side of her face.


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