First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Chapter 24 meeting the Poor sister-in-law


“I’ll call him right now. ”

Dongfang Mo took out his phone and turned his wheelchair as he dialed the number. It was obvious that he would not agree to Dongfang Jun sending Xi Muru back to the XI family.

Mu Ru finished her meal and nodded to Dongfang Mei and Dongfang Jun before heading upstairs. She was returning home today. The person from the North was called Gui Ning, so she should have made some preparations.

However, she really did not have much to do because she had been single since she married into the XI family. Now, all the clothes were prepared by the XI family. However, they were originally prepared for Xi Muxue, but now they were hers.

She sat in her room for more than an hour when there was a knock on the door.

She immediately went to open the door. Nanny Liu was already standing outside the door. When she saw her, she said gently,

“Second Young Master has returned. He’s waiting for you downstairs. Hurry up and go downstairs. ”

“Oh, okay. ”

Mu Ru answered and picked up a small bag that she had bought at the market for twenty yuan during the summer vacation. Then, she quickly went downstairs.

When she walked out of the door, Dongfang Yu was indeed waiting for her in the car. When he saw the bag in her hand, he frowned

“sister-in-law, you’re wearing a brand name tag. Don’t you think it’s inappropriate to carry such a bag? ”

Mu Ru glared at him fiercely. She couldn’t be bothered with him. She pulled open the passenger door and got into the car. She said coldly,

“drive. What does my inappropriateness have to do with you? ”

“What? Of course it has to do with me. ”

Dongfang Yu started the car as he smacked his lips and said,

“You’re the first lady of the Dongfang family and my sister-in-law. You’re bringing shame to the Dongfang family by carrying such a bag, do you know that? ”

“I don’t have any other bags. ”

Mu Ru retorted rudely and then said sarcastically,

“It’s the Dongfang family’s shame, not the XI family’s. What am I afraid of? ”

Dongfang Yu was rendered speechless by her words. Then, he quickly stepped on the gas pedal and the car flew into the air. Mu Ru was so scared that she quickly used her hand to pull on the seatbelt. Her face instantly turned as white as a sheet. This Damn Dongfang Yu, does he want to die?

Even though Mu Ru was the XI family’s eldest daughter, she had grown up with the servants and had no chance to take a car. She had taken two cars before this.

One was when she got the top scorer in the college entrance exam, and Xi Yuancheng drove her to receive the award. The other was when she and Dongfang Mo got married the day before yesterday. The Dongfang family married her in a luxurious car, but she didn’t know what brand the car was.

Dongfang Yu’s car drove very fast. Because the Dongfang family’s one inch Mo city was in the eastern suburbs, and the Xi family was in the western suburbs, they had to go through Binhai City to get to the XI family. Dongfang Yu parked the car at the international mall in the city.

“Get out of the car and buy a bag. ”

Dongfang Yu turned to look at Xi Muru, who was sitting in the passenger seat, and said in a very unpleasant tone,

“I don’t want you to embarrass the Dongfang family. ”

“I don’t have money. ”

Xi Muru told the truth. Seeing that Dongfang Mo was stunned, she immediately added,

“The ten million that your brother gave me was for me to give to my father. I can’t misappropriate it. ”

“I’ll give you a bag. ”

Dongfang Yu shrugged and said as he got out of the car,

“By right, sister-in-law should give a red packet to brother-in-law when she enters the house. I met a poor sister-in-law, so I had no choice but to give her a gift instead. ”

“You don’t have to give her a gift, actually… ”

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