Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Two Shots to Kill (2)

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The lights inside the warehouse had not been switched on. It was completely pitch-black, and literally nothing could be clearly seen. They could only rely on the dim moonlight that snuck in through the window to make out their bearings.

“Where are Captain Li and the others?” Zhao Youlin asked in a low voice as she leaned on a large square stone pillar.

The police officer beside her replied in a low voice, “Captain Li and the others are at our two o’clock. They’re waiting in front of the warehouse and are ready to provide assistance at any moment.”

Zhao Youlin nodded. She gripped the gun in her hands tightly and glanced at the silent warehouse. Furrowing her brows, she came to a decision. “Split into two teams. One team will come with me, while the other team will go with Mu Chen. Flank the enemy, but be careful not to alert them.”

The dozen people behind her automatically split into two teams upon hearing Zhao Youlin’s words. They followed both Zhao Youlin and Mu Chen from two different directions. Then, they approached the vans that had just been driven into the warehouse and surrounded them.

They snuck into the vans agilely, only to find nobody inside. Even the drivers’ seats were empty. The spaces behind the drivers’ seats were also empty.

Zhao Youlin frowned. She had a bad feeling. Before she even had time to ruminate, she reacted abruptly based on the intuition she had cultivated over her years of experience in the face of danger. She instantly rolled over to one side on the ground.

At the same time, a few bullets struck the car seats. The sound of the shots along with the startled cries of her teammates who were being gunned down echoed in the warehouse.

Zhao Youlin turned her head and looked at the spot she had been crouching at earlier. There were two wisps of white smoke that had yet to dissipate. It was not hard to imagine what would have happened if she had reacted a little slower just now.

With that in mind, Zhao Youlin’s face darkened. She gritted her teeth and cursed in a low voice, “Darn it! We were set up.” The vans were empty, the inside of the warehouse was pitch-black, and snipers were lying in wait to ambush them. Obviously, everything had already been planned out beforehand. She had truly fallen into someone’s trap this time.

With her ears still ringing from the gunshots, Zhao Youlin tried to identify the direction in which the bullets were coming from. She took advantage of the cover provided by the van and shot at the dark corners several times. Just as she expected, she heard people grunting and bodies hitting the ground.

After hitting a few people consecutively, Zhao Youlin returned to take cover under the van again. She reloaded her gun swiftly and slowly moved toward a dark figure not far away; he was also shooting at the corner.

“Sister Lin, are you all right?” Mu Chen was delighted when he saw Zhao Youlin. He inquired about her condition with a gun in his hands.

“I’m fine. What about you? How are the others doing?”

“I’m fine too. A few people have been… A few of them are injured.”


Zhao Youlin’s face darkened, and she said, “Hold on a while longer. Once the second team hears the gunshots, they will surely rush over here at once.”

After she said this, Mu Chen instantly replied with a bitter smile, “Sister Lin, although what you say is true…”

Zhao Youlin froze. She gazed past Mu Chen and saw empty magazines scattered on the ground. He had emptied the magazine in his gun one second ago.

Zhao Youlin gave Mu Chen a look, and her eyes sparkled. Suddenly, she took out the remaining two loaded magazines from her waist and stuffed them into Mu Chen’s hands.

Mu Chen was shocked. He widened his eyes and looked at Zhao Youlin in disbelief. “Sister Lin, you—”

“Enough with the nonsense. Just hold on. I’ll manage. You mustn’t die.” Zhao Youlin interrupted him impatiently. Immediately after, she darted into the empty space above her. Her gaze was cold and she fired at the dark corners a few more times. As she rolled her body on the ground, she evaded some more shots from the other side. Then, she stomped on the ground and seized the chance to pounce at the dark corner closest to her.

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