Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: It’s Me Dumping You (6)

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“Of course.” Zhao Youlin was very satisfied with Mu Tingfeng’s quick response. Hence, she immediately pushed the agreement under her hand over to him and said, “From now on, Joy and I have nothing more to do with you. I don’t hope to see you again, nor do I ever want to have any relations with you.


Mu Tingfeng took the agreement. He lifted his gaze and looked into Zhao Youlin’s eye. He said, “Likewise.”

Zhao Youlin did not continue. She patted Luo Weibing who had already stiffened like a stone to gesture to him to rise up. Then, she wrapped around his arms and prepared to depart.

Mu Tingfeng shot a glance at their hands that had intertwined intimately. He frowned and unwittingly found the scene… an eyesore.

Before Mu Tingfeng returned to his senses, Zhao Youlin had already left behind Mu Tingfeng and she paused mid-stride abruptly. She dragged the stiffened Luo Weibing and turned over. She said, “By the way, there’s one more thing.”

The crowd that had been disappointed upon her departure quickly returned their attention to them. They pricked up their ears to listen to what Zhao Youlin had more to say about.

Zhao Youlin’s eyes met Mu Tingfeng’s inquisitive gaze. The corner of her lips twitched. She said gently with a faint smile, “There are things which I thought I should have said earlier. However, I’m afraid that once I reveal it, the changes might be beyond my control. As such, I’ve been holding it back until now.”

After Zhao Youlin finished speaking, her expression changed abruptly. She looked at Mu Tingfeng seriously and continued, “I would like to thank you very much for taking the initiative to file for a divorce, President Mu. I’ve waited for this day for too long.”

After Zhao Youlin spoke, there was an instant uproar in the cafe. Many people started to talk about it.

When Zhao Youlin and Mu Tingfeng got married, they had created a big fuss among the upper-class society. There were various types of rumors, but a majority of them pointed to the same version that the woman had been the one who offered herself to the man. On the other hand, the man had married the woman reluctantly only because she was pregnant. After their wedding, they never had a blissful marriage. Most of the rumors claimed that the man despised the woman and treated her coldly, resulting in her shedding tears almost everyday.

Many people had treated such gossip as a joke. Never did they expect Zhao Youlin to say she had been anticipating to divorce for many years. She actually hinted that she was the one who despised Mu Tingfeng. As a result, many people were shocked, and some even found it suspicious.

After all, Mu Tingfeng came from a prestigious family background and status. Moreover, he was good-looking and had a high net worth. These were his assets that attracted so many women within his circle. No one would judge him if he despised any woman. But, it certainly would be a myth to say that any woman would despise him. At that time, the crowd was destined to pop their eyes out of their sockets.

Su Qing was so shocked by Zhao Youlin’s words that she nearly dropped the magazine in her hand. She asked in surprise, “Have you been waiting for this day for a long time?”

“Correct. The main reason is… Ms. Su, as the lover of President Mu, didn’t you know about it?” Zhao Youlin looked at Su Qing with a playful smile. Her expression turned sympathetic and teasing.


“Me?” Su Qing dumbly responded. She widened her eyes and looked around in confusion.

Meanwhile, Mu Tingfeng’s face darkened. He glared at Zhao Youlin fiercely and no longer bothered about Su Qing.

Zhao Youlin smirked. She grabbed Luo Weibing’s shoulder intimately and pretentiously said, “Oh dear! Have you not any clue about it, Ms. Su? Tsk! tsk! tsk! Although it’s indecent for a lady to say this out, I think I should inform you beforehand for the sake of your future happiness, Ms. Su. I don’t want to keep you in the dark and end up like myself, regretful yet unable to help with it when it’s all too late. In fact, during my days with him, we’ve never had… that… you know… except that time when we had our child.”


Zhao Youlin had fought back splendidly. Everyone in the cafe was dumbfounded. ‘What Madam Mu said… is it the same as what I’m thinking in my mind?’

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