Flower Master in the City

Chapter 11. Cute Kitten

Chapter 11. Cute Kitten

“Summer, help me see who’s calling.” Sun Xinxin’s voice came from within the bathroom.

Summer picked up the phone and looked at the caller ID and then replied. “Sister Xin, it’s a person call 110.”

“What? I didn’t catch that; can you repeat it again.” Sun Xinxin wasn’t sure if she had heard it correctly.

“It’s one, one zero three digits.” Summer repeated once more.

“One, one zero, number? Wait… oh crap! ……” Sun Xinxin gasp, as she finally reacted. “Summer, quickly, bring me the phone!”

Sun Xinxin crack open the bathroom door, just enough to stretch her white arm from the inside out.

Summer place the phone in Sun Xinxin’s hand and try to trace the smooth white arm. He was able to vaguely see a snow-white body. Sun Xinxin seemed to be completely naked, but it’s a pity that Sun Xinxin quickly retracted her hand closing the door and leaving Summer to live with a feeling of regret.

While Summer was experiencing such a mood, Inside the bathroom, Sun Xinxin had already begun to answer the phone: “Hello.”

“Excuse me, is this Sun Xinxin speaking?” There was a female voice over the phone. “This is Jianghai City Public Security Bureau’s East Branch.”

“I am Sun Xinxin, is there anything I can do for you?” Sun Xinxin was a little uneasy, everyone knew that nothing good would happen if they received a call from the police.

“Your husband, Zhang Dazhu, has been arrested. He requested to find you for bail. If you wish to do so, you can come to the East Branch to bail him out.” Perhaps it was because she was also a woman, that this policewoman actually spoke with a trace of sympathy.

(T.L: Note loll guess later who this policewoman actually was)

However, Sun Xinxin was in no state of mind to care about such things, she was furious. “Zhang Dazhu is not my husband!”

“Miss Sun, I understand your feelings very much. However, if you don’t come to bail him, then Zhang Dazhu will be detained for three days…” The policewoman on the phone was rather patient and her tone was still very gentle.

“You can shut him away for life and it wouldn’t matter to me!” Sun Xinxin interrupted the police woman’s words, and then hung up the phone, she didn’t want to have anything to do with Zhang Dazhu.

In the past, she had escaped from marriage because she didn’t want to accept the absurd arrangement of getting married at the age of sixteen. At the time she didn’t even know much about Zhang Dazhu, but in these past few months, she felt more and more how correct her decision was.  This man was simply useless, all he does is eat, drink and gamble. he doesn’t even have a little bit of skill, he only knows how to harass her all day for money. Even trying to use the marriage to threaten her.

Every time Zhang Dazhu sees her, he would stare at her with those greedy eyes. Sun Xinxin could clearly feel his desires, and she would naturally not let this rogue succeed.

Sun Xinxin looked at her proud figure in the mirror and muttered to herself: “Zhang Dazhu, you are not worthy.”

Her pure and noble and seductive body will eventually be handed over to a man. However, this man definitely wouldn’t be Zhang Dazhu. It would be a man that she likes and feel is worthy of her.

As the Coldwater spilled from the shower, blurring her vision. A vague figure appeared in front of her, causing her heart to beat faster. Could it be him? Would her perfect figure belong to him?

Sun Xinxin was caught in a trance as she finished her shower and put on her pajamas slowly waking up. She took a deep breath and secretly warned herself: “Sun Xinxin, oh Sun Xinxin, you have to be calm. Don’t let others think that you’re an animal in nature, people will look down on you.”

Feeling that she had returned to normal, Sun Xinxin finally opened the door. When she did a figure immediately jumped into her eyes, frightening her to the point of screaming. “Ah!”

The next moment, she realized that the person at the door was none other than Summer whom she had just been thinking about while taking a shower, for a time, Sun Xinxin felt her cheeks burning, it felt as if all her thoughts, were being seen through by Summer.

“Summer, why are you standing here?” Sun Xinxin asks.

“Sister Xin, I was waiting for you to hand over the phone!” Summer casually said.

Sun Xinxin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  Was this guy seriously waiting outside all this time for her to give him the phone? Didn’t he know that she would bring her phone out after she finished her shower?

Just as she was going to say something, Sun Xinxin suddenly noticed something was a bit wrong with Summer. She notices that he has been staring at her with burning eyes, making her feel as if she was being stripped by him.

“Summer, you, why are you looking at me like that?” Sun Xinxin shyly asks.

“Sister Xin, your clothes are very beautiful.” Summer continued to stare at Sun Xinxin unblinking as he spoke.

Right now, Sun Xinxin was wearing a nightgown, this nightgown is very short, and couldn’t completely cover up the key parts of her lower body. From the hips down were mostly exposed showing her smooth slender legs. As Summer continues to look, he had a sudden impulse to sandwich his hand between her pair of white slender legs.

What was even worse was that this nightgown was not only very short but also very thin. The two protruding points on her chest were like two bright red grapes shining from underneath. and her tender white skin covered by her nightgown gives people an endless fascination and temptation.

“My clothes are beautiful?” Sun Xinxin lowered her head to take a look at herself and suddenly turned flush red. She finally realized that her pajamas were too exposed.

Because of the hot weather, she bought this very thin nightgown. Before, when she lived alone, she naturally didn’t think that there was anything wrong with it, but with Summer nowhere it’s different. she still hasn’t adjusted to the fact that Summer is here, so she wore it just like normal and now she unconsciously let her whole body almost be seen by Summer! Seeing her in this overly expose nightgown is no different from seeing her naked.

“I. I’m going to bed!” Sun Xinxin quickly ran towards her bedroom, she just wanted to escape from this embarrassing atmosphere.

“Sister Xin, that kitten is also very cute!” Summer spoke once more.

Sun Xinxin, who had just run two steps. But after hearing this sentence, she couldn’t help but slip, resulting in her falling to the ground, this damn Summer, why are his eyes so good? He actually saw the Kitty on her panties?

“Ah…!”  As such a thought flashed in her head, she quickly remembers she’s about to come into close contact with the ground, Sun Xinxin couldn’t help but scream. To fall on the tiled floor like this was no joke. Accidentally breaking her hands and feet and even breaking her head was also possible.

“Sister Xin, don’t be scared.” Summer’s voice suddenly came into her ears, and almost at the same time a powerful arm wrapped around her soft waist to stop her body from falling to the ground, and then the other hand reached out as well and landed squarely on her breast

Summer straightening out Sun Xinxin and then hugged her in his arms and asked with a look of concern: “Sister Xin, are you alright?”

“Summer, you quickly, let me go……” She didn’t know whether he was intentional or not, but his hands, which were full of heat, just so happened to grab onto her breast. if it was unintentional, he would have at least release it by now. but from the fact that he even begins to squeeze her breast a few times. This was enough to prove it was definitely intentional. She begins to have a feeling of numbness coming from her breast making her body feels like it’s losing all strength.

“Sister Xin, if I let you go, you will fall.” Summer obviously didn’t plan to let go of her and his hand, still remain in the original position not moving even the slightest bit.

“Summer, you pervert!” I don’t know where she got the strength from but Sun Xinxin broke free of Summer’s embrace, quickly escaping into her bedroom and heavily closing the door.

Looking at the tightly shut door, a smirk surface on Summer’s face. he still feels the sensation of her chest in his hands, such elasticity feels really good!

“The second master said that the early pervert bubbles the girl, I have to go to bed on time if I want to get up early!” Summer said to himself and went into his bedroom as well.

Early the next morning, just after six o’clock, Sun Xinxin woke up with sleepy eyes and two dark circles under her eyelids

“Morning Sister Xin!” Summer voice rang out unexpectedly.

Sun Xinxin, who was originally in a daze, suddenly woke up when she heard this voice.

“Ahhh!” Sun Xinxin suddenly remembered what happened last night, she looked down and saw that she was still wearing the same pajamas. this made her face turn hot as she screamingly ran back into the bedroom.

After a full ten minutes, Sun Xinxin re-opened the door and came out again wearing a beige dress. Compared with before, this dress was naturally more conservative. Although it couldn’t cover up the perfect curve of her attractive figure but her pair of long slender legs were substantially hidden.

“Summer, why are you up so early?” Sun Xinxin asked as she began to wonder. Could it be that he was like me and was unable to sleep last night?

“My second master said that a man who likes to sleep late can’t find a good wife, so I always wake up early so that I can find many good wives.” While speaking the eyes of Summer didn’t pause from scanning Sun Xinxin’s body, Unfortunately, this time, he couldn’t find the cute kitten, no way, though his eyesight is very good but it’s not perspective.

Sun Xinxin couldn’t help but roll her eyes. He couldn’t even support a single wife, yet he still wants to find many wives?

She soon begins to feel a little uncomfortable under Summer’s bold stares, so she quickly returned to the bathroom to freshen up. later she went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. After a few minutes, she came out of the kitchen with two bowls of egg noodles this was their breakfast.

Summer neat and quickly solve the bowl of noodles, while Sun Xinxin ate very slowly. It took her about ten minutes to finish her meal. After cleaning up the dishes, the two went out together.

It wasn’t until seven o’clock that they arrived at Xinxin Flower Shop. However, Fang Xiaoru had arrived at the shop before the two of them.

“Hey, Sister Xin, you didn’t sleep well last night?” When Fang Xiaoru saw the dark circles under Sun Xinxin’s eyes, she couldn’t help but look at the two of them suspiciously.

“Yes ah, the weather is too hot, so I couldn’t sleep last night.” Sun Xinxin quickly explained, but this gave people a feeling that she has a guilty conscience.

Fang Xiaoru whispered into Sun Xinxin’s ear as she giggles. “Sister Xin, did you guys start to play all night on the first day of living together?”

“Stupid girl, what nonsense are you spouting?” Sun Xinxin blushed and stretched out her hand to twist Fang Xiaoru’s ear “Be careful, I do not tear your mouth off!”

“Sister Xin, mercy!” Fang Xiaoru quickly hid behind Summer.

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