Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Two Shots to Kill (3)

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The enemy at the corner struck the ground with a thud, and Zhao Youlin quickly took his spot. She threw her gun away after firing the final bullet. While Zhao Youlin reached out to pick up the gun of the unlucky man whom she had killed, suddenly, a cold and hard object touched her forehead. It made her shudder in fear, and she totally froze.

“Don’t move, or I’ll blow your brains out.” When she heard a rough male voice, the lights in the warehouse lit up almost a second later.

It allowed Zhao Youlin to see the person standing in front of her. It was a tall man who appeared as rugged as he sounded.

When the man saw Zhao Youlin’s face clearly, he was also stunned for a while. He whistled and teased her. “I didn’t know it was a woman. Buddies, come out and take a look. Are all policemen extinct? They’re sending women now.”

“Sister Lin…” Mu Chen hid in the corner when he saw that Zhao Youlin had been caught, and his expression changed slightly. He wanted to do something, but he realized that he was once more out of bullets. He threw the gun on the ground in annoyance and gritted his teeth. He was so anxious that his eyes turned red.

A gun had been placed against Zhao Youlin’s forehead. She calmly stared at the men who walked out from behind the pillars one by one, and she looked around as if she was coming up with a plan.

“Brother Pao, this woman looks pretty good. Why don’t a few of us… Hehe…” When the men walked closer, they saw Zhao Youlin’s face and could not help but whistle. Their eyes were filled with desire, and they wanted to reach out to touch her face.

Right then, the sound of several gunshots was heard again. The man who had wanted to reach out to touch Zhao Youlin was shot in the head. A few of his companions also encountered the same fate at the same time. The situation was instantly reversed.

The man who was pointing a gun at Zhao Youlin saw this and was terrified. He raised his head in an attempt to look for the person who had fired the shot. Meanwhile, Zhao Youlin had been waiting for this exact moment.

Once the man was truly distracted by the sound of the gunshots, Zhao Youlin bent her right elbow backward and struck the man’s gun away. Then, she twirled around and accurately kicked him in the chest to bring him down. The flying gun fell into Zhao Youlin’s hands.

Zhao Yulin flipped her wrist, and the muzzle that had initially been pointed at her head was directed at the original owner’s forehead, stopping the man mid-struggle.

At that moment, someone rammed open the warehouse door from the outside, and a bunch of reinforcements rushed in in formation.

When Zhao Youlin saw the group, her lips curled into a smile. Gazing coldly at the man whom she had subdued, she snickered and said, “What’s wrong with being a woman? Didn’t a woman just take you down? Never look down on women. Take him away!”

After the reinforcements heard Zhao Youlin’s words, they swarmed over, grabbed the man, and walked out.

Once Zhao Youlin witnessed all of this, she could not help but sigh in relief. As soon as she put down the gun, she heard a joyful scream. “Sister Lin!”

Zhao Youlin turned around to take a look and saw Mu Chen rushing toward her happily. She curled the corner of her lips a little. Just as she was about to walk forward, she suddenly heard the sound of a bullet being fired from the back. She immediately felt a sudden pain in her chest.

She was stunned as she lowered her head and saw her bleeding chest. Her mind went black for a moment. She heard the screams of Mu Chen and her other colleagues, but her body fell back in spite of herself.

Before she lost consciousness, a thought flashed in her mind. ‘One bullet was fired from the back, and another bullet was fired from two o’clock!’

Damn it, she had worked as a police officer for so many years. In the end, she was not killed by gangsters who smuggled goods. Instead, she was killed by her colleagues! Hah!

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