First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Chapter 9: I’ll marry him for her


The nurse told her that Dongfang Mo had glass shards in his eyes and his cornea had been destroyed. He couldn’t actually see her clearly, so she didn’t have to worry about Dongfang Mo seeing her at all.

For half a year, she had gone to see Dongfang Mo almost every day, but she had no idea what Dongfang Mo looked like. Furthermore, Dongfang Mo hadn’t said a word to her. It was said that his throat had been damaged by the smoke and he couldn’t speak before the surgery.

Xiaosu just followed the procedure and delivered soup to him every day. Then, she sat by his bed for an hour and told him that she was Xi Muxue. She then read the magazines or storybooks she had brought to him. In fact, she was reading them herself.

The last time she went to see Dongfang Mo was the day before he went overseas. At that time, she had brought the soup to the outside of the ward. Because she arrived a little early, the Dongfang family had not arrived yet, so no one was there to receive her.

There was no one in Dongfang Mo’s ward. She saw a nurse walking out of the ward, so she asked Dongfang Mo softly where he had gone. The nurse pointed at the dressing room not far away and said,

“He’s inside. Go look for him. ”

She was purely curious, so she placed the soup at the door of his ward. Then, she carefully walked towards the dressing room. When she reached the door of the dressing room, she could not help but look inside through the transparent glass. Then..

She saw the doctor undoing the bandages on a person’s head, layer by layer. Finally, the bandages completely fell off. Then, she saw that person’s face

No, to be precise, it was not a face. It was a mess of craters and crumpled things. Moreover, there were finger-like things emerging one after another. They looked several times scarier than the devils in horror movies.

She was so scared that she almost fainted. So, she ran outside. She even forgot to bring the soup that was placed at the door of Dongfang Mo’s ward into the ward.

Since then, she had never seen Dongfang Mo again, but the photo of him being burned beyond recognition was leaked from the hospital. It was said that a nurse had taken his photo, and the specialist in charge of him had let it slip because he was drunk He also told her the news of his penis being burned.

“okay, I’ll marry him on behalf of Mu Xue. ”

Mu Ru did not say anything else, but she said it very clearly and fluently.

She looked up and looked at her mother, Du Xinyue, who was sitting on the sofa with tears in her eyes. She was feeling a little guilty. In fact, she really wanted to ask loudly, why didn’t you just throw me into the river and drown me?

Du Xinyue lowered her head and did not dare to look at her eldest daughter’s eyes. Although she knew that Mu ru had suffered a lot since she was young, her husband always had the final say in this family. She had always listened to Xi Yuancheng’s orders.

In the XI family, Mu Ru had many identities. She was the daughter that Xi Yuancheng disliked the most. Seeing her was like seeing a devil. She was Xi Muxue’s playmate and scapegoat. Whenever Xi Muxue did something wrong, she would do it for her Whether it was at school or at home, she would take the responsibility. At the same time, she was mother Wang’s helper and had to do all the dirty work.

Ever since she was young, she knew that her life was not good. Although she looked like Mu Xue, Mu Xue lived in a princess-like room while she could only live in the servant’s room with mother Wang. Before she was seven years old, she even lived in secret This was because mother Wang was afraid that Xi Yuancheng would discover her and throw her away.

Du Xinyue was her mother, but she was also a submissive woman. Before Mu ru was seven years old, if she wanted to give mu ru some good food, she had to secretly give it to mother Wang with Xi Yuancheng on her back.

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