Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Master and Servant (1)

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The sudden scream shocked everyone in the mansion. A few maids who were closer rushed into the room, but they became completely stunned by the scene there.

The maid who had delivered the food was lying on the floor, while hot porridge and other food had been spilled over a large part of her top. Her face was even stained with a big red handprint. Her eyes were teary, and she kept trembling. A shiny spoon was placed against her neck.

At first, it just seemed like cutlery, but it shone with a strange cold light at that moment. A shiver unwittingly ran down the spines of everyone in the room as a result.

They were shocked by the spectacle in front of them. It was hard to imagine the usually-obedient madam suddenly becoming so frightening, so everyone instantly stood still and dared not enter the room.

When the old butler arrived, he saw a bunch of people standing in front of the madam’s room. He was taken aback for a while before he yelled in a low voice, “Why are you standing in front of the madam’s room? Don’t you need to work now?”

The old butler had been staying with the Mu family since the generation of Mu Tingfeng’s grandfather, and his status in the family had remained the same for many years, which spoke volumes of his standing.

The maids snapped out of their daze when they heard the old butler. Everyone seemed to get a grip on themselves as they moved aside while they said, “Sir, look at this…”

The old butler went to the front of the crowd. He was also shocked when he saw the scene inside the room. He said in a low voice, “Madam, you…”

Before the old butler finished his sentence, Zhao Youlin’s cold gaze terrified him so much that he stopped talking. The old butler had experienced a lot of things while he worked for Master Mu, but never did he expect to be frightened by a young girl’s gaze. However, Zhao Youlin’s gaze truly surprised him. Her gaze was so cold, it was as though she was staring at a non-living thing.


Zhao Youlin took a look at the old butler and flipped through her memories to identify him. It was only after she confirmed his identity that she put the spoon on the maid’s neck away. She slowly caressed her waist-length hair before she got up from the maid’s body like a grim reaper that had just come out of the depths of hell. Everyone drew a collective gasp.

Zhao Youlin stared at the old butler. She smiled faintly and said, “It’s you. That’s great, I need you to handle something for me.”

“Madam, you…” The old butler cast a glance at the maid, who was shuddering on the ground and too afraid to get up, before he looked at Zhao Youlin. He did not know how to react.

“This maid came into my room and delivered food to me. Not only did she speak sarcastically to me, but she was even ready to reduce my breakfast. I did not like her, so I taught her a lesson. I didn’t overstep, did I?” As Zhao Youlin spoke, she casually threw the spoon over the plate at the side with a clank.

Zhao Youlin bent her fingers right then and stared at her fingers that did not seem as agile anymore, frowning with contempt. Indeed, it was really troublesome when it was not her body.

She had no idea how much her actions earlier had impacted the people in the room.

The old butler was dumbfounded for some time before he immediately said, “Of course you did not. Madam, you’re the mistress of this mansion, so you can naturally teach a maid a lesson. May I know how you’re going to deal with this maid?”

The old butler clearly sounded like he was testing her out. Zhao Youlin casually played with her slightly stiff fingers. She sneered and said, “I wouldn’t dare keep a maid who is unable to distinguish the mistress from a servant. Throw her out.”

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