First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Chapter 23: How is she beautiful


From now on, she would be Dongfang Mo’s wife. Even though Dongfang Mo looked like a ghost, and even though he could only use his hands when he didn’t have a man, but..

In the end, he was her husband, a man who would spend the rest of his life with her. She would never allow that kind of thing to happen in the future. From now on, she had to lock the doors and windows, and be a woman who followed the rules of womanhood.

With this thought in mind, mu ru quickly picked up her clothes and put them on. Then, she jumped out of bed and quickly ran to check the windows. After all the windows were locked, she ran to the door and locked it. When she felt that she was safe.. Only then did she feel at ease and climbed into bed to sleep.

It was indeed safe. She had a good night’s sleep and did not have any interruptions. When she woke up in the morning, she was full of energy. Finally, she let out a long sigh of relief She thought that the first night must have been because she had been careless and did not close the doors and windows properly, allowing the people with ill intentions to take advantage of her.

She still ate breakfast with Dongfang Mo. perhaps after being tortured by Dongfang Mo last night, Mu Ru looked at Dongfang mo again and was no longer so afraid. However, she still felt a little afraid in her heart.

“today is returning to Ning. Bring 10 million back to report to the police. Tell them that I won’t personally visit father-in-law. ”

Dongfang Mo coldly handed a check to Xi Muru

“remember to come back early. ”

“Big Brother, I’ll help you send sister-in-law back. ”

Dongfang Jun walked in from outside the door and happened to hear Dongfang Mo’s words, so he volunteered.

“Don’t you have to go to school? ”

Dongfang Mo’s voice was extremely cold.

“It’s Saturday today, big brother. ”

Dongfang Jun glanced at Dongfang Mo and then said,

“Big Brother, sister-in-law is so young and beautiful. If you let her take ten million to take a taxi to return to Ning by herself, it doesn’t matter if she’s robbed. You’re just afraid that she’ll be robbed, aren’t you? ”

“HMPH, robbed? ”

Dongfang Mo snorted coldly. At the same time, he lifted the bangs on mu ru’s forehead and said mockingly,

“She’s such an ugly freak. Who else would want her other than me? ”

“Big Brother, you can’t say that. ”

Dongfang Jun was very dissatisfied with his big brother’s action, so he quickly explained,

“Mu ru only has a birthmark on her forehead, and she can’t see it with her bangs. I think she’s very beautiful. Besides… ”

“Okay, don’t say anymore. ”

Dongfang Mo was obviously very unhappy with his brother’s praise of Mu Ru, so he coldly said,

“I’ll call ah Yu later and ask him to send Mu Ru home on my behalf. ”

“You mean second brother? ”

Dongfang Jun shook his head and sighed

“He was fooling around with Tang Lili yesterday, and now I don’t know if he crawled out of Tang Lili’s bed. You still want him to send sister-in-law? ”

“Ah Jun, what nonsense are you talking about? ”

Dongfang Mei immediately stopped her son and secretly gave him a look

“Don’t talk nonsense in the future. It’s normal that ah Yu didn’t come back last night. After all, he’s already so old… ”

“If he has something to do, what could he have to do? ”

Dongfang Jun was obviously very disdainful of his second brother. He snorted coldly and said,

“other than eating, drinking, and having fun, what else can he do? ”

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