Fierce Ex-wife: President, Please Be Careful

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Master and Servant (2)

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Everyone on the spot was stunned by Zhao Youlin’s nonchalant remarks. It was completely against their expectations to see the previously cowardly woman speak like that.

The old butler was just as startled. His gaze inevitably froze on the woman before him. It was his first time regarding the nominal mistress of the Mu family properly.

The old butler had been with Master Mu since he was young. It was not an exaggeration to say that he had watched Mu Tingfeng grow up to become a man. Furthermore, his partner had passed away more than two decades ago, and they had been childless. Ever since then, he did not remarry and raised Mu Tingfeng, the only child in the Mu family, as his own grandson.

He knew better than anybody how the madam had employed tricks to gain her current position in the first place. Therefore, the servants were not the only ones who despised the madam. In fact, he looked down on her as well. He felt that she was not worthy of the young master he had raised by himself, especially after he saw the woman’s attitude toward Master Mu’s grandson. He had grown even more convinced that the woman did not deserve her place in the family. Hence, he turned a blind eye to the servants when they displayed insubordination to her over and over again.


What the old butler found even more dishonorable about her was that as the lady from a prestigious family, she merely whined over the maids’ impertinence toward her. She lacked the dignity that was expected from a mistress of a house. Moreover, she would vent her anger on her child. That was totally…


However, this time… the old butler could not help but glance at the madam, who had transformed into a new being with an imposing air about her. He grumbled to himself, ‘Could it be true that a person’s temperament makes a 180-degree change after he or she survives a near-death experience?’

As the old butler did not respond after some time, she raised her eyebrows. She said with a faint smile, “What’s the matter? Do you think it’s wrong for me to settle it this way?”

Just then, the old butler snapped out of his daze and realized that he had lost his composure before the madam. “Of course not. You’re the young master’s wife. Naturally, you are the decision-maker regarding this matter in the young master’s absence,” he hurriedly replied.

Zhao Youlin smiled. She looked at the respectable elder of the mansion and replied to him politely, “It’s rare to see you being so sensible, Mr. Butler. The servants employed by the Mu family are meant to serve the masters of the house. No matter what offense the master has committed, he is still the master. It’ll never be the servant’s turn to walk all over the master. Today, this maid actually dared to treat me disrespectfully. In the future, the other maids will follow suit. They will not only disrespect me but the other master of the mansion as well. I don’t think this is what you’re seeking, am I right, Mr. Butler?”

The moment Zhao Youlin uttered those words, the maids’ countenances changed instantaneously. Many of them used to bully Zhao Youlin just like that maid did earlier.

Meanwhile, a flash darted across the old butler’s eyes, as he was the one called to answer her question. He maintained a smile on his face as he nodded and replied, “You’re right, Madam.”

The corner of Zhao Youlin’s lips curled upward, giving a hint of satisfaction. She raised her gaze and heard some noises made by the security guards who were coming from the outside. Then, she smirked. “Why haven’t you kicked the woman out yet? It’s an eyesore to see her.”

The security guards looked at each other and hesitated. Apparently, they were unsure if they should heed the order of the so-called madam.

Noticing this, Zhao Youlin’s expression remained unchanged. “What? Do you want to be thrown out with her too?” she spat mercilessly.

The security guards were shocked. Right then, they also realized that the old butler was inside the room. Yet, he did not seem to have the slightest intention to dissuade the madam. They wiped away their cold sweat and swiftly dashed over to that maid.

It was only then that the maid, who was lying on the floor, came to realize the gravity of the situation. She scrambled to get up and cried in a panic, “No… Please don’t kick me out, Madam. Madam… I was wrong. I’ll never repeat the mistake, I’ll never repeat the mistake. Madam, my father died early, and my mother’s been bedridden over the years. I also have a few siblings at home who are still pursuing their studies. I really need this job. I beg you, don’t kick me out. Don’t kick me out of the Mu family’s home!”


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