Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Abandoned Rich Wife (1)

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Darkness filled her vision, and she felt as if her limbs were being restricted by weights that weighed several thousand pounds. She could barely move. The only thing she had left was her hearing ability, but even that was barely there.

Zhao Youlin could vaguely sense many people moving around her. Noisy chatters, as well as exclamations from the strangers, rang out.

“Goodness! Stop the bleeding! Stop the bleeding!”

“What are you guys doing? The young master may not fancy his wife, but if he finds out that the madam committed suicide by slitting her wrists and died at home, all of us here will be dead men!”

“What’s the point of talking about that? Where’s the doctor? Why hasn’t the doctor arrived yet?”

“The doctor is on the way, but by the time he arrives, the madam will be long… Just stop the bleeding before we continue. Oh, my God! Why is there so much blood?!”

‘Young Master? Madam? Committed suicide by slitting my wrist? What’s going on?’ Had she not succumbed to the two shots fired at her heart? Could it be that the shots had missed her…? But even if she had been resuscitated, the wound she sustained should be considered as a gunshot wound. What did it have to do with slitting her wrist?

Zhao Youlin was in a daze. She tried hard to open her eyes, but her eyelids felt like they weighed thousands of pounds. Unfamiliar noises kept buzzing in her ears. Soon, against her own will, Zhao Youlin drifted off to sleep again.

She regained her consciousness once again as something pushed on her chest, causing her to be unable to breathe. It made Zhao Youlin feel like a whale that had nearly suffocated from accidental drowning. Her survival instincts had induced her to struggle reflexively and open her eyes with a gasp.

A completely unfamiliar scene unfolded before her eyes. The sight of the familiar snow-white background in a hospital or the disgusting smell of disinfectant that usually came along with the sight was not detected. Instead, she was in a comfortable, brightly lit room that was filled with a mild fragrance.

Zhao Youlin instinctively scanned her surroundings to study the place. She had never seen it before.

The inside of the spacious bedroom consisted of uniquely designed European-style architecture. In addition, it was adorned with luxurious furniture pieces. It appeared as grand and elegant as it was clean and pleasant. Even a layman like Zhao Youlin who did not have an eye for luxurious items and their prices was able to tell that these things cost a bomb.

‘Where exactly is this place? Do I even know anyone this rich? Why can’t I recall anything at all?’ Since she had just woken up and her mind was still muddled, Zhao Youlin frowned subconsciously to hold back her discomfort.


Some wind was blowing through a curtain. Following the breeze, it fluttered lightly against a steel wire anti-theft screen by a rose-carved windowsill, creating a flapping sound. The sunlight from the outside cast itself on her as she lay on a wide and soft bed.

The warmth rested on her face, and Zhao Youlin fell into a trance for a moment. She had relaxed so much that her ever-alert self failed to notice a figure walking in until…

A loud bang was heard. The moment a maid carrying a basin of hot water entered the room and discovered that Zhao Youlin was awake, the basin in her hands fell to the floor. She turned around and dashed out in a frenzy while shouting, “The madam’s awake! Hurry! The madam’s awake!”

‘Madam?’ Zhao Youlin frowned. The inexplicable dissonance hit her once again.

She looked at the entrance, where the basin had landed and the spilled water was forming a puddle on the floor. The basin was still rolling on the floor. Zhao Youlin subconsciously extended her hand to feel the gunshot wounds on her chest. The next moment, she froze.

There were no wounds on her chest. Instead, her left hand was wrapped in a thick and white bandage. She could vaguely see a few lines of crimson bloodstains on the bandage. However, all this no longer mattered much because the most concerning issue was her hand… It was not hers!

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