Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: It’s Me Dumping You (5)

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After what seemed like half a day, Mu Tingfeng took the lead to start the conversation. He opened his mouth and asked coldly, “Where’s the divorce agreement?”

Mu Tingfeng finally brought up the main subject. As soon as Zhao Youlin heard him, she took out a document from the handbag placed beside her without a hint of affectation. It was the same divorce document which the old butler had taken a look at in the morning.

Mu Tingfeng reached out to take the agreement. But Zhao Youlin reacted faster than him by pressing her hand against the top of the agreement and said in a low voice, “Hold on.”

“Anything else?” Mu Tingfeng narrowed his eyes, and a dangerous look appeared on his face. He could not tell if he was actually disappointed or thankful. However, the dominant emotion in him was frustration, because he had expected that things would not be resolved that easily.

Zhao Youlin stared at Mu Tingfeng close up with her sharp and icy-cold eyes. She smirked, “How do I know whether you’ll hold a grudge against my previous actions and take the opportunity to seek revenge upon Joy and me after we divorce? You know well that once we’re out of the Mu family, both Joy and I are just a divorced woman and an orphan. It’s not unlikely that we won’t be bullied by others.”

Mu Tingfeng’s eyes were cold. A hint of mockery was shown in his eyes. “Do you think I have that much free time in my hands?”

Mu Tingfeng’s arrogant expression implied that he would not bother to be so calculative with her. In fact, he had an arrogant look that said he would just be staining his hands if he did it. Seeing this, Zhao Youlin’s face darkened. A hint of coldness darted in her eyes. She snorted. “President Mu, you’re a businessman, and people like you value integrity. Since you’ve said this and everyone here can testify to this, I can be at ease.”

The atmosphere in the cafe instantly turned strange after Zhao Youlin spoke her words.

Zhao Youlin had articulated her words craftily. On the surface, it seemed like she was thanking Mu Tingfeng for being generous and letting bygones be bygones about their previous strife. In fact, she had dug a trap and was waiting for Mu Tingfeng to jump into it himself.

Once Zhao Youlin left the Mu family with its true heir, without the protection of the Mu family, some idiots would definitely come and cause her trouble.

But Zhao Youlin had said these words in such a manner that those uninvolved would naturally hold Mu Tingfeng accountable whenever Zhao Youlin was in trouble, even if he never had the intention to cause her trouble. Those uninvolved would assume that it was merely a piece of cake for Mu Tingfeng to instruct anyone to cause trouble to Zhao Youlin since he had the power to do whatever he wanted.

With that, not only would Mu Tingfeng be unable to lay a finger on the mother and son, he even had to instruct someone to protect them. This was to prevent him from becoming the talk of the town should there be some other idiots who decided to hurt them.

Mu Tingfeng’s expression turned very dark. He had never thought that he would ever fall into anyone’s trap, much less think that someone would actually dig a trap right in front of a crowd in such an imposing manner so that he would fall into it. What surprised him, even more, was that the trap had been set up by a woman he had always looked down on.

Mu Tingfeng looked at the woman sitting across the table from him. This was his first time observing her properly. He felt as if this was only the first day he knew her.

Meanwhile, Su Qing’s heart raced as she watched the scene. This was partly because she had been taken aback by Zhao Youlin’s boldness. The last time someone who had done the same to her cousin had already filed for bankruptcy and even committed suicide by jumping from the building because they were forced to a corner by loansharks. Meanwhile, she was in high spirits to finally see Mu Tingfeng losing to someone. Her cousin had been very mature ever since he was young. Despite being older than him, she often lost to him. Therefore, it was rare for her to see him suffer a loss.

Upon hearing the war of words between the married couple, Luo Weibing merely wanted to reduce his presence. He kept lowering his head. If not for the small cup, he had wished to bury his head inside the coffee like an ostrich.

Just when everyone thought Mu Tingfeng might explode on the spot, he replied calmly, “That’s all? It’s about time to give that thing to me, right?”

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