Flower Master in the City

Chapter 10. To be boldly taken advantage of

Chapter 10. To be boldly taken advantage of

The bus was quickly filled with people. As dozens of them begin to crowd together, almost leaving no gaps. Although the bus had air conditioning, it was still very hot inside, and the air was mixed with all kinds of abnormal smells.

However, for Summer, this was a pretty enjoyable time. As he still held onto Sun Xinxin’s smooth and tender palms, while he continues to release invisible air currents around their body. Anyone who tries to get within half a meter of them would automatically be pushed away, and Sun Xinxin body fragrance, also continue to drill into his nostrils.

Sun Xinxin tried many times to withdraw her hand. Unfortunately, Summer held onto her very tightly making her unable to pull away. In the end, she simply stopped struggling and let him hold her hand.

“Sister Xin, I was afraid that you would fall.” He also looked for a good enough reason to take advantage of her.

As soon as he finished speaking, the bus came to a sudden stop, and the people inside the bus begins to exclaim, as everyone’s body begins to uncontrollably lean forward. With the only exception being Summer. Sun Xinxin also flew as she unconsciously lunches forward.

Standing in front of her was a thirty-year-old man. When he saw she was about to fall on him, the man couldn’t help but feel a burst of joy. He already begins to plan to use this opportunity to take advantage of her, however, after waiting half a minute, he discovers that she didn’t fall on him as expected. With a closer look, he became depressed because he found a guy was actually embracing her.

When everyone on the bus had resumed their stability. Summer had placed his hands at a new location, around Sun Xinxin slim waist letting her entire body firmly attached to him. Allowing him to have direct contact with the fragrance drifted out of her, while the softness and elasticity of her chest made him feel very comfortable, so he didn’t want to release her.

Several men were looking envious at Summer. While in their mind a question had been bothering them. How can such an ordinary kid get himself such a mature and sexy beauty?

“No wonder they say that beauties are always attracted to ugly men!” There was still a guy silently cursing Summer in his heart.

“Summer, hey, Summer, you can let go of me now.” Sun Xinxin said softly.

“Sister Xin, if I were to release you now, someone else will take advantage of you.” He whispers. “I am trying to protect you!”

Such a soft body feels so comfortable holding. How can he be stupid enough to release her?

Sun Xinxin was left dumbfounded by this reasoning. With his logic, it means it’s better for her to be taking advantage of by him, instead of by others!

“Summer, this is not okay, we just met……” She gently tries to struggle but she soon found it was better if she didn’t. Once she tries to struggle, her Chest would unconsciously begin to massage Summer chest, causing her to feel an unusual sense of numbness below, sparking up a heat in her heart and making her unable to speak or move.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind.” Summer giggled as he said.

Sun Xinxin suddenly felt lost, this guy can really make people feel speechless. It makes it look like she’s the one taking advantage of him. So as long as he doesn’t mind it’s all good.

“In fact, relying on him is quite comfortable.” A thought suddenly emerged in Sun Xinxin’s mind, Summer body was similar to her in regards that it also had a pleasant smell, and it even had a bonus effect of always giving out a refreshing trace of coolness, making her feel very comfortable.

After a few minutes, Sun Xinxin suddenly felt that something wasn’t right. It seemed that a lot of people were looking at her, and there were even a few of them whispering to each other.

“Wow, this guy is really amazing!”

“Truly impressive, he must have practiced martial arts, Otherwise, how can he be so stable, and not even shake a bit in such a position.”

“I agree, he’s simply a modern-day Superman.”

“Like I say, how can an ordinary man bubble such a great beauty without having any ability? Looking at that, he most likely has a lot of effort in bed!”

At first, Sun Xinxin thought these people were staring at her, but after listening to their conversations she soon found out they were actually talking about Summer. She looked around, and then looked at Summer, and finally found the issue.

Summer was still holding her, but this is not what’s wrong. What’s wrong is that this guy has been holding her waist with both hands, which means he hasn’t been holding onto the ring overhead or relying on anything. He was just standing in the center of the bus. While the bus stops and speeds off from time to time, and others are trying their best to hold on to something to avoid leaning forward and back. His feet are like an anchor on the floor of the bus, standing steady as a mountain. From the beginning to the end, his feet didn’t even move half an inch!

Only now did Sun Xinxin take note that for the last few minutes Summer has been holding her, she didn’t seem to feel any shaking on the bus. This wasn’t her first bus ride, but it definitely was the first time she felt so comfortable riding the bus. While the person who brought her this change, is Summer, someone she only just known for less than a day, but the big boy kept on giving her more and more of a mysterious feeling.

Sun Xinxin heart was filled with a feeling she had never had in twenty-two years, which was a sense of security, this big boy gives her a sense of security she had never had before, as she lightly leaned against his chest, the tension and fatigue in her body seemed to completely disappear at this moment. Unknowingly, she had already taken the initiative to wrap her arms around Summer’s waist, slightly closing her eyes, enjoying this kind of comfort and security she had never felt before.

Sun Xinxin and Summer gradually became a unique scenery on this bus. As the two gently embraced each other there was a gap around them while everyone else was crowded together. From time to time, the bus would shake, and the others would lean forward and lean back. but both of them always remain fixed on the spot quietly standing there.

“We’re at Wal-Mart. Passengers, please get off from the back door ……” The broadcast sounded, waking up Sun Xinxin from her stupor when she heard the words’ Wal-Mart ‘.

“Summer, come, let’s get off!” As Sun Xinxin raised her head, the sound of her voice was abnormally gentle. In this short journey, Sun Xinxin’s state of mind had undergone a tremendous change. At this moment, the position of Summer in her heart had taken a substantial leap.

“So, soon!” Summer was a little reluctant to part from this embrace, but he had no choice but to release her, he instead grabs her delicate hand once more, while getting off the bus together.

Sun Xinxin took his hand and charmingly smiled at him. “The supermarket is over there, let’s go.”

This coquettish smile was too tempting for Summer, causing his heartbeat to speed up as he thought to himself. “How do I seem to see fairy sister smile?”

Into a supermarket, Summer began to feel dizzy, there were so many things in the supermarket that he didn’t even know of. Fortunately, he didn’t come here to try out these things. Sun Xinxin took him directly to the clothing area to buy clothes for him.

Supermarket clothes are usually not considered good, but at least they were a lot better than street market clothes, but the quality still wasn’t that great, Sadly with Sun Xinxin’s financial resources, she can only afford to bring Summer here.

Summer had no special requirements for clothes. Only Sun Xinxin always felt unsatisfied, in the end, it took them two hours to buy two sets of clothes for Summer. One set was similar to his current body clothing T-shirt with jeans and another set is a shirt with trousers along with a tie. According to Sun Xinxin, this was his work clothes.

Adhering to the principle of not eating soft food, he insisted on paying for it with his own money, As a result, he spent half of his salary just like that, then he bought a pair of shoes using the other half and After buying toothpaste, toothbrush, and a towel, he tragically discovered that he only had 100 yuan left.

When the two of them walked out of the supermarket, it was already around 9 PM.

“Summer, think about it. Is there anything else you need?” Sun Xinxin was a bit worried they had forgotten something.

Summer thought about it, then shook his head: “Hmm, there shouldn’t be.”

“We got Clothes, shoes, toothbrushes, towels …… ah ……” Sun Xinxin suddenly called out, as she suddenly remembered something.

“Sister Xin, what’s wrong?” Summer asks.

Sun Xinxin was a little embarrassed to reply. “Summer, I forgot that I have something to buy. Can you wait here for me for a few minutes, I’ll be right back, okay?”

“Sister Xin, let me go with you!” Summer said.

“Ah, there’s no need. It’s inconvenient for you to carry these things in the store.” Without waiting for a reply from Summer, she turned hastily and ran into the supermarket.

In the end, Summer had to wait outside, but fortunately, he didn’t have to wait for long. After about ten minutes, Sun Xinxin came out with a bag in her hand. It was unknown what she was holding.

“Sister Xin, what did you buy?” Seeing Sun Xinxin act so mysterious with it, Summer became a bit curious.

“Nothing!” Sun Xinxin Face became a bit reddish as she replies. “Hurry up, otherwise we may miss the bus.”

Seeing how Sun Xinxin was reluctant to say, Summer didn’t continue to pursue the matter.

Half an hour later, the two of them returned. As they went up the stairs, Summer was still sullying. Because the bus was spacious this time around, he was unable to hug Sun Xinxin again, leaving him even more depressed was that Sun Xinxin had been carrying that bag, so she had no hand to spare to hold his hand.

After opening the door and entering the room, Sun Xinxin first turn on the TV: “Take a seat first, I’ll put everything away.”

As she spoke, Sun Xinxin began to get busy, tearing open the packaging of the toothbrush and other things, and placing them in the bathroom.

“Summer, you have been going hard all day, go take a shower and go to bed early. I’ll leave a set of clothes inside for you.” After a while, Sun Xinxin spoke again.

“Yes, Sister Xin.” Summer promptly reply then he went to the bathroom. he already learns how to use the shower.

After spending a few minutes in a cold shower, when he began to wear his newly bought clothes, he suddenly found something wrong, He clearly doesn’t remember buying new underwear, so why was there a new pair of underwear here?

“Oh, originally Sister Xin was helping me buy underwear just now!” Summer finally understood.

After putting on his clothes, Summer walked out of the bathroom and said: “Sister Xin, thank you for buying me underwear. It is a good thing you remembered, for I had long forgotten!”

Sun Xinxin blush, as she quickly said. “I’m going to take a bath!”

Without waiting for Summer to speak, Sun Xinxin took her clothes and quickly ran into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

“Why does it feel like sister Xin is a little scared of me?” Summer said to himself, a bit puzzled.

“You are my rose, you are my flower ……” As he was contemplating this matter, a voice rang out. Summer quickly found the source of the voice. It was a beautiful red phone. He recognized this thing since he also saw Qiao Xiao Qiao had one.

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