First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Chapter 7. There was no need to worry about that


“Father, it’s the best of both worlds. Besides, don’t you think about it? The Xi family only has a daughter and no son. If I marry that Eunuch Dongfang Mo, not only will Dongfang Mo have no children, but the XI family will also have no children, right? ”

Xi Muxue saw that her father was still deep in thought, so she analyzed further

“Father, think about it. It’s fine if Dongfang Mo doesn’t have any children. I heard that he has a younger brother, Dongfang Jun, but if the XI family doesn’t have any children, won’t we have no children? Are you willing for the XI FAMILY TO END IN MY GENERATION? ”

Xi Yuancheng listened to his younger daughter’s words and thought about it carefully. It made sense. He only had two daughters, but the birthmark on the eldest daughter, Xi Muru, was an unlucky person. Xi Muru definitely couldn’t be counted on to carry on the XI family’s lineage.

As for the younger daughter, Mu Xue, she was a combination of beauty, beauty, and intelligence. She practically inherited all of his strengths. Naturally, the Xi family’s lineage still depended on the younger daughter. If Mu Xue was to marry Dongfang Mo.. It was indeed a sign of digging her own grave.

Therefore, he nodded and glanced at Mu Ru. Then, he said calmly,

“Then, it’s settled. Mu Ru, go and marry Dongfang Mo on behalf of your sister, Mu Xue. ”

When Mu ru heard this, she felt the air around her turn cold instantly. She could not help but turn her pleading gaze to her mother, Du Xinyue, who was sitting on the Sofa.

“long-distance, but the one who arranged the marriage with Dongfang Mo six years ago was Mu Xue? ”

Du Xinyue, who had been sitting silently on the side, finally could not help but speak. At the same time, she looked at mu ru with a sympathetic gaze and then added,

“Moreover, five years ago, the Qin family also proposed marriage to us, Qin Xun and Mu ru also fixed the engagement. ”

“I know that. ”

Xi Yuancheng rolled his eyes at his wife, and then said faintly:

“However, 35% of XI empire’s shares belong to Oriental Group. If we break off the engagement and Oriental Group withdraws all their shares, then Xi Empire will close down in a few days, not to mention making money. Furthermore, Xi Empire Still Relies on Oriental Group for its business. Do you think we can break off the engagement? ”

“As for the Qin Family? ”

Xi Yuancheng said nonchalantly

“the Qin family fell from power four years ago. We don’t even know where they moved to after that. They’ve probably become commoners long ago. It’s impossible for them to come to us to fulfill some marriage contract. ”

“Alright, even if we ignore the Qin family, let’s pretend that mu ru has never had a marriage contract before. ”

Du Xinyue nodded

“But, it’s not easy to deceive the Dongfang Corporation, right? Back then, Dongfang Mo took a liking to Mu Xue. If it were Mu ru now, I’m worried… ”

“You don’t have to worry about that. ”

Xi Yuancheng quickly took over his wife’s words and then quickly said, “Mu Ru, don’t worry. ”

“first of all, Mu Xue and mu ru look exactly the same. Of course, Mu Ru has to cover the birthmark with her bangs all the time. Also, you know Mu Xue’s temper. She’s been pampered and raised by us since she was young. If we really let her marry Dongfang Mo, how could she tolerate that kind of life “If she doesn’t hold on and does something embarrassing, wouldn’t the XI family go bankrupt even faster? ”

Du Xinyue looked at her youngest daughter, Mu Xue, and felt that her husband’s words made sense.

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