Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Abandoned Rich Wife (2)

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In the empty room, a light breeze lifted the curtain by the window. It fluttered lightly. Apart from that, a female anchor’s sweet and lively voice could be heard from a TV.

In the blink of an eye, it had been three days since Zhao Youlin woke up in that room. Over the past few days, she had come to understand her own situation very well.

The two bullets that had been fired in the warehouse previously had really killed her. However, she did not know whether she was lucky or unfortunate to be reborn as someone with the exact same name in this era.

She was lucky to be alive, but the owner of the body that she occupied now belonged to a rich wife who had been abandoned by her husband!


Zhao Youlin had experienced a resurrection in another body. If someone had told her in the past that she would become another person after she died one day, she would have dragged the person to the training site to train. But now… she had to believe it.

As she thought about her situation, Zhao Youlin could not help but touch the bandage that was wrapped around the wound on her left hand. The wound on her wrist was so severe that she had nearly died from the blood loss.

In fact, the owner of this body had really died. If her soul did not come to inhabit this body, it would have been impossible for this body to be still alive.

The husband of this body was a famous person in City S. Mu Tingfeng was the CEO of a multinational corporation’s headquarters, and the fashion magazines always reported on him. Rumors said that he was a fearless man who could do anything he wanted and dabbled with both legal and illegal activities.


Although Zhao Youlin had been reborn in another body, she was surprised to find that it had retained its original owner’s memories, so Zhao Youlin did not need to ask other people about her current situation in confusion.

From the original owner’s memories, Zhao Youlin realized that the woman had resorted to many underhanded methods to drug Mu Tingfeng so she could sleep with him for a night. It was only after she got pregnant that the famous bachelor was forced into marrying her. But after they got married, the two of them treated each other like strangers. Mu Tingfeng had not even slept with her since then. He totally neglected her after their marriage and never even checked up on her after the birth of their baby.


When Zhao Youlin discovered this, she could not help but recall the face of the cold man she had caught a glimpse of on the TV. At that moment, all the pieces fell into place.

He was a man blessed by the Gods and was used to controlling everything, so how could he be threatened and manipulated by somebody else? Even so, he should not have had an affair with another woman in front of his wife. He had even taken her for granted by making a request to divorce her. It had pushed her into committing suicide by cutting her wrist. If Zhao Youlin were the woman…


However, it had happened between the woman and Mu Tingfeng. The woman just knew how to cry, make a scene, and commit suicide. That woman was dead, while Zhao Youlin was the survivor. She was not a woman who could be easily bullied and rendered helpless from being controlled by others.

The light from the TV screen was reflected on Zhao Youlin’s face. She was still pale from the blood loss. It made her frail and submissive face shine, which had never occurred before.

At the same time, Zhao Youlin heard something from the TV that interested her.

“Three days ago, a terrifying shooting happened in a warehouse at the jetty in City S. To protect the public’s safety near the jetty, the SWAT team was urgently dispatched to handle the criminals at the fastest speed possible, but they also had to pay a heavy price. A number of officers, as well as a team leader, were killed in the line of duty. The cause of the shooting is still under investigation now. We are reporting live from the scene.”


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