First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Chapter 6: The unlucky daughter


“Dad, what are you talking about? An engagement isn’t a marriage, so why can’t I break off the engagement? So what if I want to break off the engagement? ”

Xi Muxue was obviously unwilling to compromise.

“Break Off the engagement? Our Xi Empire’s Dongfang Group has 35% of the shares, which is more than our shares. Can you break off the engagement? ”

The Xi family’s long-ranged soldier glared fiercely at his daughter

“Are you stupid? Dongfang Group is the leading company in Binhai City, and Dongfang Mo practically has the sky under his control. Now that he wants to marry you, do we dare to say no “unless we don’t want to continue living in Binhai, unless we want to leave. ”

Xi Muxue was slightly stunned when she heard her father’s words. Her arrogance was obviously reduced, but she still said loudly, “father, I don’t care

“Father, I don’t care so much. The company is important. I don’t object to putting the interests first. However, my lifelong happiness can not be thrown away just like that. It’s fine if Dongfang Mo doesn’t look the same on the outside. He can have plastic surgery, but the key is that he’s already a eunuch. How do you want me to marry him? ”

Xi Muxue then glared angrily at Xi Yuancheng

“If you don’t do it for Yourself, the heavens will destroy you. If you’re selfish, I’m selfish too. You’re thinking about your company and your interests. I’m thinking about my lifelong happiness, so I definitely won’t marry Dongfang Mo. you can say whatever you want. ”

“You’re not going? ”

Xi Yuancheng’s face turned green with anger when he heard his youngest daughter’s words. He could not help but raise his voice

“If you’re not going, who’s going? Six years ago, you were the one who had an engagement with Dongfang Mo. now, he wants to marry you by name. How can you not go? You pig brain, do you really want the Xi family to go bankrupt? If the XI family goes bankrupt, you’ll get lifelong happiness? ”

Xi muxue could not answer her father’s scolding because Xi Yuancheng was right. If the XI family really went bankrupt, her life would probably be miserable.

Just as she was thinking about what to do, she turned around and saw her sister, Mu Ru, who had just walked in. A strange smile suddenly appeared on her initially angry face.

Mu Ru was shocked. She immediately felt that Mu Xue’s smile was definitely malicious, so she instinctively took two steps back. She wanted to turn around and run to the door, but in the end, she was one step too slow Xi Muxue had already reached out to grab her arm.

“father, Mu Ru is your daughter too, isn’t she? Furthermore, she looks exactly like me. Why don’t you just let her marry that useless man instead of me? This way, our Xi family won’t have to break off our engagement and won’t go bankrupt. Killing two birds with one stone. How good would that be? ”

Xi Muxue’s eyes rolled, and she immediately came up with a plan. Thus, she quickly told her father about this idea.

“Mu Xue, how can this be? ”

Mu Ru could not help but let out a low GROAN.

Xi Yuancheng’s gaze was fixed on the slightly Pale and thin elder daughter in front of him. He was surprised to find that the ugly daughter he had never expected had already grown into a slim and graceful woman.

Mu Ru was born with a dark red birthmark the size of a thumb on her forehead. Xi Yuancheng was a superstitious person. He had found someone to calculate it and said that it was an unlucky symbol. It would be bad luck to have such a daughter, and this child would not live past 18 years old He asked him to quickly throw away this unlucky child.

However, at that time, his wife Du Xinyue could not bear to throw away the poor child. No matter what, it was still a life. Hence, she carried him and left him with the maid at home, mother Wang. Five years later.. He was surprised to find that the niece of the maid, mother Wang, looked exactly the same as Mu Xue. Only then did he realize that it was his daughter that he had asked to throw away.

For so many years, this ugly daughter, the unlucky daughter, had been following the maid around. She had actually grown up like a blade of grass. Moreover, it seemed that nothing unlucky had happened to his family Moreover, for the past ten years, everything had been smooth sailing and business had been flourishing.

Xi Yuancheng fell into deep thought. Towards this elder daughter, he still owed her a little. Now… …

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