First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Chapter 10 waiting for you to grow up


She had always lived a humble life. Her parents had never felt sorry for her. Only mother Wang, the nanny, had always treated her sincerely. Perhaps it was because they depended on each other for survival.

Whenever she was insulted by Xi Yuancheng, whenever she was bullied by Xi Muxue, whenever she was lonely and helpless, mother Wang would always hug her and gently comfort her

“Mu Ru, you’ll be fine when you grow up. When you get married when you grow up, you’ll have a warm home. ”

Therefore, she had been looking forward to growing up and getting married ever since she was young. In fact, she had been looking forward to having a warm family ever since she was young.

Later, when she was thirteen, the Qin family from Binhai came to the XI family to propose marriage. At that time, they probably also proposed marriage to Xi Muxue. However, Xi Muxue had already promised Dongfang Mo a year ago, so Xi Yuancheng didn’t know what Xi Yuancheng was thinking He actually dressed her up beautifully and dragged her to the Qin family. Of course, he used thick bangs to cover his forehead and said that his daughter’s name was Xi Muru. Then, he used this to deceive her and perhaps gave her to the Qin family.

Even though mother Wang had told her later that she might marry into the Qin family when she grew up, she knew that it was her father’s way of deceiving her. When the Qin family found out about the birthmark on her forehead in the future, they would definitely not want her.

Moreover, four years ago, the Qin family seemed to have gone bankrupt. After that, there was no news from the Qin family. Therefore, her engagement that did not belong to her in the first place was put to rest.

She returned to her room that she had just stayed in for less than three months and quietly lowered her head to pack her luggage. Although there was still a week’s time, she had to pick it up sooner or later, right?

Moreover, she wanted to use these few days to take mother Wang to buy a set of clothes. She had earned a few hundred yuan from doing odd jobs during the summer vacation, so she could add a winter down jacket for mother Wang. Mother Wang was already fifty years old, but she had never worn a down jacket before.

She had only moved into this room in July this year. It was next to Mu Xue’s room. In the past, her room had always been in the servant’s room next to this villa, next to mother Wang’s room.

The reason she had moved into the villa in July was that she had graduated from high school and was admitted to Binhai University. She was the same as the beautiful and proud Princess Mu Xue, but her score was much higher than Mu Xue’s She was the top scorer in the city.

It was precisely because of this that Xi Yuancheng’s gaze noticed her. Then, he was surprised to find that this daughter that he had always regarded as an evil creature had actually grown up. Moreover, she could even bring honor to him.

Mother Wang walked in and quietly helped her pack her things. Then, she comforted her in a low voice

“child, I originally thought that even if your engagement with the Qin family was gone, you would still be able to meet a good boy after you went to university. With your intelligence and talent, you would also be able to marry into a good family in the future. I didn’t expect that you, who had just stepped into university for less than a month, would actually… “. . .”

Mu Ru lowered her head and bit her lips without saying a word. Tears welled up in her eyes. Perhaps this was her fate. From the day she was born, she had been abandoned by her parents. Therefore, such a situation was not unusual.

“Xiao Ru, our women’s lives are like this. Sometimes we can’t resist and can’t resist. ”

Mother Wang saw mu ru was silent, so she wiped her tears with her hand and said:

“You should still love your husband after you’ve married him. Even though he’s completely disfigured, it’s not his fault. Besides, you have a scar on your forehead. You’ve been discriminated against since you were young, so you can’t discriminate against your husband… “… …”

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